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Trivago strives to be the traveler's first and independent source of information for finding the ideal hotel at the lowest rate. trivago makes sense of a fragmented online hotel market and reshapes the way that travelers search for and compare hotels online, by aggregating information from a deep supply of hotels and websites to paint a precise picture of each hotel.

Who we are
Our team of over 1,300 creative and driven entrepreneurs, from all corners of the globe, wake up every day to build a hotel search that is straightforward, fast and unbiased.
After years of testing, iteration and development, trivago has developed into a powerful global brand inspired by a transparent and authentic culture, which impacts the quality and efficiency of our daily execution.
For us, it’s all about reshaping the way travelers search for and compare hotels. Simultaneously, we are focused on enabling hotel advertisers to grow their businesses by providing access to a broad audience of travelers.

Our Search
With our fast and intuitive search function, you can see 1.8 million hotels in over 190 countries with different prices to compare.
Our Hoteliers and Advertisers
Whether you are an online travel agency, a hotel chain or an independent hotel, we aim to empower your business to learn, grow and be competitive in our marketplace.
Our Tech
Data is central to the success of our business. We regularly test and refine elements of our platform, believing that incremental enhancements over time contribute to improvements in overall user experience. 
Our Marketing
Over 50% of our traffic comes from branded sources. We believe that building and maintaining the trivago brand will contribute to long-term success with loyal users and advertisers.
Our Culture
We believe that our entrepreneurial culture, flexible working hours and flat organizational structure are key ingredients to our success.
Our Products
trivago Hotel Search and App
Access our complete search and price comparison product with 1.8 million hotels from over 190 countries all at your fingertips from your desktop, smartphone or tablet.
Just search, compare, then book from your computer or even on the go!

trivago Hotel Manager  Editing your profile won’t cost you a cent! Help us improve our hotel search for travelers and we help you drive more guests to your hotel. More about Hotel manager
Room5  Need some information or even inspiration for your next getaway? Get more out of your next hotel stay by checking out our blog!
Third Quarter 2017 – Results
  • 17%Revenue*
    20%Qualified Referrals*
  • *Third Quarter 2017 Year-Over-Year Growth
    **Third Quarter 2017
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TRVG is an interesting one. I haven't decided eastunder 03/28/2022 08:50:05 PM
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We are going to see good numbers from oakrock 08/26/2021 12:29:31 PM
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