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Posts by cakesgoodBoardDate/Time
What's everyone's sell limit? I imagine once Vapor Group Inc. (VPOR) 03/01/2017 02:06:44 PM
Gap up then dump in the am Vapor Group Inc. (VPOR) 02/28/2017 03:35:23 PM
No one is dumping despite the %100 gain CLS Holdings USA Inc. (CLSH) 02/28/2017 01:47:08 PM
If it breaks the 50ma watch out below. Vapor Group Inc. (VPOR) 02/28/2017 10:38:30 AM
Whoa?! What happened this thing was trending near Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/09/2016 09:48:35 AM
Whoa?! What happened here? On Friday everyone Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/08/2016 11:31:17 AM
Ouch what happened here guys? Glad I wasn't Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/08/2016 09:54:50 AM
I wish you luck and I'll be right Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:55:27 AM
How much less could you care? For your Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:43:04 AM
I really don't believe you Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:41:24 AM
So if you had a 300% increase in Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:40:23 AM
Just because I took profit on a position Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:39:05 AM
I can jump in and out whenever. Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:36:31 AM
You would think if this were "panic buying" Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:34:41 AM
It is up some 400%. So I Box Ships Inc. (TEUFF) 08/05/2016 10:30:28 AM
A shorts paradise Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. (KONE) 07/21/2016 04:05:36 PM
It is now dangerous to flip. God Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. (KONE) 07/21/2016 12:15:47 PM
I've never flipped a stock so many times Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd. (KONE) 07/21/2016 11:29:42 AM
Had a feeling this was going to come Galena Biopharma (GALE) 07/21/2016 10:03:44 AM
It already has. The action over the Nintendo (NTDOY) 07/21/2016 09:53:20 AM
I love the game, but get really frustrated Nintendo (NTDOY) 07/14/2016 09:34:30 AM
It could come back down to $20, but Nintendo (NTDOY) 07/12/2016 12:27:59 PM
Gap up, pull back, reload for the next round. Nintendo (NTDOY) 07/12/2016 01:02:44 AM
The launch of the Pokemon go app is Nintendo (NTDOY) 07/08/2016 03:43:16 PM
How did you come up with that exact Amazon (AMZN) 07/08/2016 12:11:33 PM
Anything below $20 is a gift wrapped in gold Nintendo (NTDOY) 07/08/2016 12:10:01 PM
Bring on the sells, I want to scoop Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) 05/04/2016 09:51:18 AM
Why didn't it take off today then? Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) 05/03/2016 05:30:58 PM
The spike in volume today is the only Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) 05/03/2016 04:56:41 PM
What bounce are you looking for lol? Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) 05/03/2016 04:27:20 PM
Nsdq is finally off of the bid and Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (EGLE) 04/29/2016 09:07:48 AM
I've never looked for 52 week lows. Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGNF) 04/28/2016 05:40:47 PM
Entire market was beaten down towards the end Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (EGLE) 04/28/2016 03:46:58 PM
This guy should continue up the rest of Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (EGLE) 04/28/2016 02:34:15 PM
Almost time to buy again Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (EGLE) 04/28/2016 02:01:31 PM
So what's everybody's prediction for hod? Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGNF) 04/28/2016 01:17:37 PM
It very well could make a ridiculous run. Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGNF) 04/28/2016 12:11:27 PM
Careful, the shorts may have their time shortly Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGNF) 04/28/2016 12:01:53 PM
This thing is going off, could have made Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGNF) 04/28/2016 11:59:57 AM
And there it is, ate my own words haha Paragon Shipping Inc. (PRGNF) 04/28/2016 11:56:03 AM