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Common Stock

The Articles of Incorporation of the Issuer authorize the issuance of an unlimited number of shares of

common stock, without par value. As of the date of this report, the Company had 500,000,000 shares of

common stock authorized with 46,062,515 issued and outstanding and 13,821,181 freely tradable shares

in the public float. These shares are held by approximately 822 shareholders of record and the Company

estimates by more than 2,000 beneficial owners. In February 2014, the Company became aware that

450,000 shares were issued incorrectly to a shareholder and all of the 450,000 shares will be cancelled

and are in process with Stock Transfer Corporation to be cancelled at this time. The correction will be

reflected in the First Quarter of 2014 report.

Vestiage, Inc.
Common Stock
OTC Pink Current Information


Welcome to the future of anti-aging


Vestiage™, Inc. is a leading healthy aging lifestyle company. We create, acquire, market and distribute the latest science-based, effective, healthy aging nutraceutical and cosmeceutical premium brands which are sold through multiple distribution channels. RegiMEN™ is our nutraceuticals line for men over 40. Currently it is sold in select GNC, Complete Nutrition, Smoothie King and Hi Health retail stores. RegiMEN™ is a complete men’s healthy aging system developed by a Mayo Clinic trained board certified cardiologist Dr. Robert Burke M.D. whom is a member of our Advisory Committee. 

Monterey Bay Nutraceuticals™ is now available. This is our brand of healthy aging “beauty from the inside out” nutraceuticals. Using novel combinations of marine and botanical ingredients in pure, potent, and effective formulations, we use the latest science from the ocean and earth to create products that calm your mood and lower stress, manage your weight, improve your daily energy level, and enhance skin elasticity, hydration and softness. Our research has discovered patented ingredients which we’ve formulated with other nutrients in novel combinations to communicate with the human body – sending signals to achieve specific results. Our patented ingredients are supported by reputable clinical and laboratory research that live up to our demanding quality standards. All our Monterey Bay products are natural, in soft gel form for easy digestion and fast absorption, and produced at cGMP laboratory facilities in California, USA.

Reluma is a revolutionary facial care line created by leading human stem cell scientists in the USA sold through dermatologists, estheticians, plastic surgeons, and prestige spas, salons, and select retail beauty stores. It can also be purchased on our website,



Scott Kimball: Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Click for Full Bio

Thomas J. Youngerman: President of Vestiage Nutraceuticals Click for Full Bio

Garrett Heiser: Chief Operating Officer


Advisory Committee Members


Elizabeth Edwards: Strategy & Finance

Dr. Leonard Milerl M.D. FACS, FRCS: Medical

Dr. Robert Burke M.D.: Medical

Boyd Plowman: Strategy and Finance

Mark Goodman: Retail Sales, Marketing, Strategy

Julie Dennis: Distribution, Ingredients & Formulation

Dave Dixon: Brand Management & Integration

Dara Torres: Endorsements & Publicity – Athletes

R. Jeffrey Goulding: Design, Creative & Production

Deborah Luster: Strategy

Thomas W. Janes

Evan Morgenstein

Erik Harp



Cypress LLP: Legal ?(Mergers and Acquisitions)

Cutler Law Group: Legal (Securities Counsel)


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