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Bio-Medical Technology of tomorrow…..   


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President - TIM COOK
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Director - TIM COOK
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Imagine a future where the fear of testing for cancer is eliminated by the use of a completely non-invasive procedure.

  • Imagine the possibility of transforming cancer from the #1 killer of Americans under the age of 85, to a disease of the past.
  • Imagine a future where cancer is detected as single cells, years before a detectable tumor.
  • Imagine a future where a diagnosis of cancer is considered an inconvenience and not a life threatening disease.

          XYTOS  working at the forefront of the "Science of Medicine," is making these possibilities a reality.



About XYTOS:
XYTOS working at the Forefront of the Future of Medicine and committed to becoming a Global Leader in the Introduction of Next Generation Bio-Medical Technologies in the areas of Stem Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering and Cellular Medicine.


  What is XyChloro Photodynamic Therapy (XPDT) and how does it work?

Before we explain what XyChloro Photodynamic Therapy (XPDT) is and how it works we offer a small bit of background information on our non-invasive treatment.

Current medical practice does reasonably well with diagnosing and surgically removing the primary tumors. The greatest weakness of current therapies is in killing remaining metastases. The best time to eliminate them is as early in the disease process as possible, before they have had time to grow and damage vital tissue. However, there are problems:

  • The tools currently used to attack metastases: chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy may have undesirable side effects; may not work at all for many people; and when they do, they may do so only for a few years.
  • Metastases are hard to find. Tumors less than a few millimeters in size are hard to detect with scanning techniques; and they may not be detected by blood tests for tumor markers.
  • The net result is that the doctor often does not know if the patient needs additional treatment after surgery, and if so, how much. This is a very important issue when using toxic therapies. Even if effective, too little treatment may not be enough to complete the job. Too much treatment may cause unacceptable side effects.
  • If metastases are present, surgical removal of the primary tumor may result in growth of the smaller tumors in distant sites 8.

XyChloro Photodynamic Therapy (XPDT) dramatically improves this situation. Let us begin by describing the predecessor technology to XPDT, which is known as Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)
PDT was first used medically in 1904 to cure skin cancer. It is now in reasonably common use for this purpose. In a recent review in the Lancet Oncology, Hopper states that, "PDT can achieve control rates similar to those achieved with the standard techniques of surgery and radiotherapy6. The real advantages of PDT are the lower morbidity rates, improved functional and cosmetic outcomes and simplicity of the technique6." In the last decades, advances in photosensitizing agents and light delivery methods and numerous clinical trials have led to PDT being approved in several countries (Canada, Netherlands, France, Germany, Japan and U.S.) for the first-line treatment of various cancers10.

With local PDT and earlier photosensitizers. Hopper has reviewed the field and reports that trials with many cancers have shown that PDT can achieve control rates similar to those achieved with the standard techniques of surgery and radiotherapy6. The advantages of PDT are: fewer side-effects; improved functional and cosmetic outcomes and simplicity. He reports many complete responses with various skin cancers and oral cancers. There were impressive results for early stage lung cancer (85 % complete response), early bronchial and esophageal cancers (83 % showed no recurrence after an average follow up time of 15.3 months) and early gastric cancer (complete response in 80 % of patients with intestinal cancer). As expected, best results are obtained with early stage cancers, but unlike radiation therapy and surgery, PDT can be repeated many times.

Okunaka and Kato reported on the PDT treatment of 145 patients with a total of 191 early lung cancer lesions12. Complete remission was obtained with 86.4 % of the total number of lesions.

Kato et al reported a complete response with 83 % of patients treated with PDT for early squamous cell carcinoma of the lung8.

Sheleg et al used PDT to treat 14 patients with skin metastases from melanoma13. All skin melanoma metastases showed complete regression with no recurrence during the study period.

These results are so good that cancer specialists should be reporting them to patients as part of a full disclosure of treatment options.

PDT plus surgery

Hopper makes the point that in a large number of solid tumors, surgery leaves behind residual microscopic disease that may lead to local recurrence or metastatic disease6. PDT is an ideal adjuvant therapy especially when the risk of local failure is high, as in gastrointestinal and prostate surgery. A review of the treatment of more than 310 brain cancer patients concluded that there is a clear trend towards improved survival when PDT is used along with surgery.

NOW on to XyChloro Photodynamic Therapy (XPDT)

XyChloro means treating the whole body, the "system". This XyChloro Process allows XYTOS to treat the entire body and in a number of cases the treatment will eliminate cancer in areas that may not have been detected. This is in contrast to localized treatment such as surgery and radiation, which are used to treat only part of the body. In the cases of localized treatment the patient as well as the treating physician is unsure if all cancer within the body as been identified and successfully treated. The patient must simply wait for a reoccurrence.

Photodynamic means activated by photons (light). The photosensitizer is the substance (cellular medicine or agent) that is activated. Sonodynamic means actuation by sound.

The development of XyChloro® a next generation photosensitizers has made XyChloro PDT (XPDT) possible:

  1. As stated, XPDT can be used to treat the whole body. This is only possible because the XyChloro®(photosensitizer) is highly selective and because it rapidly clears from healthy cells. Although the body can now be safely exposed to light, with the introduction of XyChloro® and the advancements in the XYTOS treatment procedure, XYTOS has determined that the concentrated light and sound in specific areas of a patient's body has produced better results than the whole body light delivery system. As an example, using concentrated light and sound, XYTOS has been able to achieve significantly better results in the lymph nodes under a patient's arm, where the whole body light delivery system has been less effective. Additionally, XYTOS has determined that although the red and infrared light emitted by the light treatment bed has been effective in the past, XYTOS' newest photo/sonosensitizer XyChloro®, accompanied with our new concentrated light and sound delivery system, utilizes white light which covers all ranges of the spectrum.
  2. The fact that PDT is now a XyChloro® therapy (XPDT) is vital. XyChloro® therapies are the only ones that can treat undetected cancer. If the cancer can be anywhere, we have to treat the entire body.
  3. Local therapies, surgery, radiation therapy and PDT with earlier photosensitizers can only be effective if the location of the cancer is known. Typically the primary tumor is known and can be effectively treated with surgery. After surgery, the patients (and the doctor) usually do not know if they have remaining metastases, and if so, where they are. If metastases are present, surgical removal of the primary tumor may result in growth of the smaller tumors in distant sites9.
  4. With XPDT, diagnosis and tumor location are less important. For surgery and radiation therapy, we need to know exactly where the cancer is. With chemotherapy and hormone therapy, we need to know what type of cancer it is. XPDT can be very effective even if we do not know where the cancer is or what type it is.
  5. The therapy can be repeated as often as required. This is because the photosensitizer has very low toxicity before it is exposed to light. The body treats it as a food. Once activated, it is toxic, but only to the cells it is in, i.e. the cancer cells. Thus the photosensitizer acts as a 'Trojan horse'. Compare this with radiation therapy, where the larger the dose, the greater the damage to normal cells as well as to cancer cells. Also compare it to chemotherapy, where the body correctly treats these drugs as toxins; it eventually learns to resist them, and chemotherapy ceases to be effective.

As stated, XPDT utilizes a light sensitive photosensitizer (cellular medicine or agent), which selectively accumulates in diseased tissue. The XYTOS Doctors have developed the Next Generation Photosensitizer called XyChloro®. XyChloro®, uses the core component chlorophyllin a product of chlorophyll. XyChloro® represents a major breakthrough in our fight against cancer. (See the section on this website comparing XyChloro® and previous Photosensitizers).

After the photosensitizer / agent (XyChloro®) is administered orally, light and sound of specific wavelengths are then applied to the affected area or the entire body to activate the XyChloro® (or agent) .

How does it work?


  1. Light-activated agent (XyChloro®, photosensitizer) administered
  2. XyChloro®, (Agent) accumulates selectively in affected tissue
  3. Advanced Light Delivery System administered to activate the XyChloro®

In the illustration below the malignant cells and the photosensitizer (also referred to as the Cellular Medicine or Agent) are attracted and fused together. The XYTOS Doctors then administers an advanced Light Treatment, which creates singlet oxygen. It is this oxidant (singlet oxygen) that kills cancer cells (resulting in apoptosis). Apoptosis is a genetically determined process of cell self-destruction that is marked by the fragmentation of nuclear DNA. Apoptosis is activated either by the presence of a stimulus (in this case singlet oxygen) or by the removal of a stimulus or suppressing agent. Apoptosis is a normal physiological process of eliminating DNA-damaged, superfluous, or unwanted cells (i.e. programmed cell death). As detailed under the comparison sections of this website you will see that the yield of singlet oxygen is much greater using XyChloro®, then any previous photosensitizer. Of course this is one of many advantages of XyChloro®.


 Once apoptosis takes place fragmentation of the tumor cells causes the immune system to produce tumor specific anti-bodies resulting in (auto vaccination). Thus clearing the body of unwanted cell fragmentations and stimulating the body to continue the process of healing.




With the XYTOS mission to introduce Next Generation Advanced Bio-Medical Technologies in the areas of Stem Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering and Cellular Medicine; and the ultimate goal to enhance the quality of life for our patients, we at XYTOS have concentrated on our research and development for the past several years.

With the success that we have now achieved in our Bio-Medical Technologies, we have now turned our attention to aggressively moving XYTOS to a fully reporting status. With our current assets, projected revenues (which we will publicly announce and then post here on this website), and our stock price, we feel that we will have the ability to skip the OTCBB and move directly to the Small Cap Market or NNM. XYTOS will be making announcements in the near future with respect to our progress on our listing status. In the event that we do move to the OTCBB we feel that it would only be a brief stop. Please check back for further updates.







XYTOS Mission Statement
The XYTOS Mission is to accelerate the future of the "Science of Medicine" and position ourselves as a Global Leader in the introduction of Next Generation Bio-Medical Technologies in the areas of Stem Cell Therapies, Tissue Engineering and Cellular Medicine; With the ultimate goal to offer our patients a better quality of life.


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