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Outstanding: 153M
Float: 109M

All Volt Carbon Technologies News:

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Volt Carbon Technologies Files a Patent for its Air Classifier Design
Press Release | 09/14/2022

Calgary, AB, Canada, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Volt Carbon Technologies Inc. (“Volt Carbon” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: VCT & OTCQB:TORVF), is pleased to announce the filing of a patent pending before the United States Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Office relating to an air classifier for extracting flake graphite from host rock.

The patent application contains new inventive claims as a result of development work performed on the air classifier over the past year. Volt Carbon will continue to advance and protect its intellectual property portfolio in the areas of environmentally sustainable graphite separation technologies.

About Volt Carbon Tech:

CEO Interview 9-21-22:

$TORVF: We're betting on a winning horse here:

Dr. Zhongwei Chen


His name is on 46 patents:

Solid UltraBattery Patent:,Solid+Ultrabattery+Inc.

Imagine you are a really smart chemical engineer with a PhD and tired of inventing while the companies you work for own and get all the revenue on the patents you helped them develop.

The corp. exec's hoard all the cash and invent nothing!

So, you start your own solid-state battery company, develop batteries the way "you" want without upper management fucking up the program, file patent applications, and own your ideas.

The "theory" here with Volt Carbon is tested, revised, put into practice, patent(s) filed, mfg. methods developed with "Scale-up" in mind, go after vertical markets, get clients, sell solutions.

That is what is going on with Volt Carbon.

PhD's have their PhD because they do their homework better than everyone else.

No B.S.

No Scammers.

PhD's have a little more integrity than the average person and do what they say they're going to do.

This isn't your average pink.

And absolutely ZERO Conv Debt!

$TORVF: Zero Convertibles! All funding by Private Placement, Options and Warrants:

Latest 10Q:

"During the period, the Company raised proceeds of $2,500,000 through the
issuance of shares through private placement, $100,000 from the exercise of stock options, $159,188 from the exercise of warrants and
proceeds of $480,000 from debt financing"

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