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Wanted to welcome you officially to Goodies and thanks for your contributions.

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#1905424   MRIB cooking...time to fly! armo 07/02/15 01:40:59 PM
#1905423   $AWSL has two $75 Million solar farm projects zigzagman 07/02/15 01:39:37 PM
#1905422   Looking for BIG Revenues news in CRWG's upcoming langlui 07/02/15 01:35:54 PM
#1905421   yes has to hold like last bouncer to mick 07/02/15 01:26:09 PM
#1905420   There you are! ManicTrader 07/02/15 01:25:42 PM
#1905419   OGEN-$-$-$ beambe 07/02/15 01:20:36 PM
#1905418   $CRWG getting loaded on the bid at .055 stockman69 07/02/15 01:20:19 PM
#1905417   >>GRDO<< bouncing off bottom,filings out!!! wakeupdummy 07/02/15 01:19:27 PM
#1905416   $CRWG CrowdGather.com to serve as crowdfunding portal for nvidiaforgames 07/02/15 01:19:04 PM
#1905415   Stock Market Is CLOSED Friday ~ Have A PhotoChick 07/02/15 01:15:01 PM
#1905414   $IFXY setting up! 3kidsplus1 07/02/15 01:13:20 PM
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#1905411   thank you, what's do'ins fer 4th july ????? mick 07/02/15 01:05:21 PM
#1905410   LFAP gonna get found as FIT momo play hosey74 07/02/15 01:00:28 PM
#1905409   AWSL recent news NYC Trader 07/02/15 12:53:47 PM
#1905408   SUTI Signed a definitive agreement with Canna and [SMART MONEY] 07/02/15 12:52:16 PM
#1905407   LFAP eventually the FIT momo craze will begin hosey74 07/02/15 12:45:20 PM
#1905406   TPAC - #3 on most active board! Ask Lebowsky 07/02/15 12:43:22 PM
#1905405   $RDSH taking a breather today ManicTrader 07/02/15 12:40:41 PM
#1905404   Hi Jack! $PWDY your new one off the bottom? ManicTrader 07/02/15 12:40:09 PM
#1905403   $CRWG plans on joining companies like CannaFundr - nvidiaforgames 07/02/15 12:39:46 PM
#1905402   SUTI Just announced a partnership with a MJ carlson 07/02/15 12:26:34 PM
#1905401   AVEW News - .0001 AVEW Housing 07/02/15 12:19:54 PM
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#1905399   $PMCB does look like shes put in a ManicTrader 07/02/15 12:15:50 PM
#1905398   PSTweet blast for mick! ManicTrader 07/02/15 12:14:24 PM
#1905397   Just think she was 60-80 not long ago, ManicTrader 07/02/15 12:13:48 PM
#1905396   New StockGoodies FREE Learning Center! ManicTrader 07/02/15 12:12:18 PM
#1905395   OPXA: Investors that put CAR-T stocks in orbit remind2 07/02/15 12:10:32 PM
#1905394   IENG poised for big run up. Financials out weathervane 07/02/15 11:54:02 AM
#1905393   $CRWG .058 only one mm left on the ask! budfoxhub 07/02/15 11:50:21 AM
#1905392   $CRWG ATDF KEEPS BIDDING AND COLLECTED AT 0.055 nvidiaforgames 07/02/15 11:48:51 AM
#1905391   $PVSP NEWS! WHITE PLAINS, NY -- June 29, 2015 makemoney18 07/02/15 11:46:00 AM
#1905390   CRWG double bottom chart formation with bounce happening langlui 07/02/15 11:44:51 AM
#1905389   ***Global Gaming Network, Inc. Retires All Convertible Debt**** BLULLISH 07/02/15 11:43:56 AM
#1905388   i like this one lota, was 0.26 cents mick 07/02/15 11:43:41 AM
#1905387   rained here in yuma yesterday/ monsoon is here mick 07/02/15 11:40:14 AM
#1905386   ~ PWDY = I Load'd a LOT of.da. "Cheapie~TreasurRre$" .herRre!!!.;-) 1-eye-jack 07/02/15 11:38:16 AM
#1905385   OWOO word is out to do a THCZ! thistraderknowsall 07/02/15 11:34:26 AM
#1905383   $CRWG CrowdGather plans on joining companies like CannaFundr Cabroncita 07/02/15 11:29:26 AM
#1905382   WPCS 2.2 break next stop 2.5-2.6 ash111 07/02/15 11:18:27 AM
#1905381   THNS ready for reversal pop!!! CHAMB0 07/02/15 11:12:57 AM
#1905380   MJMJ pay attention here .0032 break coming Ragin_Cajun 07/02/15 11:10:46 AM
#1905379   $LFAP share imbalance,mm's have no shares....these are the hosey74 07/02/15 11:05:26 AM
#1905378   $CRWG's goal is to create the world’s best zigzagman 07/02/15 11:03:37 AM