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Ultra DJ-AIG Crude Oil ProShares (UCO)

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ProShares Ultra DJ-AIG Crude Oil UCO ETF seeks daily investment results, before fees and expenses, that correspond to twice (200%) the daily performance of the The Dow Jones-AIG Crude Oil Sub-Index , a sub-index of DJ-AIG Commodity Index NYMEX Crude Oil  (Symbol:DJAIGCL) is intended to reflect the crude oil segment of the commodities market.  The Dow Jones-AIG Commodity Index is valued using the settlement prices for the underlying futures contracts.  The DJ-AIGCI rolls its contracts over the course of 5 consecutive business days, starting on the 6th business day of the month. Each day, 20% of each futures position that is included in the month's roll is rolled.  Not all contracts are rolled every month.  UCO Daily HoldingsNAV History spreadsheet; Premium/Discount AnalysisSEC
Futures Contract Page

Charts Daily, 3 Month and 6 Month



UCO Chart by Finviz
BLUE LINE is support PURPLE LINE is resistance



Other neat charts on WTIC or UCO
Long Term Chart

WInd Charts by TA
60 minute Chart
1 minute Chart

Candle Charts by American Bulls
UCO Candle Charts


Does this ETF achieve Objectives? 

YES! because it only tries to achieve on a  Daily bases and does trend the

The Dow Jones AIG Crude Oil Index

 The Dow Jones AIG Crude Oil Index compared to the UCO ETF 5 day and 1 day
Comments: It does not mimic WTIC. Analysis the Perf Chart  Carefully!


Performance Results by % vs WTIC vs USO vs UCO

   West Texas Intermediate Crude  US Oil Funds designed to Follow Oil  Ultra Proshares ETF Double Oil



Contango, Backwardation and Rolling Factors

Contango Vs. Normal Backwardation

 ETF Rolling in Contango

NOTE: UCO or The DJ-AIGCI rolls its contracts over the course of 5 consecutive business days, starting on the 6th business day of the month.

Some Argue that leveraged Funds are Risky because of the "Compounding Effect" 

Example using $100 Starting investment:

Day 1 Value gaining 10%  is $100 x 1.10 = $110.00
Day 2 Value losing  (10%) is $110 x  .90 =    $99.00
Day 1 Value Loses (50%) is $100 x  .50 =  $50.00
Day 2 Value gains  50%  is    $50 x 1.50 =   $75.00

Comments: If you understand that this ETF objective is to trend Dow Jones-AIG Crude Oil Sub-IndexSM and not West Texas Intermediate Crude  (WTIC), then you will understand  the above argument applies for any stock.  The rolling is the for the index is same as for UCO.


 Danny Penney from Stockcharts (He Uses EMA 15 and 9 for USO assume same for UCO)



Dan Penney


Eliminate the daily noise...Trading decisions should be made on the basis of changes in price, it's really that simple. The method shown in these charts attempts to identify the best EMA's for each symbol, providing maximum gains with minimum effort and trading. No system is perfect 100% of the time, but when you consider these charts I think you'll agree that this trading method works. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SEE..

Cheers, Dan


P&F Chart

P&F Charts




Other U.S. Futures Oriented Oil Related ETF's and ETN's

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OIL...ETF List
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#917  Sticky Note Anatomy of a UCO costless collar: kamakiri 12/13/16 12:51:43 PM
#3287   Nice,stable close under $47 for Sept.contract.And shooting star kamakiri 07/20/17 02:32:33 PM
#3286   Hedge. Being worry-free is the best reason to kamakiri 07/20/17 01:30:05 PM
#3285   I'm jealous. Need a nap like nobody's business. pleeb01 07/20/17 01:07:43 PM
#3284   lol. He's always borrowing it anyways. Besides, I kamakiri 07/20/17 01:03:36 PM
#3283   He sure did. I'd check him for the pleeb01 07/20/17 01:00:19 PM
#3282   Looks like BOS timed it pretty well! ;-) kamakiri 07/20/17 12:47:10 PM
#3281   Decay 'kicks-in'.September contract now showing in most quotes. kamakiri 07/20/17 12:44:21 PM
#3280   Nice work.Try a little louder: CUE THE DUMP! kamakiri 07/20/17 12:36:29 PM
#3279   very very nice UCO toomuchmoney 07/20/17 11:46:36 AM
#3278   Tell me about it. I just had temp luvs amy 07/20/17 11:41:29 AM
#3277   Still nice to watch the action. And I'm pleeb01 07/20/17 11:39:07 AM
#3276   I'm not picking any bottom just yet, and temp luvs amy 07/20/17 11:22:29 AM
#3275   Nice trade, I wish I would have scalped pleeb01 07/20/17 11:15:49 AM
#3274   Great call. I wasn't here to chat temp luvs amy 07/20/17 11:12:20 AM
#3273   Here we go...BOS now it's working.. pleeb01 07/20/17 10:43:39 AM
#3271   So true, sorry my friend. Didn't mean to pleeb01 07/20/17 10:39:49 AM
#3270   Works in minor ranger. lol, little drop now. BOS-MMT 07/20/17 10:04:08 AM
#3269   Hahahaha seems like only works for Kam. pleeb01 07/20/17 09:58:33 AM
#3268   Let me try this today. Cue the dump!!! lol BOS-MMT 07/20/17 09:57:49 AM
#3267   Good morning everyone. Looks like oil trying to pleeb01 07/20/17 09:36:50 AM
#3266   BTW, I was thinking 35 a few months temp luvs amy 07/20/17 02:00:12 AM
#3265   I'm not a big fan of Global Warming, temp luvs amy 07/20/17 01:51:26 AM
#3264   I shared some of my trading technics with Abuelo 07/19/17 05:36:27 PM
#3263   Weekly decline line on the continuous CL contract. temp luvs amy 07/19/17 02:18:39 PM
#3262   Right, that sideway trading scenario could happen, but Abuelo 07/19/17 02:00:53 PM
#3261   I'm kinda watching the turn in the XLE. temp luvs amy 07/19/17 12:53:05 PM
#3260   I miss the good old days. Where temp luvs amy 07/19/17 12:42:32 PM
#3259   Let's try again: CUE THE DUMP!! ;-) kamakiri 07/19/17 12:38:00 PM
#3258   It's coming let's see what happens at 2:30. pleeb01 07/19/17 12:37:59 PM
#3257   Too bad it's not happening though! Seems like kamakiri 07/19/17 12:23:22 PM
#3256   It could stop here for weeks. Put temp luvs amy 07/19/17 12:16:55 PM
#3255   A failure to break and sustain $15.45 today Abuelo 07/19/17 11:35:32 AM
#3254   Haha I was waiting to hear you say pleeb01 07/19/17 11:26:19 AM
#3253   I was thinking the same. But didn't do pleeb01 07/19/17 11:25:17 AM
#3252   If not now then when ? still bidding Abuelo 07/19/17 11:00:00 AM
#3251   Agreed on crazy.Looks like capitulation to me.Coupled with kamakiri 07/19/17 10:54:40 AM
#3250   Pretty crazy last 3 candles on the 5m chart GuTA 07/19/17 10:52:39 AM
#3249   wow. whippety-whipsaw! :-D kamakiri 07/19/17 10:40:45 AM
#3248   Right or wrong...bought the peak with short products kamakiri 07/19/17 10:38:15 AM
#3247   I may short if this upward steam exhausted. BOS-MMT 07/19/17 10:35:19 AM
#3246   Unfortunately, my worry comes true. Well, EIA is BOS-MMT 07/19/17 10:33:36 AM
#3245   I understand the concern. Still near-term upside risk. kamakiri 07/19/17 10:27:05 AM
#3244   I'm watching and ready to make my move pleeb01 07/19/17 10:26:41 AM
#3243   I have a bad feeling for bears today. BOS-MMT 07/19/17 09:44:24 AM
#3242   Good morning all. Looking to see what we pleeb01 07/19/17 09:00:31 AM
#3241   Another black candle day today on ETF's interesting pleeb01 07/18/17 09:02:59 PM
#3240   I think buying the reaction spike, if any, kamakiri 07/18/17 04:55:43 PM
#3239   Why "after"? What does your time machine say? lol BOS-MMT 07/18/17 04:43:31 PM
#3238   Just a bit bullish.Might place side bet *after* kamakiri 07/18/17 04:40:43 PM
#3237   Well, looks bullish actually. Gasoline huge draw BOS-MMT 07/18/17 04:37:07 PM