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WebSky is a developer and operator of wireless broadband services over licensed frequencies in underserved markets in international emerging markets.  Currently deploying the most advanced wireless broadband non-line-of-sight technologies for the delivery of high speed, interference free, secure wireless internet service, WebSky is further positioned top evolve any pre-existing deployments and develop new deployments incorporating the rapidly developing international standard of WiMAX.

Company History

WebSky, Inc., (“WebSky” or the “Company”), is a Nevada corporation, founded in 2004, with its principal offices in San Francisco, California. It is a public company, currently trading under the symbol WKYN.PK.
The Company has been pursuing a successful strategy of acquiring rights to valuable 2.5GHz wireless frequencies in emerging markets around the world at little or no up-front cost.

WebSky’s Business

In Latin America, where the Company has concentrated most of its efforts, WebSky recently entered into agreements to acquire majority interests in Infotel Argentina, S.A., (“Infotel”) and Callbi S.A., (“Callbi”) two telecommunications companies based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The acquisitions will give WebSky control over 42MHz of valuable 2.5GHz wireless spectrum in the highly desirable Buenos Aires metropolitan area market, along with the rights to provide telephony services in that market.

The licenses are currently approved for commercial use by the Argentine telecommunications authorities and are in the process of being transferred to WebSky Argentina, S.A. (“WSASA”), a wholly owned subsidiary of WebSky, Inc. organized under the laws of the Republic of Argentina.

WebSky’s successful regional emerging markets spectrum acquisitions strategy, combined with the market’s increasing realization of both the importance and value of spectrum, has created a unique asset. In addition to the Infotel and Callbi acquisitions, WebSky has a 27% ownership interest in an operating wireless company in Peru, and is actively pursuing complementary frequency acquisitions and joint venture relationships in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America.

The Company’s primary focus on this market, along with its early focus on emerging wireless technologies and its existing frequency assets, make it an attractive platform for growth in the rapidly expanding Latin American telecommunications services market.

Global Overview

WebSky’s business model incorporates a regional strategy. Its major emphasis is on Latin America and, more specifically, South America. Negotiations, preliminary agreements, and demographic and regulatory studies are either underway or executed for a number of markets in that region.  Among the countries for which these activities are underway are Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.  WebSky has made significant progress in several of these markets, such as Buenos Aires, while in the others the Company is in early-stage negotiations.  WebSky also owns 27% of an operating wireless company in Peru.

In addition to its South American regional focus, the Company has pursued a similar regional strategy in South and Southeast Asia.  WebSky has entered into a joint venture agreement with World Wide Wireless (India), which owns license rights to several medium and large cities in that country, and an existing Memorandum of Understanding for the development of a WiMAX project in Indonesia.  The Company is also in advanced discussions related to projects in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.




Don't have much to go by for SS since there are no filings available

I will e-mail the company to see if I can dig up some more info


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