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ernie44  There are bold investors and old investors , but no old-bold investors

Posts by ernie44BoardDate/Time
ASK true-dough to buy in--AND -hang posters Stornoway Diamond Corp. (SWYDF) 09/23/2021 05:31:49 PM
eporting Status International Reporting stornoway (SWYDF SWY) 09/23/2021 05:30:22 PM
insiders sold in May and went away Brazil Minerals Inc. (BMIX) 09/23/2021 04:58:48 PM
have no fear--all stocks lately have a wall Decision Diagnostics Corp. (DECN) 09/23/2021 04:25:49 PM
19000 PERCENT GAIN--ITS HALF WAY TO HEAVEN---YIKES China Crescent Enterprises, Inc. (CCTR) 09/23/2021 04:20:19 PM
YUUUGH--thats the plan Miracle Entertainment Inc. (MEMI) 09/23/2021 12:29:57 PM
Big diamond at LUCARA mine---scared other off Stornoway Diamond Corp. (SWYDF) 09/22/2021 12:01:58 PM
lousy MM --trying to shake us out Miracle Entertainment Inc. (MEMI) 09/22/2021 11:57:59 AM
its only worth 4 cents---- not a dollar less Bio Lab Naturals, Inc. (BLAB) 09/22/2021 11:56:00 AM
hOCKEY TILLya loose https://youtu.be/6YuspbP0koQ?t=573 Stornoway Diamond Corp. (SWYDF) 09/21/2021 09:24:41 PM
investors hub shows 900,600 traded as SWYDF Stornoway Diamond Corp. (SWYDF) 09/21/2021 08:52:38 PM
fell --- back a bit---enough to Viper Networks (VPER) 09/21/2021 04:34:56 PM
Arizona was hot---cooling temps to follow-------------ifstill going up--then Engage Mobility, Inc. (ENGA) 09/21/2021 04:24:14 PM
there are so many that cant--or wont pump Copper King Mining Corporation (fka CPRKQ) 09/21/2021 02:35:25 PM
DELISTED BY Ameritrade???????????????????????????????? Stornoway Diamond Corp. (SWYDF) 09/21/2021 02:01:37 PM
PUMP N DUMP sub pennies...attracted suckers --I...mean investors Copper King Mining Corporation (fka CPRKQ) 09/21/2021 01:56:44 PM
still below what my average cost is Engage Mobility, Inc. (ENGA) 09/21/2021 12:25:20 PM
EXCUSE my French--------------------------------------------------------------- Bombardier Inc., CL. B, Sv (TSX:BBD.B) 09/21/2021 12:23:26 PM
seems like the buyers are in charge Decision Diagnostics Corp. (DECN) 09/21/2021 12:21:12 PM
LIFO-----Dumped---then the slippery slope took over---buy now and Miracle Entertainment Inc. (MEMI) 09/20/2021 04:18:08 PM
KWYTE a few insiders flogging this Doggy ---drain Life Clips Inc. (LCLP) 09/20/2021 09:51:11 AM
Macaulay Culkin is defending Michael Jackson in the Arete Industries (ARET) 09/19/2021 11:48:19 PM
Ask Steve....he gets some real clowns on his show CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX) 09/18/2021 12:13:55 PM
I BLOODY-WELL KNOW MY BROKER IS SHORT THIS STOCK------ Stornoway Diamond Corp. (SWYDF) 09/18/2021 12:10:37 PM
steve gets wierd answers Treaty Energy Corp. (fka TECO) 09/18/2021 12:05:58 PM
has too many pills to look after --cant Pfizer, Inc. (PFE) 09/17/2021 05:52:50 PM
will get a lectrik f-150 if it caN Ford Motor Company (F) 09/17/2021 05:51:25 PM
LE GRAND FROMAGE aka big cheeze Miracle Entertainment Inc. (MEMI) 09/17/2021 05:47:35 PM
somebody is pimping it up----my digi 5G Eastman Kodak Company (KODK) 09/17/2021 05:45:30 PM
no--it goes like this------ Silver bullet Copper King Mining Corporation (fka CPRKQ) 09/17/2021 05:41:46 PM
KUB at new year high on fair volume-----hit ,035 Cub Energy Inc. (TSXV:KUB) 09/17/2021 05:36:22 PM
some dumm azz mm sold 500 shares---worth 10 Aquis Communications Group, Inc. (AQIS) 09/17/2021 05:33:41 PM
not me--I just have strange market-makers Aquis Communications Group, Inc. (AQIS) 09/17/2021 03:58:50 PM
HAD 2 CE OTC'c come back CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX) 09/17/2021 03:50:12 PM
Shut the Front door--the flies are invading the market Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) 09/17/2021 12:34:10 PM
WAS BAD THEN ---WORSE NOW ---YELLING Bio Lab Naturals, Inc. (BLAB) 09/17/2021 12:29:53 PM
*****************ALERT**************************** FRYDAY is a bad ENABLENCE TECHNOLOGIES (TSXV:ENA) 09/17/2021 12:14:10 PM
Ameritrade wont let me stink bid Engage Mobility, Inc. (ENGA) 09/17/2021 12:11:14 PM
LQQK at the bright side-----somebody is paying to CMKM Diamonds Inc. (fka CMKX) 09/17/2021 12:08:24 PM
----*****CCH was a giant Octopus------got swallowed by CAMPBELL RESOURCES INC (TSX:CCH) 09/16/2021 04:38:33 PM

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