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Short Term Pinch (STP)

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This Board is for Short Term Pinch Only AKA (STP)
All other posts will be deleted.
If you post a Non- (STP) more than once, you will be banned.
We Are the STP/STO Pirates and are here to Make Money Using a Certain Chart that is Very Accurate
and Based on Day Trading and a 2 Day, 10 Minute Chart. You have to learn it to make Money.

On That Note, 
Welcome to the Short Term Pirates......

When Posting about a Short Term Pinch Please State if Stock is Building a Short Term Pinch (STP) or in a Short Term Pinch (STP).

This is very Important as it usually from 5 Minutes to a Half Hour for a (STP) develop and Complete and will give everyone time to get money ready to take a position once the (STP) Completes

This is how a (STP) should be Posted for all to see;

Watching XYZA
XYZA is just beginning a (STP)
XYZA is in a (STP)

The EZ way to Understand My Abbreviated Short Term Pinch Known as (Big Sams ASTP Chart),

The Top PPO/FullSTO is the Buying indicator
The Bottom PPO/FullSTO Is the Sell Indicator.
The Top and Bottom PPO/FullSTO are Identical
The Middle PPO/FullSTO Indicator is the Opposite of the Top and Bottom PPO/FullSTO Indicators and is the Key to how it works as it will go to the Top or the Bottom.
The Heavy Blue Line for the PPO is the Main Indicator Line and when it Hits the FullSTO just ahead of the Other Indicator Lines it sets in motion when buying or selling will occur and gives you a Very Clear Picture of what is Going to Happen,
If Middle Pinches at the Top, The Price Will Go Up
If the Middle Pinches at the Bottom the Price Will Drop.
When all the Lines Come together it looks like an Arrow as they all come to a Point.
When this Arrow Point Starts to Come Apart it Signals when Buying or Selling will start pending on which PPO/FullSTO Indicators came together (Top is Buying, Bottom is Selling, Really EZ to understand and follow)  There is a Chart Below showing SLV in a Full Blown Short Term pinch and also Shows how the Loines Come togther and then Apart. Very Easy to Follow. 

THE "Short Term Pinch" or "STP"
When you see the ADX5 Spike up and at the same time all 4 lines from the Bottom PPO/FullSTO drop down to the bottom and they Sort of Come Together and then Come Apart, this is called a "Short Term Pinch" or (STP) (The ADX will usually Go up, get close, and then curve back down and right as this happens the 4 PPO/FullSTO Lines Start to Turn up (Called, lifting it’s toes up)
When this happens the Stock will shoot up and run. (Remember, These are Short Term plays and why they are called a “Short Term Pinch”)
Make sure you confirm it with the CCI20 as there are Fake outs.
Need the CCI20 to go straight up and usually past 100 and hold above it to Confirm it.
Many times it will lay flat over to the right and you have to wait.
Watch and learn. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to buy before the CCI20 Completes but I don’t want anyone losing money and this is a type of Fail Safe.
I also check my ADX +DI and -DI Indicators and when the ADX +Indicator crosses up Through the ADX -DI it is a Very Positive Sign. If it crosses Down It’s Negative.
If you See the ADX14 +DI Crosses up through the ADX14 -DI its a really Good Sign, If the ADX14 +DI Crosses down through the ADX14 -DI I will usually Sell Some Shares
But you need to look at the whole Picture and the more you watch the better you will get at this and the more Money you will make, Believe me, It becomes Very EZ once you realize what it is you are seeing. I had an AHA Moment when I figured it out.
There are Many STP’s Every Day and its very EZ to make 10% to 500% in Minutes on each one. Once you get Past $25,000 the Sky is the limit as Trading becomes so EZ its mind Boggling. Look at a 7 Day XLK Chart, I bought Options for Pennies a Week ago and they are no longer Pennies. There is Huge Money in Options and they are EZer than Stocks to trade and Your Leverage is Amazing. Check into them and read how they work. You can Buy Thousands of Dollars of Shares for Pennies on the Dollar and your only Risk is what your cost is to buy them.
I have an Advanced Chart with 72 Indicators, reverse indicators, and Indicators of Indicators and they are Absolutely Diabolical and Market Killers 
which I designed to Wipe out all the Fucking Bankers who Manipulate the Market,
Especially the Gold and Silver markets which are very hard to figure out
due to massive manipulation but I nail those options all the time now...
This took me over 2 Years to Figure all this out and get Dialed in.
Let me know if you have any more Questions.
I am not a Greedy Person, I want Everyone to Make Tons of Money
and we can all get rich together.. 
Much more Fun when we all do well and we now have the System to do it.
I hate Bashers and Greedy Fuckers and I will take them down and you can join me.
You guys can give me Rides on your Jets and Speedboats when I stay on your Private Island  smile

UPDATE: Abbreviated PPO/FullSTO Short Term Pinch or “STP” Chart Explanation May 27th 2017
You will Find that I made My Chart Very Simple to Follow as you are looking at a Moving Picture.
With the Abbreviated Chart there are Only 3 Main things to watch,
The THREE PPO/FullSTO Setups Just Below the Volume and the Candles, The ADX5 with +DI and -DI,
And the CCI20. That’s it. Follow those and you will Always be Right, Always.
NOTE A1: When I Say “STP” I am Referring to a “Short Term Pinch”
NOTE A2: When I SAY CONNECT I am talking about the "Main Blue Line" of the Middle PPO/FullSTO as it Connects to Either the Top PPO/FullSTO or Bottom PPO/FullSTO doing, Very Simple)
1.Watch the Middle PPO Blue and Red Lines and see where it goes. .
  1. A. If it Coonects to the Bottom PPO the Stock will go Up
    B. If it Connects to the Top PPO the Stock will go Down.
    C.This is what makes Stocks Change Direction.
2.BUYING: Once you see the Blue and Red PPO Lines Connect at the Bottom, Look at the CCI20 and ADX5
  1. A. Usually the ADX5 +DI will Cross through the -DI first as a Confirmation.
    B. Then Watch and see what the CCI20 does and if it shoots straight up and past the +100 Line The Stock WILL GO UP.
    C. If the CCI20 starts to go up and then rolls over to the right, it’s not ready and you have to wait for it to Complete as it is always best to wait for it to go up through the +100 Line, Could take Second, Minutes, or Hours. (Volume Matters)
    D. Once all this Happens you will see how the Middle and Top PPO’s have Pinched Together and then come apart and keep getting Wider and Wider and at the same time the Stop keeps going Up. Very Simple, This is what these Indicators show, Stock Price Movement.
3.The Potent Short Term Pinch or “STP”
  1. A. When you see Every Line from the Middle PPO/FullSTO go down to the very bottom and Connect, look at the ADX5 just below it.
    If the ADX5 has shot up and gets Really High and almost touches the Point where all 4 of the PPO/FullSTO lines are connected at the Bottom
    this is called a “Short Term Pinch” or “STP”.  Once again, Check the CCI20 for Conformation of Completion.These are Very Powerful and the Stock almost always shoots up considerably.
    I have made a lot of Money on “STP’ Runs very quickly.
  1. B. Look at “SLV” on May 25th at 3:15 PM, for a Great Example of a “Short Term Pinch” or “STP”. This is when I loaded up with SLV and check how it opened the next Morning.
    C. GDX on May 25th at 12 Noon was a slower Forming “STP” and a Great Example of a Delayed CCI20 Completion. (I am testing a CCI15 so be careful using it)
    D. “STP” runs are Very Common and Found everywhere and when you find one post it here and I will check it for you and let you know if it’s ready.
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