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I hope everyone, including all of the yalls loved ones, is doing well and staying healthy and hope that everyone is enjoying their summer. ON ANOTHER NOTE: PAYtience, PAYtience, PAYtience... BECAUSE I HAVE FOUND MY FIRST LEGENDARY CRYPTO PENNY PICK, AND IT IS CALLED ULTRASAFE.

What is UltraSafe?

Buy and hold UltraSafe to reap the rewards of its frictionless yield protocol, earning passive income and enjoying price appreciation as the community-driven hype achieves dynamic milestones!


With its liquidity locked and the contract renounced, UltraSafe is completely rug-proof. UltraSafe’s automatic partial fee distribution to the liquidity pool results in a perpetually increasing price floor--each sell has less price impact than the last.


With its liquidity locked and the contract renounced, UltraSafe is completely rug-proof. UltraSafe’s automatic partial fee distribution to the liquidity pool results in a perpetually increasing price floor--each sell has less price impact than the last. ULTRA's liquidity backs 31.99% of the marketcap.


The remaining 4% of the transaction fee is reflected directly back to holders of UltraSafe, providing passive income and incentivizing holding.

The main reason I am so interested in Ultrasafe is the technology allows for more transactions than other tokens, the liquidity is locked for 79 years therefore it cannot experience a rug pull; but, best of all when a person makes a transaction, they are charged an 8% fee 4% of that fee is redistributed back to holders therefore this is almost like a retirement fund. For example, given the current market cap, if you were to invest $1000 today and it 100x, not only would you have $100,000, but given the tokenomics of the coin, you would be gaining $1000 every day due to the 4% reflections that are redistributed to the community.

Currently, Ultrasafe is down and is hovering around a five million dollar market cap. I believe this is the lowest entry point we will see and will further that by saying that I have studied the cryptocurrency markets for years and have never seen a coin with a contract this strong this early in the game: it is only 50 days old and has two audits with a third on the way.


What makes me feel bullish is their highly dedicated, hard-working, fully doxxed team members. A few weeks ago, they announced a Los Angeles-based public relations firm is working with them. They are called 9thWonder, and they believe that people today are bound by differences. We're talking different backgrounds, cultures, experiences, identities. Different ideas on what a brand is and how it should act. Understanding these differences are how they help their partners build lasting relationships with their customers. So forget about general market and the usual tactics. We're digging deeper than that. With over 130 team members across three countries, 9thWonder is building a diverse network of thinking that's uncovering new insights, new strategy, and new results. With former CMOs, entrepreneurs, and award-winning creatives as our guide, we're moving mountains of pixels, copy, and strategy to deliver competitive work that's hyper-targeted, culturally-relevant, and, well... not average. From tech to automotive, CPG to service, B2B to B2C, big, small, and everything in between. 9thWonders clients are diverse but have one thing in common – they're ready to challenge the status quo (you can see their team members' biographies). Here are some companies 9thWonder has worked with in the past that caught my attention:


I doubt 9thwonder would waste their resources and time if they did not see any potential growth and benefit. They will soon be pushing out professional content for Ultra, and I cannot wait to see that! Without the help of the 9thWonder, UltraSafe would not have had the opportunity to sign a deal with Rashad Evans. I'm patiently waiting to see their next step as it is not a marketing stunt but rather a marketing campaign.

 Two days ago it was announced that [“SUGA” RASHAD EVANS]( has officially become the [first ambassador of UltraSafe Finance...]( Why UltraSafe? He told everyone, “the real selling point for me is that it’s 100% rug proof. That’s like going into a bar fight with Francis Ngannou.. consider yourself safe.” 

Looking at his post, it seems to have caught the attention of other big fighters, actors, and even the President of the PFL (Professional Fighters League). The list goes on... 

In fact here are some to name: 
- [Jeremy Piven]( - (Actor/Comedian) 
- [Derek Brunson]( - (Fighter) 
- [Belal Muhammad]( - (Fighter) 
- [Ray "Sugarfoot" Sefo]( - (Fight Promoter/Retired Fighter) 
- [John Dodson]( - (Fighter) 
- [Kelvin Gastelum]( - (Fighter) 
- [Jon Anik]( - (MMA Commentator) 
- [Artem Lobov]( - (Fighter) 
- [Rampage Jackson]( - (Fighter/Actor) 
- [Rumble Johnson]( - (Fighter) 
- [Michelle Waterson]( - (Fighter) 

Seeing that... There are definitely people with big money eyeing UltraSafe and likely potential future partners to come out of it. Again, please do your own research. In case you missed it… has signed a [$175M deal with the UFC]( Smart money knows that cryptocurrency is the future and here at UltraSafe they are happy to be a choice of crypto for fighters and fans alike. Let's see where this goes. Not only that, Rashad will continue working alongside UltraSafe as their ambassador.

Ultra has also announced on their twitter that every single holder of ultra will be entered to win $2,000 in tokens, a way of thanking their wonderful community. Even if you hold $1 worth you have a shot at winning.

ULTRASAFE has seven zeros after the decimal; however, the contract is safer than Safemoon hence the reward for holding is limitless. When developing UltraSafe the team took out loopholes contained in the Safemoon contract that allow the developer to regain control of the entire contract at any point in time thus making Ultrasafe safer than Safemoon. Of course, the gains losses experienced in these Coins are far greater than any gain that could be made in the OTC market, so as I let my OTC portfolio pan out over the coming months, I have decided to put all extra income into ULTRASAFE. The community is like nothing I have ever seen! their telegram is always active and has voice chat with people from all over the world that is always going. It is like a 24-hour podcast, and I even listen to it at work. When in the voice chat it may seem overwhelming but they will always answer all of your questions, comments, concerns, and will even give you a good laugh!





 Download the MetaMask app and setup your




Purchase BNB on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)



Open dApps and navigate to PANCAKESWAP



 Click select a currency and enter the contract





Before swapping click on the wheel (cog) and set

Slippage to 11%



Enter your desiered amount of UltraSafe and click




Confirm the transaction in your wallet and HODL


Daily tasks! If you have a moment, please take the time to complete some of these tasks that you are able to! Every bit helps our exposure, thank you!

We'd like you to follow us into the trenches and support us by commenting, liking and posting about us as many times as possible during these raids.

Task on these three sites: VOTE ULTRA
On stocktwits ---Add ULTRASAFE.X to watchlist Task: Make 5 StockTwits posts:

On coinmarketcap and coingecko:Task: VOTE at the bottom of CMC, and CLICK HAPPY/SAD on the CoinGecko site


All you need to do is CLICK to better the search algorithm in our favour:

HELP GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT ULTRA. Enlist into the Ultra Army right now!! Thank you everyone for your support!

WhitePaper: Read UltraSafe’s V1 whitepaper and learn more about our technicalities, tokenomics, innovative features, and the progressive security-based solutions ULTRA brings to DeFi.

The UltraSafe contract: 0x0b3f42481c228f70756dbfa0309d3ddc2a5e0f6a


Solidity Report:

Certik Report:




Future Directions

I'm hearing NFT related, direct card payments, merch, staking, apps, more celeb endorsements (they're being more careful this time it seems!) I feel like the coin could get out of this 5M MC range pretty soon... I'm hearing from the chat lately that marketing material is being made and brainstormed lately from 9thWonder for their YouTube, Twitter, etc. accounts. And latest news a few weeks ago they acquired an LLC called Ultrasafe global holdings LLC. 

Now legends, Crypto is a risky game, so only invest what you can lose. However, personally, I took a second job so I can become an Ultra Whale and felt guilty not sharing this potentially once-in-a-lifetime investment with the community that allowed me to 2x the money my grandmother left me before she passed!!!!! She would be extremely proud of this community, what you guys have taught me, and the future we have. Let us get to the fucking moon legends!!!!!!!
If you have any concerns with the coin you can directly contact them in the telegram where they are most likely to respond when they can. Do your own research before investing, ask all the questions you need... because I honestly just want to spread the word about something I know has potential in the long term!


July 11 AMA Notes:

Rubic has their PC widget working and the mobile should be sorted by them this week. As soon as they’re done with that it will be integrated into the Ultrasafe website.

-RUBIC also plans to have their ETH bridge fully competed and ready for use by the end of the month.

-Holders making multiple wallets effecting Ultra’s listing will depend on the different exchanges. Some allow it while other frown upon it. The general consensus at this point is that it’s okay but don’t go crazy with it. 

-Emma and the team are very excited to start the Twitch AMA’s again. They plan to use them mostly for big announcements for now and will continue to readjust their methods as the project grows.

-The team is aware that trust wallet has an issue that continues to come and go. They have contacted trust wallet about it and are hopeful that Trust will get it all sorted permanently very soon. If you have any issues with your the price your Trust is showing please let a CM know and we will inform the team further. For the time being please take all trust wallet prices with a grain of salt and check them against your amount you would receive from pancake if selling for BUSD or BNB as this is the correct amount you will receive when selling.

-The ability to buy Ultra directly with a credit or debit card is just waiting on some of the legal paperwork to be sorted out. Sadly there is no concrete time frame that can be put on legal paperwork but the team is still very confident that it will be done by the end of the month.

-Emma has been in talks with community members from the Philippines and is working to contact several influencers to gain even more traction in that region.

-The marketing team plans to use the UFC partnerships to bring Ultrasafe to the attention of non crypto investors. They believe that’s recent sponsorship of UFC fights for the next year will help immensely with this.

-Additionally being listed on CEX’s will make it much easier for non traditional crypto investors ti purchase Ultra. The team plans to market to these non crypto investors much more strongly upon listing to take full advantage of this.

-Staking should not cause dips in the chart. Dave has said that examples of this in other projects are a result of the manner in which those projects set up their staking platform. He does not see this happening with Ultra.

-The team is open to smaller exchanges while waiting for a T2 listing. However listing on many of them such as whitebit do not bring individual wallets. Whitebit for example would only count as one or two holders for the entire exchange unless holders there transferred their Ultra to a different wallet that the exchange does not own the keys to.

-Chinese marketing specifically starts tomorrow. An entire Asian marketing campaign is ramping up right now. Emma has been working tirelessly on this and is very confident and excited.

 New stuff this week and next!! 

-Asian marketing

-RUBIC widget on site

-Next celebrity announcement this week or next

-More community competitions

-NFT marketplace most likely a couple of weeks away. It is nearly ready.

-Staking is ready just trying to pick the most lucrative option for holders.

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