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Small group working towards one common goal...

All posts are to keep within the IHUB TOS.


Usefull links:
site for researching listing requirements and such.


 Kitco Gold, silver spot and other metals


Orangequant's Synthetic Trendlines

European clinical trials and marketing
https://eur-lex.europa.eu/LexUriServ/LexUriServ.do?uri=CONSLEG:2001L0083:20070126:en:PDF Containes Annex 1.  May get updated in the future so be sure that you're using the most current directive.



Up listing


p53 mutations in cancer...

Keeping it simple and ethical.


The more you learn how to make decisions for yourself the more $$$ you'll make. Whichever strategy you use on an initial investment sets the tone on whether you'll make money or end up taking a loss. It takes time. Having good stocks that pay dividends is always a good long term choice imo. But getting in at the right time counts. That's where technical analysis pays off. There are a gazillion sites that offer assistance in this area, for a fee. More often, brokers are offering short training sessions, Scottrade offers some quick training sessions, for free. Guessing others do as well. There is PLENTY of free online information as well, and in the library.
Building a plan and investing with a diversified portfolio keeps the $$$ somewhat safe. Then, having some cash available for short term swing trading can bring in some profits. Short term trading has its higher tax implications and higher risk of course. Need to learn the technicals, and how to read the fundamentals. A short watch list of a dozen or so GOOD stocks taking turns swinging when they're set up or just adding at the right time to strengthen long term stocks.
The idea is to be independant of others influencing your decisions. Know how/when to cut the cord on something that isn't working, and keeping the winners. A plan to buy something short term can certainly turn into a long term hold if it's paying off imo.
I am not an investment advisor.
Some online and other useful books...

Toni Turner is very easy to read and understand without putting you to sleep.

A Beginner's Guide to Day Trading Online by Toni Turner www.toniturner.com
"Short Term Trading in the New Stock Market"

A Beginner's Guide to Short Term Trading by Toni Turner (for swing and position trading which i recommend)

How I made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas www.darvastrades.com (a good complimentary website to his trading style since he is not on this earth anymore to have his own official website)

The Candlestick Course by Steven Nison www.candlecharts.com

Trend Following by Michael Covel (some of the biggest traders in the world are Trend Followers including John Henry, Jerry Parker, Ed Seykota, The Turtles, Richard Dennis, William Eckhardt, Bill Dunn, Keith Campbell etc.) www.trendfollowing.com

Reminisces of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre (about the legendary Jesse Livermore and how he thought about trading)

Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager (about other traders mindsets)

New Market Wizards by Jack D. Schwager (same as above)

The Micro Cap Investor: Strategies for Making Big Returns in Small Companies by Robert Imperiale

The Guide for Pennystock Investing by Donny Lowy

Making Dollars with Pennies by R. Max Bowser

Penny stock Winners by R. Max Bowser

Mastering Microcaps by Daniel P. Coker

Bowser is old and out of date but his strategies/research techniques are fundamentaly good imo.

Thanks for reading, and as always feedback is welcome!!


CTIX board
F1ash Monday, 01/25/16 09:25:44 AM
Re: None  
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This 9 minute video might help to understand P53 - P21 relationship as it relates to Kevetrin.

slcimmuno Member Level Tuesday, 04/14/15 11:02:32 AM
Re: frrol post# 97715  
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thx frrol. that was an excellent post by O Neb. a keeper. along with the U of Colorado p53 researcher not being impressed with aprea, reinforces how Kevetrin is different, likely better, than the competition. bring on leo's biomarker update and the D Farber presentation at ASCO 2015.

thx too Infinity and rr. below some links to various MDM2-p53 articles, some of which i'm sure have been posted before. the first seems the best overview based on my cursory review --- comprehensive and gets to the MDM2-MDMX interplay. still learning up on the science.


Targeting the MDM2-p53 Protein-Protein Interaction for New Cancer Therapeutics (2012)


MDM2-p53 Interaction in Peadiatric Solid Tumous: Preclinical Rationale, Biomarkers and Resistance (2014) (Note: this has been posted before / refs Kevetrin) (PDF)

Targeting MDM2-p53 interaction for cancer therapy: are we there yet? (2014) (abstract only)

Small molecule agents targeting the p53-MDM2 pathway for cancer therapy. (2012) (abstract only)

Targeting the MDM2–p53 interaction as a therapeutic strategy for the treatment of cancer (2010)
http://www.dovepress.com/getfile.php?fileID=6660 (PDF, Full)

Targeting the MDM2-p53 Interaction for Cancer Therapy (2009)

The MDM2-p53 Interaction (2003)
slcimmuno Member Level Wednesday, 04/15/15 04:32:26 PM
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4 Part Vid Intvw w FDAs Richard Pazdur (Head Onc guy)
bodes well for Kevetrin if results are as good as we think they might be. the interview covers a lot of ground. he mentions "there's not going to be one drug that cures 8 cancers." maybe. maybe not. but that's the p53 dream. well worth a listen -- hearing the scoop straight from the FDA's regulatory top dog.

Cancer "Rocket Docket"

Patient Power

Precision Medicine

Compelling Case (pediatrics)

The Gatekeeper to New Cancer Drugs
Dr. Richard Pazdur is the world's most important cancer drug regulator

Dr. Richard Pazdur, director of FDA's Office of Hematology and Oncology Products, tells BioCentury why FDA is racing to approve new cancer drugs. Dr. Pazdur says new targeted drugs and immunotherapies with unprecedented efficacy are the payoff from 20 years of basic science. He calls for greater patient engagement in drug development, says compassionate access should be improved, and predicts rapid uptake of biosimilars.


vancomycin and clindamycin
First and Only IV Antibiotic for ABSSSI With Once-a-Week Dosing for Two Weeks
CHICAGO, May 23, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Durata Therapeutics, Inc. (Nasdaq:DRTX) announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved DALVANCETM (dalbavancin) for injection for the treatment of adult patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI) caused by susceptible Gram-positive bacteria, including methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). DALVANCE is the first and only IV antibiotic approved for the treatment of ABSSSI with a two-dose regimen of 1000 mg followed one week later by 500 mg, each administered over 30 minutes.


What's involved with a CSR

An Insider’s Insight into Clinical Study Reports

Citrati Monday, 01/04/16 11:19:58 AM
Re: None  
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Thought some might find these 18 principles from Steve Burns interesting.


New Traders are greedy and have unrealistic expectations. Rich Traders are realistic about their returns.
New Traders make the wrong decisions due to stress. Rich Traders can manage stress.
New Traders are impatient and look for constant action. Rich Traders are patient.
New Traders trade because they are influenced by emotion. Good Traders use a trading plan.
New Traders think they can stop learning. Rich Traders never stop learning about the market.


New Traders act like gamblers. Rich Traders operate like a businessperson.
New Traders bet the farm. Rich Traders carefully control trading size.
For New Traders outsized profits are the #1 priority. Rich Traders know that managing risk is the #1 Priority.
New Traders try to prove they are right. Rich Traders admit when they are wrong.
New Traders give back profits by not having an exit strategy. Rich Traders lock in profits while they are there.


New Traders give up. Rich Traders persevere until they are successful.
New Traders hop from system to system when they lose. Rich Traders stick with a winning system even when it is losing.
New Traders place trades based on opinions. Rich Traders place trades based on probabilities.
New Traders try to predict. Rich Traders follow what the market is telling them.
New Traders trade against the trend. Rich Traders follow the market trends.
New Traders follow their emotions to their disadvantage. Rich Traders follow systems that give them an advantage.
New Traders do not know when to cut losses or lock in gains. Rich Traders have an exit plan.
New Traders cut profits short and let losses run. Rich Traders let profits run and cut losses short.


www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EAGG&t=37&p=5&dm=2&vol=0&width=670&height=600&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EAGG&t=37&p=5&dm=2&vol=0&width=670&height=600&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EEFA&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EEFA&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=DJI%5EI%5CDWCPF&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=DJI%5EI%5CDWCPF&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5ESPY&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5ESPY&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5ESPY&t=37&p=5&dm=0&vol=0&width=670&height=600&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5ESPY&t=37&p=5&dm=0&vol=0&width=670&height=600&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EXBI&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EXBI&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EIBB&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5EIBB&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />

www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5ESPY&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0">www.advfn.com/p.php?pid=staticchart&s=A%5ESPY&t=37&p=0&dm=0&vol=0&width=220&height=150&min_pre=0&min_after=0" />



oil w/l





Tensile Trading: Stage #8 You Bought It – Now What?

September 20, 2013 at 8:30 AM | written by Gatis Roze

pretty good writing.

one excerpt...

"The Achilles heel for most novice investors is that they are reluctant and slow to acknowledge the importance of the “Investor Self” and the need to exercise control over many complicated inner struggles as they pertain to the complex equation of successful investing. Stock market mastery is achieved only when discipline and consistency become part and parcel of an investor’s trading personality – especially these days when information circles the globe instantaneously via the internet. You must be disciplined in your monitoring efforts or the cliché “you snooze, you lose” will apply."




View returns for any global, regional or country MSCI index. There are three main variables to select: the market for the index (All Country, Developed Markets, Emerging Markets, Frontier Markets, etc.), the currency (US dollar, Euro, or local), and the index level (price return, total return, net return). You can further tailor your results by selecting earlier "as of" dates, specific capitalization segments (large, mid, small, micro, etc.) and styles (growth, value, etc.).


Office of the Whistleblower
Dedicated Team to Handle High-Risk Tips

FINRA's Office of the Whistleblower expedites the review of high-risk tips by FINRA senior staff and ensures a rapid response for tips believed to have merit.

Through the Office of the Whistleblower, individuals with evidence of, or material information about, potentially illegal or unethical activity can reach senior staff, who can quickly assess the level of risk involved and make sure that each tip is properly evaluated. Those tips warranting additional review and investigation will be subject to an expedited regulatory response.

FINRA will refer any whistleblower tips that fall outside its jurisdictional reach to the appropriate regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

FINRA's whistleblower initiative does not replace longstanding processes for handling thousands of routine regulatory tips and customer complaints each year.

Submit a Tip
1-866-96-FINRA (1-866-963-4672)




In Reply to 'slcimmuno' on 'Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX)'

“Short Activism: The Rise in Anonymous Online Short Attacks”


 Focused on IPIX Science, but feel obligated to post such reads every time I come across them ... for obvious reasons ...

 One of the best I’ve seen.

 A concise, well-sourced summary of the real damage done to companies by the likes of Mako and what steps can-might-should be taken... one can only hope similar SEC (and other) scrutiny is applied to Short/Distort schemes as they paid last year to the Pump/Dump ones. Two sides of same coin each worth equal attention.

 “Short Activism: The Rise in Anonymous Online Short Attacks”




    Investing/trading stocks is a very high risk venture and should only be taken on if the trader has the funds available that would not cause any hardships if the trade were to be completely lost. I and "BooDog" accept no liability for any losses incurred whilst trading my ideas. The risk of loss exists and you must accept total responsibility for them.

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#4370   CFRX $4.31 BREAKOUT potential. BooDog 04/18/22 03:58:31 PM
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#4367   ATHX spiked yesterday from the low .50's to BooDog 04/12/22 06:23:59 AM
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#4365   Here's one with a little added risk. BooDog 04/01/22 01:08:05 PM
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#4360   Yesterday... 03/15/2022 Bought BXRX 1.57 BooDog 03/16/22 04:03:20 PM
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#4358   EOSE prev close 3.38, todays low (so far) BooDog 03/09/22 12:17:11 PM
#4357   CPS looks stuck +.79 @ 9.36. EOSE BooDog 03/09/22 10:00:19 AM
#4356   CPS 8.57 pinch potential. EOSE gap & BooDog 03/09/22 09:20:48 AM
#4355   Marking EOSE 3.41 (3.45 PM). BooDog 03/09/22 07:42:57 AM
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#4351   CPSH $2.80. Watching as a potential bottom BooDog 03/04/22 10:30:39 AM
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#4327   Market Snapshot MW Nasdaq slumps nearly 2%... MarketWatch 1:44 pm ET By BooDog 12/16/21 02:55:30 PM
#4326   im looking at it now though im not ah86 12/16/21 07:22:07 AM
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