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#1455704  Sticky Note Article about Ebola Stocks: Nilbud 10/11/14 09:31:14 PM
#1394724  Sticky Note New StockGoodies FREE Learning Center! ManicTrader 08/22/14 02:19:00 PM
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#1467901   * * $HEMP Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:57:53 PM
#1467900   * * $GTAT Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:57:10 PM
#1467899   * * $GRNH Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:57:02 PM
#1467898   * * $VPCO Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:55:38 PM
#1467897   * * $DDD Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:55:25 PM
#1467896   * * $RGLS Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:54:11 PM
#1467895   * * $LAKE Video Chart 10-22-14 * * ClayTrader 10/22/14 10:54:03 PM
#1467894   IBIO _HUGE seriousonly 10/22/14 10:52:15 PM
#1467893   TBEV major news on the way... jjkochen 10/22/14 10:15:23 PM
#1467892 cha-ching 10/22/14 09:55:12 PM
#1467891   $PMBSD RADAR IT MJ BOOOOM COMING .0017 then iTechiie 10/22/14 09:51:28 PM
#1467890   ITNS: ITONIS Info re Emesyl Stability Testing profiteer11 10/22/14 09:47:59 PM
#1467889   EXPANDED testing for EBOLA...GREAT FOR SIMH!!!! tommer 10/22/14 09:39:48 PM
#1467888   $$$ BIGG $$$ Latest Projections: Justin76 10/22/14 09:34:37 PM
#1467887   You forgot one.. Penny Roger$ 10/22/14 09:30:27 PM
#1467886   ERBB and HEMP HAS STARTED A MAJOR RUN N-2-DEEP 10/22/14 09:29:04 PM
#1467885   ERBB and HEMP HAS STARTED A MAJOR RUN N-2-DEEP 10/22/14 09:27:12 PM
#1467884   Traders keep $PMBSD on close radar for the iTechiie 10/22/14 09:22:16 PM
#1467882   I hope they make it. Penny Roger$ 10/22/14 07:00:02 PM
#1467881   Strange exchange here. For PC memory looks like. Penny Roger$ 10/22/14 06:36:09 PM
#1467880   Trader 53's - Investment Philosophy trader53 10/22/14 05:07:45 PM
#1467879   Very undervalued SANP is a huge play in Bitcoins 10/22/14 04:49:07 PM
#1467878   Correlation Coefficient BoomPickens 10/22/14 04:42:07 PM
#1467877   AVEW 0003 244 mill bid x23 mill ALL SLAPS TODAY Pennylanepam 10/22/14 03:58:06 PM
#1467876   $DSCR: Semi-annual chart Le2dynasty 10/22/14 03:56:45 PM
#1467875   EPAZD ~ Epazz, Inc. together with its subsidiaries, Mick Dodge 10/22/14 03:54:38 PM
#1467874   (((((((((((((( $HEMP (+54.93%) )))))))))))))))) myopinion 10/22/14 03:52:25 PM
#1467873   $VIICQ: $.0008 Le2dynasty 10/22/14 03:49:12 PM
#1467872   $CEHC, $DSCR, $UPZS: $.00x with potential Le2dynasty 10/22/14 03:48:51 PM
#1467871   CSNG couple 100k smacks .01s shouldn't be much wayno2 10/22/14 03:45:19 PM
#1467870   $SVAD Among the print materials used, door hangers Street_Gnocca 10/22/14 03:43:57 PM
#1467869   KABOOM QASP .0005..I YOLD OF BOUGHT CHEAP..NOW wise1man 10/22/14 03:43:40 PM
#1467868   ~$SVAD .0001 (15-15d) FILING$$$$$$$$ muga 10/22/14 03:43:07 PM
#1467867   NTEK Ultrafilx on Vizios site!! >> Braden32601 10/22/14 03:42:53 PM
#1467866   AVEW 200mil BID now!! 3s almost gone TraderLink 10/22/14 03:42:13 PM
#1467865   AVEW 0003 HUGE SLAPS 195millx23 mill Pennylanepam 10/22/14 03:41:35 PM
#1467864   GBLX- watching this one to go with HEMP pharma_trader 10/22/14 03:34:58 PM
#1467863   MLHC +20% SERIES B SHARES PER NV SOS, PennyPlayer3 10/22/14 03:33:09 PM
#1467862   HEMP at their Processing Plant! > myopinion 10/22/14 03:32:08 PM
#1467861   AVEW AVEW Holdings Inc. Acquires Tarragon Homes LLC, TraderLink 10/22/14 03:30:09 PM
#1467860   $7 k buys the last 3s Pennylanepam 10/22/14 03:28:56 PM
#1467859   ID.Global.Corporation.Executes.Definitive Agreement.with.World.of.Marihuana.P g0nz0 10/22/14 03:28:26 PM
#1467858   AVEW bounce time TraderLink 10/22/14 03:28:22 PM
#1467857   AVEW - Not much left TraderLink 10/22/14 03:28:17 PM
#1467856   EGYH million 4 million dollar sale and third goose44 10/22/14 03:23:45 PM
#1467855   ~$DOMK volume spike....slap 'em .0001s soon .0010s$$$$$$$ muga 10/22/14 03:22:52 PM
#1467854   AVEW 0003 cranking up bid 3s under attack Pennylanepam 10/22/14 03:20:54 PM
#1467853   EPAZD .20 x .21 spread tightening up! stockman69 10/22/14 03:19:25 PM
#1467852   $VSR Versar Changing the Environment: Brief Analyst Report myopinion 10/22/14 03:19:12 PM
#1467851   1.SunPower (NASDAQ: SPWR) mick 10/22/14 03:16:17 PM