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Scammy CEOs

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Last Post: 5/1/2011 6:06:10 PM - Followers: 12 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 0

Disclaimer: This board attempts to consolidate the negative experiences of posters in particular stocks. As so much of what happens is without proof, these are not accusations of wrongdoing. Merely the recounting of events by those who were there. Do your own DD and make your own decisions about buying and selling. All objections to material posted here will be seriously considered. We've all gotten suckered into diluting reverse splitting pigs that eat your money and don't give even the best trader a chance to make it back. You know the company I mean--not just a failed trade, but a true scam that caused a 80, 90, 100% losses. Where you put in your hard earned money and you're lucky to get back enough for the beer you cry in later. This forum is to list the CEOs of those scammy companies so when we do our DD on a prospect, we know which officers are red flags just for being on the masthead. In your post, tell us a short story of how you got rooked and I'll add the name to our list. 1) Joseph P. Doxey (PRHB nee PHBT) #msg-18627240 2) Shelby E. Ball (CPYJ) #msg-18640566 3) Michael S. Pagnano (WGLT) #msg-18611456 4) Mark Ellis (WNSH) #msg-18624890 5) Frank Olsen (QBID) #msg-18626255 6) James Edward Plant (CKYS) #msg-18647164 Reverse Split Repeat Offenders: #board-3017 Fact-N-Fiction: #board-7690 IHUB's Pump and Dump Hall of Fame: #board-9580 Caution Advised, under review (#msg-18651528): Andreas Cortellazzi CEO Coastal Holdings Denyse Raynault CEO HE-5 Resources Michel de Montigny AKA John Michaels JEAN PAUL CAJOLAIS
#131   Thanks stocksszzq, I often wonder why I Cassandra 05/01/11 06:06:10 PM
#130   thx for this Cassandra... appreciate the good work stocksszzq 04/10/11 02:12:31 PM
#129   Brian Barrett, CEO of SSPT and formerly CEO Cassandra 01/17/11 01:26:57 AM
#128   Perfect Scammy CEO... CDOI... CiscoTrader 12/25/09 10:39:41 PM
#127   Peter Collorafi of RVGD. LIED numerous times. Just JC$ 11/05/09 11:53:55 PM
#126   Damn... Soapy is in a lot of BS JimsZ 10/06/09 12:03:38 AM
#124   Lucky me, mike08201 02/05/09 04:07:15 PM
#123   thats nothing pcso formerly hcpc did a 100,000 wolveryne9 02/03/09 09:13:39 PM
#122   HGLC is a good one that should be wolveryne9 02/03/09 07:36:13 PM
#121   Please add NUBV/NBVG and Kenyatto Jones - 1:50000 mikronn 01/29/09 11:57:09 AM
#120   Please add Scott Watkins (CCMC.PK) woogieboogiedance 10/23/08 11:02:47 AM
#119   birds of a feather flock togethor,, hehehhehe PIZZABUSTER1 08/09/08 11:14:44 AM
#118   LOL. You got it bud. GoinGreen 07/29/08 02:34:06 PM
#117   Remind me to invest in Alzheimer's drug companies asus 07/29/08 02:32:59 PM
#116   Spoken many times, don't have premium account here GoinGreen 07/29/08 02:31:02 PM
#115   Yep I know, didn't think you were upset. asus 07/29/08 02:28:13 PM
#114   oh that lying. pos. when you pm'ed me BerryBuck 07/29/08 02:06:34 PM
#113   What about our boy from Xtreme Motorsports, that GoinGreen 07/29/08 01:57:06 PM
#112   need to add james plants pic. (ckys) to BerryBuck 07/29/08 01:54:33 PM
#111   yep.i was just out whoring around looking for BerryBuck 07/29/08 01:52:12 PM
#110   Yes you do and I was agreeing with GoinGreen 07/29/08 01:50:29 PM
#109   Hey bro good to see you here. GoinGreen 07/29/08 01:49:19 PM
#108   Eventually. Whether it's for SLJB or another scam, asus 07/28/08 11:09:20 PM
#107   whats up man!! long time. i stalked youhere. BerryBuck 07/28/08 09:15:16 PM
#106   sad part is due to the pussification of BerryBuck 07/28/08 09:13:14 PM
#105   if he were 3 feet under the sand BerryBuck 07/28/08 09:09:42 PM
#104   will he ever have to face the music?? BerryBuck 07/28/08 09:06:59 PM
#103   Looks like I struck a nerve.. :-) Do asus 07/27/08 09:15:51 PM
#102   We need more solid action on this board. GoinGreen 07/27/08 09:04:59 PM
#101   LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Too funny. Hope all is GoinGreen 07/27/08 09:03:15 PM
#100   I really haven't done much DD on him, PENNIEStoSTACKS 04/30/08 08:21:32 PM
#99   'GOINGUP11'you got any OLD info on wgl/pagnano to Seminole Red 04/30/08 11:38:34 AM
#98   http://whitecollarfraud.blogspot.com/2007/07/advice-to-richard-altomare-universa PENNIEStoSTACKS 04/21/08 08:53:36 PM
#96   OK here's one for the list, stylecounciler 04/19/08 03:59:38 PM
#95   It's great seeing special guests in the Scammy asus 04/17/08 08:06:28 AM
#94   Rocky Parker, but the scamming extends down the line. daviddodd 04/16/08 01:05:43 AM
#93   Great Board!!SLJB for No 1!!!! I want Scorpio weekidog 04/14/08 08:42:51 AM
#92   Thanks for making it your last post. Your kermit42 04/11/08 10:12:31 AM
#91   You being a lawyer doesn't mean anything as Polaroid 04/11/08 10:10:52 AM
#90   Relax. Read the IBOX. And I'm a lawyer. kermit42 04/10/08 11:24:22 AM
#89   I hope you all know that without 100% Polaroid 04/10/08 08:39:45 AM
#88   Nice pic dude just read you post lol! GoinGreen 03/13/08 09:51:27 PM
#87   U did good....I played it and it almost Cowboy 03/01/08 11:58:19 AM
#86   Yeah I can't complain about SLJB either. GoinGreen 03/01/08 11:10:15 AM
#85   Both the Chrmn of the Bd and the goldrusher 02/29/08 10:20:29 PM
#84   One of the best scams I ever invested Cowboy 02/28/08 05:07:42 AM
#83   Oh man I wish I had seen this GoinGreen 02/27/08 10:24:38 PM
#81   Don't forget the 1 Billion preferred shares with highline 10/03/07 10:45:18 PM
#80   Look out for this! zsvq1p 09/23/07 08:31:46 AM
#79   Give that guy a cigar and he could MerryPrankster 09/17/07 04:09:34 PM
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