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Everyone have to know CEO is a M-F garbage Lolo12 03/17/23 10:30 AM
This company milked me for quite a bit. Jason2931 03/07/23 2:03 PM
New Marketing Dir...good news or bad news,they have cuggegrosse 03/02/23 4:58 PM
I have to remand you CEO is M-F garbage Lolo12 03/01/23 1:35 PM
No news on RS.
__lagoz__ 02/14/23 8:45 PM
Any news on the RS? Is it possible Scott 75 02/13/23 12:04 PM
I told you so many times jerry is Lolo12 01/10/23 9:37 AM
Better than a stock split! iHubInvestor70 01/09/23 6:09 PM
Lmao. Wow that's some kind of crap. Thanks Jay. Scott 75 01/03/23 4:49 PM
The split date hasn’t been announced yet. JayB2022 01/03/23 4:21 PM
Okay they approved a RS. Nothing in my Scott 75 01/03/23 1:46 PM
Neat. What’s it got to do with rton? BestFishes 12/31/22 5:33 PM
Look w Lolo12 12/30/22 4:11 PM
I told you that Jerry Grisaffi is M-F Lolo12 12/28/22 11:43 AM
Ideally, a R/S will help the company moving dcspka 12/27/22 10:49 AM
Right On Brands Inc Announces Reverse Split BestFishes 12/27/22 9:41 AM
It's one of those classic situations where you dcspka 12/21/22 12:47 PM
He is trying to raise $1.5 mil at BeachBum 12/20/22 7:49 PM
The company will never amount to anything while iHubInvestor70 12/20/22 7:00 PM
Jerry Grisaffi go F yourself Lolo12 12/09/22 9:14 AM
Most retailers private label than don’t. Bottled water, BeachBum 12/06/22 4:31 PM
…. BeachBum 12/06/22 4:23 PM
It went to .01 on the initial MJ dcspka 12/06/22 3:55 PM
Averaged down! Penny2Dime 12/05/22 5:40 PM
RTON should not be trading down here with BeachBum 12/04/22 4:00 PM
Yeah something is about to put a spark On Elgordo84 12/04/22 10:49 AM
This went to .01 with the same CEO BeachBum 12/02/22 3:50 PM
do you own shares or RTON? BestFishes 11/15/22 2:39 PM
I am telling you all the time that Lolo12 11/15/22 12:06 PM
Would be nice to see this get acquired BestFishes 11/05/22 2:31 AM
Fraud Judgment against Jerry Grisaffi aka Gerome Grisaffi! iHubInvestor70 11/04/22 9:36 PM
No, he is a fraud and now there iHubInvestor70 11/04/22 9:31 PM
I told you all that he is nothing iHubInvestor70 11/04/22 9:27 PM
Jerry Grisaffi is a big As..... F Lolo12 10/24/22 5:14 PM
Jerry Grisaffi has lost an appeal against a oilsleuth 10/21/22 5:42 PM
OS reduced about 150 million;) Penny2Dime 10/19/22 7:17 PM
The franchises will fail like Jerry fails with iHubInvestor70 10/12/22 7:35 AM
Any additional news on the franchise marketing agreement? dcspka 10/10/22 3:14 PM
So they cancelled 150m shares, did they also JsTrades 09/21/22 12:32 PM
"Maybe the imaginary walls at .0005/.0006 will start dcspka 09/21/22 12:02 PM
Now All the way to $0.01 Lolo12 09/21/22 9:53 AM
Added JsTrades 09/21/22 9:46 AM
Hope yall added this is great Slydogg27 09/21/22 9:40 AM
Form 8-K: CANCELLATION OF COMMON SHARES The SEC dcspka 09/21/22 9:09 AM
A very sensible post that lays out where oilsleuth 09/20/22 5:10 PM
The company is not going anywhere as long iHubInvestor70 09/18/22 9:26 PM
Almost forgot- I have been in and out dcspka 09/17/22 3:01 PM
All true, but just the same- this stock dcspka 09/17/22 2:57 PM
Are market makers to blame for the way BestFishes 09/17/22 10:44 AM
Nice to see, but Jerry needs to address dcspka 09/16/22 2:16 PM
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Right On Brands Inc. (RTON)

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6501 Dalrock Road
Suite 100
Rowlett, Texas 75089

(214) 736-7252


Share Structure as of 6-27-21

Authorized Shares ~ 12,000,000,000

Outstanding Shares ~ 5,517,724,895

Restricted Shares ~ 1,312,916,403

Unrestricted Shares ~ 4,204,808,492

Held at DTC ~ 4,200,624,709


Our Brands

Our brands, ENDO Brands™, Humbly Hemp™, ENDO Labs™ and ENDO Wellness Centers™ all share the same goal of providing our customers with the best products in the health and wellness space. Through Superfood Products, Cannabis, and Water, we are planning for the future while thriving in the present. As the field of health and wellness products expand, Right On Brands will be there with industry leading Food and Beverage Products.




Company News


Right on Brands: Federally Legal Delta-8 Cannabis Products Taking Brick and Mortar Market by Storm

Dallas, Texas - (Newsfile Corp. - February 10, 2021)

Right on Brands, Inc.™ (OTC Pink: RTON), a developer of a broad line of hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, tinctures, and topical products and the exciting new 100% federally legal Delta-8 product line.


ENDO Brands Online Sales Increase 1200%

Dallas, Texas - (Newsfile Corp. - February 24, 2021)

Online sales have increased 1200% over just a year ago. The increase in sales can be credited to expanded consumer offerings, an overall increase in internet sales caused by the Pandemic, national attention to the ENDO Brands product line and a huge increase in sales of the ENDO tokes cigarettes.

"Thanks to a huge increase in sales Right on Brands is happy to announce we have retired some of the outstanding convertible debt notes. Our goal is to retire all convertible debt by summer 2021. Our auditors have informed us they have completed the 10K filing for the last fiscal year. There are a few small foot notes remaining so we can expect the 10K Annual Report to be posted within a very short time."


Right on Brands, Inc., Developer and Distributor of Delta-8 Products, is Featured on The Stock Day Podcast


Phoenix, Arizona - (Newsfile Corp. - March 15, 2021)

The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Right on Brands, Inc. (OTC Pink: RTON) ("the Company"), a Dallas based, consumer goods company specializing in the brand development and distribution of Hemp and CBD-based foods, beverages, smokables, oils, topical and Delta-8 products for health-conscious individuals. CFO and Director of the Company, David Youssefyeh, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

"Your sales are up 1,200%; how did you get there?" asked Jolly. "Once we started talking about Delta-8, people ran to us," said Youssefyeh. "So far, we've heard back with almost 100% positive ratings on the Delta-8 products," he shared. "In addition, we're also looking to bring out Delta-8 flower," said Youssefyeh. "We're looking to do something called 'ENDO On-The-Go', which is kind of a pocket-sized Delta-8 or CBD that you can take with you wherever you go, and you can pour it into water, tea, coffee, however you would like to ingest it, and ingest it during the day."

Youssefyeh then discussed the possibility of the Company doing a reverse split. "The only way we would do a reverse of the stock would be in conjunction with moving to a senior exchange, but at this point we do not have any plans to go to another exchange."

Right on Brands Opening ENDO Brick and Mortar Retail Location

Dallas, Texas - (Newsfile Corp. - March 18, 2021) 

Right On Brands is proud to announce that the Company will be opening an ENDO Brands retail store location in the trendy Dallas neighborhoods of Rockwall/Rowlett. The section in Rowlett Township is a growing, upscale community with nearly $1.5 billion in development in the Dallas suburb located on Lake Ray Hubbard.

The opening of the ENDO Brands store at Lakeview Plaza will be this Spring and the Company would like to invite all retail and corporate customers to stop by for a visit. The new retail operation will also serve as the company headquarters and a test location for new products that the Company is planning to bring to market. The Company will be sending all registered customers who currently use the website periodic updates on the opening of the new retail location.

Right on Brands Pays off Convertible Debt Holders, Files 10-K

Dallas, Texas - (Newsfile Corp. - April 1, 2021) 

Jerry Grisaffi, CEO of Right on Brands noted, "Like most small companies, there is a need for capital and the big lenders shy away from small companies such as ours. We now believe that by paying off these lenders the Company is on a better track. We took on one new note from a more friendly lender, the note is for $140,000 and has a fixed conversion of .015 cents. In six months if we so chose, we could pay the note off with no penalty. This note was used to pay off two convertible lenders. In addition, a third lender chose to convert its note to stock so now we have no upcoming conversions." Grisaffi also noted, "We have filed our 10-K today on our quest to becoming a fully reporting company again with the SEC. This was a long and costly process and time consuming. Now our accountants and auditors will be completing the quarterlies and we believe that this process will be completed by the end of April or sooner. Now that Texas is open from COVID, our sales are coming alive as our products are becoming a choice product in the marketplace. We believe the retail store will help our bottom line. We will always be transparent with our shareholders and will always answer questions that are in the public domain. We also love to answer questions concerning our products."

Right on Brands Discusses Growing Sales, Upcoming Filings, and First Export Order with The Stock Day Podcast

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - June 21, 2021) 

The Stock Day Podcast welcomed Right on Brands, Inc. (OTC Pink: RTON) ("the Company"), a Dallas based, consumer goods company specializing in the brand development and distribution of Hemp based foods, beverages, smokables, oils, topical and Delta-8 products for health-conscious individuals. CFO of the Company, David Youssefyeh, joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly.

Jolly began the interview by asking about the Company's background and current projects. "We have two lines of business; one is Humbly Hemp, which offers a hemp-based drink and hemp-based energy bar," said Youssefyeh. "We also have a line called ENDO Brands™, which deals with endocannabinoids that are found in the hemp plant," he continued. "This year we have started selling Delta-8 and it has taken off like crazy. People love our Delta-8 gummies, vapes, and flowers," said Youssefyeh, adding that the Company has also opened up a new store north of Dallas, Texas. "We're seeing sales go up every day, we're seeing new customers come in every week, and it's been an amazing experience watching the growth of the new store and the new products."


Right on Brands now current with SEC

Dallas, Texas, June 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) 

 Right on Brands, Inc.™ (OTC Pink: RTON), is proud to announce that it has finally completed its third quarter filings with the SEC and has become
Pink Current. This has been a big step and long process, and our CFO has done a tremendous job for all of us. We look forward to moving forward and moving RTON to a higher exchange. We are on target to file our 10K.

Right on Brands also introduced an Endo Brands vending machine that has already achieved approval for use in select markets. The Endo brands
biometric vending machine will be distributed and maintained by owners into "satellite" locations such as smoke shops, beer distributors and convenience stores.

As mentioned in our audio on the Uptick newswire radio show with Everett Jolly,
we have received our first international order for Mexico. We are excited for this development.

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