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You guess? A little late to the game. jay smith 02/23/23 1:23 AM
so i guess this is a scam after J0hn Dope 02/21/23 10:46 PM
Has the "Great Oz" reinvented himself to take jay smith 06/01/22 11:58 PM
You must be part of his entourage GOSAVI 03/24/22 9:13 PM
Go to his house and speak to him jay smith 03/24/22 3:15 PM
Flat out liar and delusional. GOSAVI 03/23/22 9:01 PM
The man doesn’t want to be approached, if GOSAVI 03/23/22 9:00 PM
Personally approach him? Are you kidding me? Obviously GOSAVI 03/23/22 8:59 PM
Possible to personally approach him? jay smith 03/23/22 3:59 PM
He won’t answer his phone and his 2 GOSAVI 03/22/22 8:39 PM
Great idea, but the company phone, email, and Cia14 03/22/22 1:20 PM
Why doesn't anyone approach him for discussion or comment? jay smith 03/22/22 11:33 AM
Yes he's a man with great integrity isn't he! Cia14 03/22/22 10:28 AM
SOB for not being transparent—-He knows better now GOSAVI 03/21/22 10:28 PM
Correct, he is a lying POS. There Cia14 03/21/22 1:48 PM
Exactly. Find where he is now and go jay smith 03/17/22 12:58 PM
This is what happens when you don’t pick GOSAVI 03/17/22 7:51 AM
And what “Plan” are you referring to? GOSAVI 03/17/22 7:50 AM
The right "plan" was put together. jay smith 03/16/22 11:55 AM
You would think with world events price of GOSAVI 03/16/22 11:28 AM
Wonder where is now and what is doing. jay smith 03/04/22 10:40 AM
He's a disgusting person and a complete fraud. Cia14 03/02/22 2:13 PM
"Some" did very well. jay smith 12/29/21 12:18 PM
You mean the victims? readyplayeruno 12/27/21 3:31 PM
Wonder how x-mas was for the investors? jay smith 12/26/21 9:07 PM
A quality man. Likely that the increased jay smith 12/12/21 9:48 PM
Well both the Savi phone number and website readyplayeruno 12/10/21 10:36 AM
Others have. jay smith 10/30/21 11:34 AM
I'm aware of that. I was asking readyplayeruno 10/29/21 4:19 PM
Google the legal history. jay smith 10/21/21 1:17 PM
Curious, has anyone here contacted a lawyer about readyplayeruno 10/21/21 11:28 AM
He won't, the man has no integrity whatsoever readyplayeruno 09/21/21 4:26 PM
No hope in hell with Serge and his associations DomNaw 09/19/21 9:42 AM
Lying butt wipe, have the decency and pick GOSAVI 09/17/21 8:22 PM
I hope they do not come get the holter49 09/17/21 8:01 PM
He has only one word "God Bless You" DomNaw 09/16/21 11:37 PM
I take back the part about the website. shawley 09/16/21 3:41 PM
Any effect, you think? jay smith 09/15/21 11:29 PM
Serge your a but wipe. GOSAVI 09/15/21 8:23 PM
In the end, isn't there a very "special jay smith 09/13/21 1:19 PM
Masters Degree in "fooling each and every one DomNaw 09/12/21 8:50 AM
Quite the man, that Elmer. Greater skill and jay smith 09/11/21 10:51 PM
This was successful for the company. A shawley 09/11/21 8:56 PM
Many other OTC stocks going down as SVMI holter49 09/11/21 2:16 AM
Do you really think someone who told so readyplayeruno 08/30/21 12:50 PM
Well we deserve a truthful explanation. He must GOSAVI 08/30/21 11:47 AM
And he will say they are so close, readyplayeruno 08/30/21 10:51 AM
Give him a call. He does pick up. GOSAVI 08/28/21 6:24 AM
Not capable, intelligent enough, honest enough, too much jay smith 08/26/21 5:24 PM
It really did, but Serge preyed upon people readyplayeruno 08/26/21 3:13 PM
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J0hn Dope
02/21/23 10:46 PM
jay smith
06/01/22 11:58 PM
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03/24/22 3:15 PM
03/23/22 9:01 PM
jay smith
03/23/22 3:59 PM
03/22/22 8:39 PM
03/21/22 1:48 PM
jay smith
03/17/22 12:58 PM
jay smith
03/16/22 11:55 AM
jay smith
03/04/22 10:40 AM
jay smith
12/29/21 12:18 PM
12/27/21 3:31 PM
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12/26/21 9:07 PM
jay smith
12/12/21 9:48 PM
12/10/21 10:36 AM
jay smith
10/30/21 11:34 AM
10/29/21 4:19 PM
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10/21/21 1:17 PM
10/21/21 11:28 AM
09/21/21 4:26 PM
09/17/21 8:01 PM
09/16/21 11:37 PM
09/16/21 3:41 PM
jay smith
09/15/21 11:29 PM
09/15/21 8:23 PM
jay smith
09/13/21 1:19 PM
jay smith
09/11/21 10:51 PM
09/11/21 8:56 PM
09/11/21 2:16 AM
08/30/21 12:50 PM
08/30/21 10:51 AM
08/28/21 6:24 AM
08/26/21 3:13 PM

SaviCorp (fka SVMI)

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Savi Media Group
(OTCMarkets - SVMI)
dba as: "SaviCorp"

"Saving the planet one vehicle at a time."
SaviCorp, creates and commercializes blow-by gas and
crankcase engine emission reduction technologies. 
SaviCorp has created the first truly sophisticated,
gasoline and 
diesel engine emission reduction technology.
This allows SaviCorp to provide their clients
with lower maintence and operational costs
for their client's transportation - delivery - service fleets. 

With 20 plus years of  Resarch and Development behind it,
the Company was formed to create, support and license a patented
supplementary vehicle emissions reduction and 
fuel efficiency technology.

Using proprietary methods, "The DynoValve" can reduce emissions by up to 40% and 
improve fuel efficiency by 30% while increasing the life of the engine.
"Every internal combustion engine needs one." 

Ask "The Car Coach", Lauren Fix.



State of California 

Air Resources Board 


SaviCorp, Inc. 
Econo Valve/ Dyno Valve Kit


The DynoValve®

  • Improves Fuel Mileage
    Reduces HC, CO, and NOxExhaust Emissions
    Laboratory Tested at EPA Approved Facility

The DynoValve is designed for use in Automotive gasoline powered vehicles and replaces OEMPCV valves.
The DynoValve TM eliminates the vacuum problems associated with todays standard PCV valves
by optimally regulating the flow of engine blow-by gases.

SaVi Media Group, Inc. accomplished this unique ventilation with the use of a microprocessor 

The Electronically Controlled DynoValve ® precisely regulates the flow of blow-by gases returning to the engine intake system.

(for additiona information)

or to talk to the company:


Current updated patent for the DynoValve:

United States Patent # 8,370,048
February 5, 2013,370,048.PN.&OS=PN/8,370,048&RS=PN/8,370,048



Transfer Agent:

Worldwide Stock Transfer, LLC
433 Hackensack Avenue
Level L
Hackensack, NJ 


SVMI Security Details as of 1/14/2014 




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