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                                                          SportsQuest, Inc.

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OTC Disclosure & News
07/08/2022 Supplemental Information - Board Resolution SPQS appointing new Interim CEO and resignation of Kate 07/08/2022 A
07/08/2022 Supplemental Information - Resignation of Officer Kathryn Gavin 07/08/2022 A
07/08/2022 Supplemental Information - Board Resolution Appointing Officers SPQS Irina Interim CEO 07/08/2022 A
07/08/2022 Supplemental Information - SPQS Board Resolution Independent advisor Kate Gavin 07/08/2022 A
07/07/2022 Supplemental Information - SportsQuest Management Report Forward Guidance 07/07/2022 A
06/24/2022 Supplemental Information - Board Resolution Appointing COO 06/24/2022 A
06/21/2022 Supplemental Information - Appointment New Transfer Agent 06/21/2022 A
06/14/2022 Supplemental Information - Officer / Directors Resignations and Appointments 06/14/2022 A
05/25/2022 Supplemental Information - Board Resolution SPQS appointing independent directors 05/09/2022 A
05/20/2022 Supplemental Information - Verified and Certification of Share Structure Ahead of Scheduled Mergers 05/20/2022 A

We see the new and
emerging metaverse space
as one with great potential and a humongous hyper-growth opportunity.

For example, 
is a portal that displays our node option purchases in the crypto and blockchain space.

SPQS solution will be CeDeFi solution provider

CeDeFi, or centralized decentralized finance, combines traditional centralized financial services with decentralized applications,
merging conventional regulatory policies with modern financial tools.


Our data center is being finalized (construction) in NY State.
The building and enclosure units are ready to go.
The pictures will be released via separate filings.
There are 10 enclosures – 6 generators for a USA government body/entity were built in the last 6 months.

OTCMarkets: SPQS

Business Description
The company operates a beverage business from its 10,000 sq foot Phoenix Az location as its core business model. The company is also engaged in certain R&D of solar-powered or green energy type energy product lines; including other "unicorn" type of products and in non-aligned industry, spaces encompassing new or emerging technologies with hyper-growth type opportunities.

Please monitor SEC EDGAR filings on SPQS as well

Delaware Entity Status

Many of our shareholders and followers are asking to hear from us 
an official update on the prospects of the reverse split of the 
stork and plants for dilution in the near future.
We are using this opportunity to answer these 2 FAQ questions. 

We will also address this in a social media platform such as Twitter 
and we will update this section of our website with any future 
FAQ-type questions.
Re # q1 Reverse Split. 
There are no plans whatsoever to conduct 
a reverse split of any sort. 

The company trades well and there’s no logical reason to do this.  

Our focus is on obtaining OTC market access so that we can subscribe 
and update all of our financials and to get the company current. 

Again, no reverse split or ant disturbance of the share structure. 
Re # q 2 Dilution. Same answer and focus as above FAQ. 

There are no plans whatsoever to conduct dilution of any sort.

We just completed the transaction via preferred share purchase. 

The company has not issued any common shares or conducted any 
dilution of any sort for the past 8 or 9 years. The management absolutely has no reason to start doing dilution right now.
In summary no dilution and no reverse split. 
Management SPQS


Corporate Update Sports Quest, Inc. (SPQS)

July 13, 2021 West Palm Beach, Florida  Sports Quest, Inc. (SPQS)   is providing this news release as a general update to its shareholders and followers. 
The management is of the opinion that this is a material event that requires an announcement. 

SPQS is pleased to report that it has resolved its tax assessment issue with the State of Delaware.
The Company is now current with the State.
Moreover, SPQS submitted an application with OTC Markets prior to the deadline June 30, 2021, to allow the Company to report its periodic activity.
The management is waiting for credentials to access the OTCIQ portal in order to upload and update its OTC information, financials, and other relevant data.
The corporate plans are to obtain a current ranking status with OTC Markets.

SPQS has launched a new corporate website through which Sports quest will release its official updates on and current corporate actions.
In addition, the company communicates through its official social media Twitter account @SpqsOtc to keep its followers and shareholders informed with the  Company’s latest updates. 

In other company news and events, the company has secured certain financing through its preferred shares with Emry Capital Inc and retained Min@ M@r Group  to assist it in its corporate reorganizational plans.
The new SPQS management and board has agreed to extend Mr.Jeff Burns position as the interim CEO as the company re focuses its efforts to find a suitable sports
and entertainment type company to enhance its portfolio. Several viable candidates are on the management’s radar.

The management welcomes its followers queries via e mail  Email: or Nationwide Toll Free: 1 888 833 7471
and or our Follow us on Twitter @SpqsOtc Other official updates on the Company may appear on SEC as an 8k which SPQS may utilize as a volunteer filer in the meantime as well.

About Sports Quest, Inc.:

Spots Quest is a sports & entertainment company focused on emerging markets. SportsQuest is a sports and entertainment company formed in the middle 1980s.
The company disposed of certain assets during the economic crisis and was assessed with a substantial tax levy by the Delaware state Franchise Tax.

More updates and filings will be released on a timely basis including the SPQS corporate website.


 Information in this news release may contain statements about future expectations, plans, prospects or performance of SPQS that constitute forward-looking statements for purposes of the Safe Harbor Provisions
under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The words or phrases “can be”, “expects”, “may affect”, “believed”, “estimate”, “project” and similar words
and phrases are intended to identify such forward-looking statements. SPQS cautions you that any forward-looking information provided by or on behalf of SPQS is not a guarantee of future performance.
None of the information in this press release constitutes or is intended as an offer to sell securities or investment advice of any kind SPQS’s actual results
may differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors, some of which are beyond SPQS’s control. I
In addition to those discussed in SPQS’s press releases, public filings, and statements by SPQS’s management, including, but not limited to, SPQS’s
estimate of the sufficiency of its existing capital resources, SPQS’s ability to raise additional capital to fund future operations, SPQS’s ability to repay its existing indebtedness,
the uncertainties involved in estimating market opportunities, and in identifying contracts which match SPQS’s capability to be awarded contracts.
All such forward-looking statements are current only as of the date on which such statements were made. SPQS does not undertake any obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statement
to reflect events or circumstances after the date on which any such statement is made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events


Twitter @SpqsOtc

Phone: (888) 833 7471



SPQS SECURITY DETAILS MKT CAP 19,932,700 Share Structure

Market Cap Market Cap
Authorized Shares...5,000,000,000
Outstanding Shares.4,178,763,151
Held at DTC.................933,534,927

Par Value..............................0.0001





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