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UltraSafe's Foundation = BULLISH Future....... It's The Little Things That Matter
It's the little things that matter........

If you have been a part of UltraSafe for longer than a day or two, you have probably seen all kinds of movement down and up. You have also seen people talks about it mooning, it not moving, and the future success of the project. Some might even go as far as to spread fud on Ultra but in doing so are spreading false and wrong information. When you look at Ultra from a technical standpoint it might be hard to see how this project could be going anywhere positive, but with the whole market being down you have to look past the technicals and dive deeper into just exactly what Ultra is doing at the moment and has been strategically doing behind the scenes for weeks now......... Once you have seen whats hidden almost in plane sight you will leave here with an understanding of just what is going on as well as an understanding that the term BULLISH doesn't do justice for what is to come for UltraSafe.

I think it is fair to say that the BSC token market has exploded within the last 6 months as well as the amount of fraudulent tokens aka rug pulls and honey pots with all claiming to be the next big thing, the next moon token, the next life changing opportunity. Some of them by pure luck and right timing have made some people very wealthy but the overwhelming majority of them do not. Instead they leave those that invest, heart broken, without hope, left wondering why they even invested, and in the worst case scenario completely without any money having fallen for another scam...... This is where UltraSafe steps in.

Knowing that they are up against the wall with coming out with a new token on the BSC network Emma, Matt, and Dave brought their minds together to deliver not only a truly great project but one that is 100% RUGPROOF that not only set out to disrupt the BSC market but to change the CryptoCurrency market for good, becoming not just the safest token on the network but also a major player within the whole market as well!!!!!

NOW THE LITTLE DETAILS................

If you have looked into tokens on the BSC network all promise things via their tokenomics, whitepapers, and paths laid out....... ANYONE can have these..... but who are actually following through with what they say. UltraSafe since day one of launch came out of the gates with not only plans, but executing them out of the gate......

Audited before they launched

2nd audit shortly after

Website v2

Website v3

PR firm (9th Wonder)

LLC (needed for tier 2 exchanges and merch store)

Fully doxed

1st of many Ambassadors with Rashad Evans (ULTRASAHD)

Other UFC fighters being brought on board

New York City Bill Board in times square

And so much more

Looking at all of these things some still might say, "yeah well so what?" but this is where the genius of what they are doing and when they launched truly stands out!!!!!! AGAIN IT"S THE LITTLE THINGS that matter. When they launched we set world records and then the bear run happened leaving some who bought at ATH's left wondering if this project was done (NO) and left others scared to even invest at all..... But the moves that have followed and the way they strategically did them is more BULLISH than green arrows on the charts.

With the the New York billboard going live people wondered what the purpose of it was considering the complexity of the buying process for those who are new to Crypto but thats the beauty of what and why they did it.... Yes it did bring some investors but BIGGER than that they made a statement on one of the biggest stages in the WORLD that not only have they arrived but that ULTRA IS HERE TO STAY and not going anywhere!!!! They told the world who they were and that was only the beginning.....

Fast forward a couple of weeks with the PR Firm (9th Wonder) and their partnership with Rashad Evans UFC legend..... more little details with BIG things behind them. If you look closely on his shorts you will see the name ULTRASHAD..... some missed it because they just see ULTRA and wondered what's SHAD but again IT"S THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MATTER..... the PR firm mixed with the name UltraSafe line up perfectly with one another

ULTRA.....RASHAD..... = ULTRASHAD (our name literally fits like a glove "a boxing glove" with the rest of HIS name....... MARKETING BLISS and pure genius......

With the market in the near future gearing up for a BULLISH REVERSAL and ULTRASAFE a the DEVS getting everything lined up and solidified we are coiled and sprung for an epic MOON and one that is not just a MOON but MOON and STAY..........

Wrapping it up with BULLISH information here is what you have invested in and if you haven't what you should be in (not financial advise) although I own certain sized water mammal bag :)

LLC in hand

As of writing this post less than 9,000 holders away from tier 2 exchange

The greatest community in any project with a solid base of whale holders in it for the long run

Staking on the way

Direct buy on the website on the way

Rubic partnership (ethereum side)

AERDrop partnership

PR Firm (9th wonder)

Rashad Evans as ambassador CLAIMING ULTRA as HIS TOKEN

Future UFC fighters as partners

NFT marketplace on the way

The SAFEST token on the BSC CHAIN

Locked liquidty POOL

Reflections (passive income against a bear market)

and soooooooooooo much more in the works

Great things and truly great things don't come overnight as they take a solid foundation to be able to support the weight of being a GIANT in the CRYPTO world. Those that rise with no foundation fall and crumble...... BUT those THAT build the RIGHT FOUNDATION will LIVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!

IF you are already part of the family than you know what I am talking about.......BUT IF NOT JUMP ON IN AND CREATE YOUR NEW SUCCESS STORY.........

As for ULTRASAFE they remind me of a saying of a great person........