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 Stock O'holics Investing University

Updating 05-03-14
Even if you read IHub only just a few times a week… then it is too late.  You are already a Stock O'holic.  You are already addicted to looking for that next stock that will have huge movement.  Many investors like us here have already given in and admitted to being a Stock O'holic already. 
The stocks mentioned here within the forum are basically penny stocks and are mainly high risk and as like most penny stocks, they are not on the levels of MSFT, QCOM, CSCO, etc.  Please understand this before buying any penny stock regardless to how good the story, news, rumors, etc. 
This forum is not the place for debate.  If there is a stock that you have an issue with, then simply don't buy it. Antagonistic questions and comments that are deemed to incite aggravation, whether on purpose or not, will not be allowed.  Take your issue up with the individual privately.  Still, the Moderators discretion will rule for being the determining factor.  
The primary objective of this forum is to educate investors about the penny stock world while providing stocks that provide a solid return on your investment or trade given the amount of risk.  Still, everyone will be responsible for their own decisions to buy, sell, or hold.  Stocks move for a variety of reasons and therefore, there are many different variables of knowledge that you should become familiar with to help you know and better understand the type of opportunity that a certain stock might present.  Hopefully some of the following due diligence (DD) will get you started in the right direction.  

Basic Educational Investing Thoughts to Consider



Price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio



FDA Approval Process & Clinical Trials


FDA Approval Process for Medical Devices


FDA Approval Process for Food, Drug, Medical Devices, Vaccines, Bloods & Biologics, Animal & Veterinary, Cosmetics, Radiation-Emitting Products, and Tobacco Products



SEC Filings 



SEDAR Search



Charts vs Fundamentals

Charts and Fundamentals should be used as tools for investing and/or trading.  Charts (sometimes called Technical Analysis) tell us where we have been with a stock. They can also indicate potential or probable trend changes and direction based on a predetermined set of rules. However the past does not always predict the future or timelines. Fundamentals are used to accumulate based on information obtained from research and an understanding of the company's ability execute a business plan. This is where management plays the biggest role in maintaining integrity. I am sure there is much more that can be added, but below are some posts to read about:



Rumor vs Fact

Everyone should be mature enough to hear any rumors floating around, but on the same end everyone should be mature enough to not believe in them until after it happens. I think it's ok to rationalize on the logical deduction for how a rumor could be true, but a certain understanding must go along with that. Rumors existed before any of us began investing and they will still be around after we are done. I would treat all rumors as a grain of salt until it transforms into a real bowl of sugar. Still, it is fair for one to do their own research and make their own determination as to the value they will individually place on the rumor for being either true or potentially true. 



About Dilution; Good Dilution vs Bad Dilution




The Difference between Pumping vs Bashing…

When you state that a stock is "going to the moon" or some other kind of positive statement without some kind of logical reasons explaining how such could happen, then it will be usually considered as pumping regardless of your true intentions. Also, the repetition of those thoughts stated depending on the variety of its delivery could classify such thoughts as pumping too.


On the contrary, when you state that a stock is "going down or tanking" or some other kind of negative statement without some kind of logical reasons explaining how such could happen, then it will be usually considered as bashing regardless of your true intentions. Also, the repetition of those thoughts stated depending on the variety of its delivery could classify such thoughts as bashing too.


These are thoughts chosen by the market to react in such a way and not I. I think everyone should able to understand these thoughts that posts on any message board.



Patents Info


A Patent is known as Intellectual Property (IP) and makes a company far more valuable should the company ever decide to be acquired by a larger company.   In the short term a patent deny market access to any competitor who may have similar products, unless they license these patents from the owners of the patents, which then creates another revenue stream for a company. 


Below are some links to use to further reference and verify the existence of patents:



Educational Links

Microcap Stock: A Guide for Investors

Legal Marijuana Sales in the U.S. to Hit $6 Billion in 2018



Why stocks get halted



Reverse Mergers 

Spotting a Reverse Merger:



Reverse Splits



Forward Splits



Shell Stocks



Short Interest

Shorting Stocks & The Short List



Regulation (Reg) SHO & Naked Shorting



Penny Stocks



Major Market Stocks



Understanding Level II



Research Sites
request a new symbol at stockcharts.



Site for News


Mining Stocks
About the National Instrument (NI) 43-101


Penny traders believe that Market Makers (MM) will "signal" moves in advance buy using small amounts of buys or sells as "signals". The "signals" are such a small amount of shares (worth no more than 5 or 10 dollars) that no trader would have paid a commission that costs more than the amount of shares bought. The "signals" are from one MM to another.

100   I need shares.
200   I need shares badly,but do not take the stock down.
300   Take the price down so I can load shares
400   Keep trading it sideways.
500   Gap the stock. This gap can be either up or down, depending on the direction of the 500 signal



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Updates on company Changes





Welcome to the Florida Division of Corporations´ Sunbiz™ web site. From here you can search and access filed information for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, general partnerships, trademarks, fictitious name registrations and liens. Images of most filed documents can be downloaded at no charge and to make the filing process easier, most filing forms can also be downloaded.

Authorized Shares for Nevada Filings

Nevada Registration Home Page 


 LINKS; --- 1512g Filings - --- COMPANY BUY / HOLD --- CHART THEORY
JUST ADDSYMBOL --- New Version with Trader's Cheat Sheet  
JUST ADD SYMBOL   --- Older Version Of Barchart With Spider Chart

BIG APPLE INVESTOR RELATIONS;  IS NOW - HTTP://STOCKPROMOTERS.COM  --- TOP  50 MOST ASKED FOR --- BusinessWeek ---- Listings and Comments --- On Top Profiling and Charting Details --- COMPANY NEWS --- Looks to be where some action is.  ---
JUST ADD SYMBOL --- Mining --- Company News & Financials --- Shell Stocks

SEE HERE ABOUT ---  Top Penny Stocks


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