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 Dr. Sami Said

"The Son of a Coptic Priest & Discoverer of VIP"

At 85 years of age, Sami I. Said, MD, Distinguished Professor at Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York and former Chief of the Pulmonary and Critical Care Division and Associate Chief of Staff for Research at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Northport, New York, was just as passionate about his research in pulmonary circulation and pulmonary vascular pathobiology as he had ever been. Up until his death on April 30, 2013, Sami was still an active member of the American Thoracic Society (ATS), served as Chairman of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Medical Advisory Committee, and was an active participant in the biannual Grover Conference.

Sami was born in Cairo, Egypt, where he trained as a medical doctor and worked at the Naval American Research Unit. In 1953, he came to the United States on a Fulbright Scholarship. Sami completed his internal medicine residency and cardiology fellowship at the New York University Bellevue Medical Center. He later completed his pulmonary physiology fellowship at Johns Hopkins Medical School.

“I was immediately quite impressed by his intellect, absolute love for science, and his unwavering enthusiasm for the molecule VIP,” said Paul Hassoun, MD, a close friend and colleague of Sami’s. They first met at an ATS meeting, and the two men immediately bonded over their Middle Eastern heritage, “about which we were quite proud, a feeling mixed with worries, considering the endless turmoil in the region.”


 Sami pursued research in pulmonary medicine his entire career, and at the 2000 ATS International Conference he was named the Amberson Lecturer for his major contributions to the understanding of physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms involved in pulmonary vascular function. There he gave a talk on “Unraveling the Mysteries of Acute Lung Injury: Cell Death and Survival Pathways as Targets of Intervention.”

Sami codiscovered the molecule vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) with colleague Viktor Mutt, PhD, at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and went on to publish several scientific papers on the topic. Devoted to an active career, Sami was never too busy to give advice and guidance to young investigators in the field.

“He was a true gentleman and always supportive of younger investigators,” says Nicholas S. Hill, MD, Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Division at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston and former President of the ATS. Nicholas met Sami at an ATS conference 31 years ago when Sami congratulated him on his presentation. “He was always hoping to see the compound [VIP] commercialized for therapeutic use in pulmonary hypertension. Unfortunately, he never lived to see that hope realized.”

Sami will always be remembered for his contributions to the field of pulmonary circulation and widely respected for his research, which will continue to help develop novel therapeutic approaches for patients with pulmonary hypertension. He never retired.

Sami is survived by his sister, Nadia Behmann; his brother, Mufeed Said, MD; two nieces; and four nephews.

Dr. Sami Said's Obiturary 
Google Patent Search for Dr. Said (14 Patents)

About VIP 
VIP Research Papers From ARDS to Cancer  Link to Spreadsheet

Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide - Robert J. Henning, in  Handbook of Biologically Active Peptides (Second Edition) 2013

Shoemaker Project
2018 Shoemaker study:

Shoemaker application (https://www.fda.gov/media/102282/download)
the only mistake was that Schoemaker chose the wrong form of registration of the drug. There are arguably different forms of filing with the FDA. He chose the IRB instead of the IND proposal. 

RLF-100 Information

RLF-100™ is a synthetic form of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) consisting of 28 amino acids which was first discovered in 1970. Although initially identified in the intestinal tract, human VIP is now known to be produced throughout the body and to be primarily concentrated in the lungs. Here VIP has shown a multimodal mechanism of action: inhibition of viral replication, deterrence of inflammatory cytokines, prevention of cell death and upregulation of surfactant production. 70% of the VIP in the body is bound to a rare cell in the lung, the alveolar type 2 cell, which is critical to the transmission of oxygen to the body. 

RLF-100™ has a 20-year history of safe use in humans in multiple human trials for sarcoidosis, pulmonary fibrosis, asthma/allergy, and pulmonary hypertension. It has been shown in more than 100 peer-reviewed studies to have potent anti-inflammatory/anti-cytokine activity in animal models of respiratory distress, acute lung injury and inflammation.

RLF-100™ is currently in clinical testing for acute lung injury (ALI) associated with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19).

Cell Entry Mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 Link

Oswald Cruz Foundation in Brazil Abstract
The neuropeptides VIP and PACAP inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication in monocytes and lung epithelial cells, decrease the production of proinflammatory cytokines, and VIP levels are associated with survival in severe Covid-19 patients.

• Relief Therapeutics owns the patent to RLF100 and the process for synthesizing it.

• Relief Therapeutics has demonstrated some very very compelling results against COVID19
• RLF100 inhibits the virus from attaching to host cells in the lungs, AND…RLF100 Therapeutics prevents both Bradykinin and cytokine reducing inflammatory response before it begins, negating steroid use potentially
• Relief Therapeutics are already determined safe by the FDA.
• Relief Therapeutics intravenous RLF100 was submitted for EUA on 9/17 – awaiting FDA approval.
• Relief Therapeutics RLF100 clinical trials have reached the interim 102 patients on 9/30 – awaiting results.
• Relief Therapeutics clinical trial for the RLF100 treatment inhaler has been designed, submitted, and is expected to finish this year.
• Relief Therapeutics clinical trial for the RLF100 PREVENTATIVE inhaler has been designed, submitted, and is expected to finish next year.
• Relief Therapeutics show promise for other lung applications beyond Covid, which also need to be studied and tested separately
• Relief Therapeutics signed a Cooperative Agreement with NIH’s Institute of Arthritis and Infectious Diseases to test RLF-100 against the flu virus and other viruses that attack the lungs.
• Relief Therapeutics signed a contract with Bachem Americas to manufacture drug substance for 1 million patients.
• Relief Therapeutics signed a contract with Nephron Pharma to manufacture enough RLF100 for 1 million patients.
• Relief Therapeutics signed a contract with the largest supplier of inhaled sterile drugs in the United States to supply RLF-100 to any US hospital overnight.
• Relief Therapeutics obtained Companionate Care Protocol in Israel and we’re in the process of determining how to service it.
• NeuroRX’s CEO Dr. Javitt is ranked among the top 1% of quoted scientists worldwide, has successfully taken 7 drugs through the FDA process, and has served in key leadership roles under presidents Clinton, Bush Jr, Bush Sr, and Reagan.
• NeuroRX’s Chief of Operations, Robert Bestoff spent his career at Lilly & Pfizer. At Pfizer, he was head of the entire neuro science and pain division, responsible for $10B of their drugs.
• NeuroRX’s Manufacturing Coordinator, Rich Siegel, is the former head of Johnson & Johnson’s drug portfolio

Relief Therapeutics is a small Swiss company with a patent for a drug called RLF-100 that treats Covid-19 patients. RLF-100 is a safe, synthetic version of a naturally-occurring peptide in the human body.

Relief Therapeutics has partnered with NeuroRX (led by CEO Dr. Javitt) for assistance with the U.S. FDA process, as well as manufacturing and distribution within the United States, Canada and Israel. Operations for the rest of the world will be handled separately by Relief Therapeutics.

RLF-100 has 4 clinical trials underway, and initial results look exceptionally promising. Highlights are provided below.


• VIP (vasoactive intestinal polypeptide) is a naturally occurring peptide in the human body.
• Aviptadil is a VIP for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, proven to be safe since 1970’s.
• Aviptadil is being repurposed as RLF-100 to treat Covid-19 patients.
• RLF-100 is a safe, patented, synthetic form of VIP, which increases surfactant production in the lungs to protect against Covid-19.
• RLF-100 is a trifecta treatment: 1) It blocks Covid-19 from attaching to host cells in the lungs; 2) it prevents the cytokine storm; and 3) it reduces inflammation.
• RLF-100 has 4 separate clinical trials for intravenous and inhaler versions of the drug.
• RLF-100 is inexpensive and easy to manufacture.
• RLF-100 shows promise for other lung applications beyond Covid, which also need to be studied and tested separately.


• Relief Therapeutics is a small company in Switzerland that holds the patent on RLF-100.
• Relief is traded over the counter (OTC) on the Swiss SIX exchange.
• In August 2020, Relief up-listed from “OTC Pink” to the higher-tier “OTCQB” to allow a broader range of investors. Relief intends to seek a future presence on the NASDAQ or NYSE.
• Relief has CHF $48M cash on hand ($52M USD), enough to support planned trials and operations through 2022, without taking into account any RLF-100 revenue.
• NeuroRX is a private US-based partner and has connections at the highest levels of government and big pharma. They are guiding Relief Therapeutics through the FDA approval process and organizing manufacturing and distribution.
• Relief and NeuroRX will split profits from sales: 50/50 for U.S., Canada and Israel, 85/15 (in favor of Relief) in Europe, and 80/20 (in favor of Relief) in all other territories.

Leadership Team: https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=158200526
Partnership Agreement: https://relieftherapeutics.com/relief-and-neurorx-announce-partnership-for-global-commercialization-of-rlf-100-and-selection-of-commercial-partners/
Funding: https://relieftherapeutics.com/relief-announces-capital-increase-from-its-final-tranche-of-the-share-subscription-facility-with-gem/
OTCQB Uplisting: https://relieftherapeutics.com/relief-announces-successful-up-listing-from-otc-pink-to-otcqb-and-capital-increase-from-its-share-subscription-facility-with-gem/


• Robert Bestoff is the Chief of Operations and spent his career at Lilly & Pfizer. At Pfizer, he was head of the entire neuro science and pain division, responsible for $10B of drugs.
• Rich Siegel, former head of Johnson & Johnson’s drug portfolio, put together the manufacturing program.
• NeuroRX has signed 3 contracts in preparation to treat up to 1 million patients:
1) Bachem Americas has been contracted to manufacture drug substance for RLF-100.
2) Nephron Pharmaceuticals has been contracted to manufacture commercial supplies of RLF-100.
3) The largest supplier of inhaled sterile drugs in the United States, able to supply RLF-100 to any US hospital overnight, has been contracted as the pharmaceutical logistics partner.

M&D Contracts: https://relieftherapeutics.com/neurorx-and-relief-therapeutics-establish-supply-and-distribution-agreements-for-rlf-100-aviptadil-2/

2020-08-26   "Our Expanded Access Program is being managed by Clinigen." 

- Prestige World Wide!  Wide ...Wide..Wide...
2020-08-25    OTCQB Certification
- Exchange Uplisting 
2020-08-25   Relief theraputics lists GEM's NYC office as their NYC office
- Interesting
2020-08-20   RLF-100 (Aviptadil) Intermediate Population Expanded Access Protocol (SAMICARE)
2020-08-20   Rapid Recovery from COVID-19 Respiratory Failure with Comorbidity in 21 Patients Treated with Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide
BARDA in Title field of PDF document properties
- First 21 consecutive emergency access patients responded well
- Research support was provided by the Cavendish Impact Foundation and Princeton Alumni Angels.
- Clinical trial funding was provided by Relief Therapeutics Holdings, AG, Geneva and NeuroRx, Inc.
2020-08-12   Dr Yo: Discussion with Dr. Jonathan Javitt about Aviptadil and Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide
- YOOOOO!!!!
2020-08-06   FDA grants inhaled use IND for RLF-100 (aviptadil) to treat patients with moderate and severe COVID-19 aiming to prevent progression to respiratory failure
- Aerosolized Study Approved
2020-08-06   Some Nurse on youtube commenting about COVID  
- She comments and gives her take aways
2020-08-03   RLF-100 (aviptadil) clinical trial showed rapid recovery from respiratory failure and inhibition of coronavirus replication in human lung cells
- Report on first 6 expanded use patients that were too sick to particpate in trial
- 5 of 6 emergency access patients showed rapid improvement and discharged though all intubated and recieving ECMO initially
2020-07-25   Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide treats Respiratory Failure in COVID-19 by rescuing the Alveolar Type II cell
- "Clinical reports are now emerging which document rapid recovery from Critical COVID-19 with respiratory failure within days of administering intravenous RLF-100"

Corporate Information

Financial reports: 
Press Releases:    
None At Present                        
None at Present                            
https://relieftherapeutics.com/news/ ;             


Corporate Contact  
Bâtiment F2/F3
Avenue de Sécheron 15
1202 Genève

Media Contact
Anne Hennecke / Brittney Sojeva
MC Services AG

Phone: +49 (0) 211-529-252-14


CEO & Chairman of the Board   Raghuram (Ram) Selvaraju
VP of Finance & Administration  Jeremy Meinen
Chief Medical Officer Gilles Della Corte, M.D.  
Chief Financial Officer  Jack Weinstien 
FINRA Broker Check
DD Document Unfinished
Board Member   Peter De Svastic
Board Member   Thomaz Burckhardt

Financial Info
Financial Statements
2020 Half Year Report Relief Therapeutics 
Published 9/15/2020 Auditor’s Mazars
2019 Annual Report
2018 Annual Report
2017 Annual Reoprt

RLFTF Share information from OTCBQ Certification Plus  New Issues

FROM Page 1: RLFTF - OTCQB Listing Certification - Date August 18, 2020
Shares Authorized  (A) 4,458,998,544
Total Shares Outstanding  (B)  2,383,168,581
Number of Restricted Shares  (C)  0
Unrestricted Shares Held by Officers, Directors, 10% Contro l Persons & Affiliates  (D)  906,359,296
Public Float: Subtract Lines C and D from Line B  (E)  1,476,809,285
% Public Float: Line E Divided by Line B (as a %)  (F)  62.0%
Number of Beneficial Shareholders of at least 100 shares  (G)  7209
Current Market Capitalization @ $0.58 per Share   $1,382,237,777
2020-09-28 Relief Announces Capital Increase from its Final Tranche of the Share Subscription Facility with GEM   196,900,000
Current Total OS Shares   2,580,068,581

FROM  Page 3: RLFTF - OTCQB Listing Certification - Date August 18, 2020
Name Shares Owned Options
(converted in 60 days)
(converted in 60 days)
% of Class of shares owned
GEM Global Yield Fund LLC SCS
Beneficial Shareholder:
Christopher Brown, New York
730,744,258   666,658,667 30.66%
Yves Sagot 164,626,313 10,000,000   6.91%
Thomaz Burckhardt 10,845,725     0.46%
Jeremy Meinen 143,000     0.01%
 TOTALS 906,359,296 10,000,000 666,658,667 38.03%

Relief Insider Trades
9/17/2020 Gael Hedou Purchased Shares 16,375,998

RLF AG teams up with NeuroRX

Videos, Conferences & Webcasts
Dr. Javitt’s on various webcast with & Transcripts downloadable

10/15/2020 Solebury Trout Video with Transcript                          https://sites.google.com/view/aguyus
9/30/2020 Javiit on Dr Yo Video with Transcript                            https://sites.google.com/view/aguyus
8/12/2020 Javiit on Dr Yo Video with Transcript                            https://sites.google.com/view/aguyus

RLF-100 Intellectual Property



Public Term Search Links
Google News: RLF-100,RLFTF
Google Trends: RLF-100,RLFTF
Twitter:  RLF-100
Twitter: RLFTF
Reddit: RLF-100
Reddit: RLFTF

"Relief Therapeutics holds FDA orphan drug designations for the use of VIP to treat ARDS, pulmonary hypertension, and sarcoidosis."

"On 28 August 2006, orphan designation (EU/3/06/395) was granted by the European Commission to mondoBIOTECH Laboratories, Lichtenstein, for Aviptadil for the treatment of acute lung injury."

RLF AG realized what they had might be beneficial to COVID ARDS treatment

RLF AG teams up with a NeuroRx

US IV Trial 

Paper on 21 CONSECUTIVE emergency use IND patients (too sick for IV trial)


Research Papers
Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide has demonstrated an immediate clinical response in some patients with COVID-19 respiratory failure. A response of this magnitude has previously not been seen with an antiviral agent and is akin to the first reports of penicillin in treating pneumococcal pneumonia. Similar results have been demonstrated in acute respiratory distress syndrome caused by sepsis."

Initial EAP Results Pre-print: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3665228


Relief has the following 4 clinical trials underway:
Link to all 4 trials: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=Aviptadil&draw=2&rank=1#rowId0

1) Clinical Trial NCT04311697 – IV Trial
• This trial is for intravenous RLF-100 administered to patients in ICUs with respiratory failure.
• The trial seeks to enroll 144 patients.
• The trial is currently in “Phase 2b/3”, meaning it will evaluate both dosing and efficacy.
• A first interim review was held at 30 patients, which determined RLF-100 is safe for human use.
• A second interim review will be held at 102 patients with a determination to: 1) stop the trial because the drug is dangerous, 2) stop the trial because the drug shows no effect, 3) continue the trial because results look good, 4) stop the trial because the drug is proven.
• Patient #102 was enrolled on 9/30/2020; therefore once that patient completes their trial (28 days later), the Data Monitoring Committee (DMC) will review results and submit a recommendation to the FDA.
• Doctor (and Congressman) Andy Harris is 1 of 3 experts on the DMC.

First Interim Review: https://relieftherapeutics.com/neurorx-and-relief-therapeutics-announce-data-monitoring-committee-determination-to-continue-phase-2-3-trial-of-rlf-100-for-critical-covid-19/

2) Clinical Trial NCT04453839 – EAP Trial
• This EAP (Expanded Access Protocol) trial allows RLF-100 to be used as a last-resort for patients too sick for regular trial participation (commonly referred to as "compassionate use").
• EAP is NOT the same as EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) – see clarification below
• Early EAP results were released in a “pre-print” document for patients considered to be “the sickest of the sick” (ICU, ventilator, ECMO patients).
• Results: For patients who received RLF-100, 19 out of 21 patients survived, where only about 6 were expected to survive.

Initial EAP Results Pre-print: https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3665228

Clarification: EAP and EUA
• EAP = Expanded Access Protocol – currently approved
• EUA = Emergency Use Authorization – submitted application to FDA
• EAP allows RLF-100 to be used as a last-resort for patients too sick for regular trial participation.
• Qualifying for EAP is limited: the patient must be located at one of the few clinical trial hospitals, or transfer to a participating hospital, or have the hospital attempt to qualify for the drug.
• Due to EAP limitations, NeuroRX recently applied for EUA and is awaiting FDA approval.
• EUA allows experimental drug use during public health emergencies. Qualifications are that the drug must be safe and “may” be effective.
• If approved, EUA will allow RLF-100 to be used at all US hospitals, as a last resort when all other approved treatments have failed.
• EUA approval is not necessarily dependent upon trial completion or interim reviews, unless FDA subsequently requests more data.
• Currently there are only 2 other EUA approved therapeutics: Remdesivir and Convalescent Plasma.

2020-09-17 EUA Submittal: https://relieftherapeutics.com/relief-partner-neurorx-submits-request-for-emergency-use-authorization-for-rlf-100-aviptadil-in-the-treatment-of-patients-with-critical-covid-19-and-respiratory-failure-who-have-exhausted-a/
Other Approved EUAs: https://www.fda.gov/media/136832/download

3) Clinical Trial NCT04360096 – Treatment Inhaler
• This trial is a study of 288 patients in the United States to test an inhaler-version of RLF-100, intended to ultimately be used for in-home nebulizer treatments.
• Dr. Javitt: “We expect that half the people we enroll in our inhaled study are going to be people who are outpatients.”
• Current estimated completion in 2020
Side By Side

4) Clinical Trial NCT04536350 – Preventative Inhaler
• This trial is a study of 80 patients in Switzerland to test an inhaler-version of RLF-100 as a “preventative treatment”.
• Current estimated completion in December 2021

• Signed a cooperative agreement with NIH’s Institute of Arthritis and Infectious Diseases to test RLF-100 “against the flu virus and other viruses that kill people by attacking the lungs.”
• Israel has already granted Companionate Care Protocol across the country, and NeuroRX is in the process of determining how to serve it.
• When asked whether FDA approval would have an impact on other countries, Dr. Javitt responded with “the FDA determinations are highly influential around the globe”.



Dr. Said->Stony Brook->Mondo Biotech->Therametrics->Relief AG


10 Orphan Drugs in EU and US
19 Patents Granted
81 medicinal Products candidates
22 patent Families filed
312 Peptides to Redirect in Rare disease
Mondo Biotech Patents
86 MondoBiotech AG patents Spreadsheet

Table 8. Mondobiotech Orphan Drug Designation
1.Orphan Drug Designation MondoBiotech Laboratories Anstalt p.35
2. Cash Forums website
Year Agency ODD Designation number Date Sponsorship
2003 EMEA DK-1000 in PAH and CTEPH - VIP for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension and chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension EU/3/03/173 12/23/2003 1. MondoBIOTECH Laboratories Anstalt (Liechtenstein) 12/22/2003
2. Transfered to Biogen Idec Limited (UK) 12/2006
3. MondoBIOTECH Laboratories AG (Furstentum Leichtenstein) 6/2010
2005 FDA DK-1000 in PAH - VIP for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension FDA22 /02/2005 2/22/2005 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2005 EMEA interferon gamma DK-1001 in IPF EU/3/05/281 5/30/2005 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories Anstalt, Liechtenstein 5/27/2005
2. InterMune Europe Ltd (UK) 9/2006
2005 FDA DK-1000 in ARDS - VIP Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. FDA01/06/2005 3/9/2001
1. mondoBIOTECH Liechtenstein Switzerland
2006 EMEA DK-1000 Acute Lung Injury (ALI) EU/3/06/395 8/28/2006 1. mondoBIOTECH Laboratories Liechtenstein 8/28/2006
2007 EMEA DK-1000 in Sarcoidosis EU/3/07/473 9/14//2007 1. mondoBIOTECH Laboratories Anstalt, Leichenstein 9/14/2007
2010 FDA DK-210 alpha melanotropin in Chronic Beryllium Disease FDA02 / 09/2010 2/9/2011 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2011 FDA DK-0112 thymopentin in Sarcoidosis FDA04 / 02/2011 4/2/2011 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2011 FDA DK-0014 peptide YY in HBV induced Hepatocellular Carcinoma n/a 4/18/2011 1. Mondobiotech Laboratories AG Liechtenstein Germany
2011 EMEA DK-0141 in ALI/ARDS
EU/3/10/744 5/2011 1. Prof Dr Stefan Hippenstiel, Germany, 6/9/2010
2. Transferred to Mondobiotech Laboratories AG, Liechtenstein, in 9/2011
6/20/2013 MondoBiotech holding AG changes name Therametrics Holding AG
 “ The company changed its name from mondoBIOTECH holding AG to THERAMetrics holding AG as at 20 June 2013”
Notes to the Financial Statements see 1. General Information Page 7

2014-05-14 THERAMetrics Holding AG -  Listed as TMX on Swiss SIX
TMX Annual Report 2013 Dated May 15, 2014

RLF-100, was acquired by RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA (Swiss Exchange: RLF, OTCBB: RLFTF) from the business combination of RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding SA and Therametrics Holding AG in January 2016. THERAMetrics holding AG formerly was known as  MondoBIOTECH holding AG.

2016-01-07 1/7/2016 Therametrics and Relief Therapeutics SA " THERAMetrics Holding AG and RELIEF THERAPEUTICS SA have signed a binding agreement to combine their two companies; THERAMetrics holding AG secures CHF 25,000,000 equity financing"

News & Articles

2020-04-01   FDA advances covid-19 therapy-Prof. Jonathan Javitt
2020-06-15 i24News Israeli TV Prof Jonathan Javitt joins i24NEWS

2020-08-10  Aviptadil DrBeen Medical Lectures on You Tube

2020-08-12 Dr Yogendra with Guest Dr. Javitt CEO of NeuroRX on You Tube 
Transcript and Video Link:

2020-09-09   Life Sciences Video

2020-09-15: Reuters : “Relief sees top-line trial results for COVID-19 treatment in early fourth quarter”

2020-09-15   “Trump's ABC News town hall: Full transcript”  
w/ George Stephanopoulos Donald Trump “the word wouldn’t be cure but the word be therapeutically or therapeutics”

2020-09-17 Relief Therapeutics and NeuroRx Seek EUA for COVID-19 Treatment https://www.fdanews.com/articles/199220-relief-therapeutics-and-neurorx-seek-eua-for-covid-19-treatment

2020-09-23 bizjournals.com "NeuroRx seeks emergency use authorization for its experimental Covid-19 therapy

2020-09-24  Fox 4  Beaumont Texas SouthEast Baptist Hospitals Enroll 100 In Aviptadil Study

2020-09-24 Fox 45 News Congressman Andy Harris Overseeing Covid-19 Vaccine Trial (News cast mistakenly calls it a Vaccine trial)

2020-09-23  Philadelphia Business Journal “NeuroRx seeks emergency use authorization for its experimental Covid-19 therapy”
2020-09-30   Pharma Times Online “NeuroRx and Relief Therapeutics sign new supply agreements for COVID-19 drug”

2020-09-30  Dr. Yo Show Updates on RLF-100 Clinical Trials with Dr. Javitt: RLF-100 Update
Video with Subtitles

2020-10-01  Micro Cap Daily “Everybody is Talking About RLF-100 (Aviptadil); Relief Therapeutics Holding AG (OTCMKTS: RLFTF)”

2020-10-01 Baylor St Luke’s Medical Center 10th International Virtual Round Table

2020-10-04  The Jerusalem Post:  NeuroRX on the cusp of releasing a life-saving COVID-19 treatment

2020-10-04  “Conversation in Healthcare with Mike Ward” 

2020-10-07 HospiMedica International “New Drug could prove to be lifesaving COVID-19 Treatment 

2020-10-14 Healthcare industry BW “Inhalation of intestinal hormone VIP helps against immunotherapy-induced pneumonia”

2020-10-15 Solebury Trout “ NeuroRx's Dr. Jonathan Javitt to Present Company Overview at 2020 Solebury Trout Private Company Showcase Transcript and Video Link:

2020-10-27 Barda Industry Day - NeuroRX participates Page 63
2020-10-30 New job posting by Nephron for night and weekend
"- Understands EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) regulations"
2020-11-04  "Aviptadil/RLF-100 and Covid-19: New data on treating severely ill patients" https://youtu.be/H7MTo49kSP0
2020-11-04  RELIEF APPOINTS J. PAUL WAYMACK, M.D., SC.D. AS CONSULTANT https://www.relieftherapeutics.com/newsblog/relief-appoints-j-paul-waymack-m-d-sc-d-as-consultant-to-strengthen-management-team
2020-11-05 RELIEF THERAPEUTICS AND NEURORX ANNOUNCE CONTINUATION OF RLF-100™ TRIAL FOR TREATMENT OF COVID-19 RESPIRATORY FAILURE: TRIAL IS ON TRACK TO COMPLETE ENROLLMENT IN 2020   https://www.relieftherapeutics.com/newsblog/relief-therapeutics-and-neurorx-announce-continuation-of-rlf-100-trial-for-treatment-of-covid-19-respiratory-failure-trial-is-on-track-to-complete-enrollment-in-2020
2020-11-13 NeuroRx and Relief Therapeutics announce enrollment of 150 patients in phase 2b/3 trial of RLF-100™ for Critical COVID-19 with Respiratory Failure  https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/neurorx-and-relief-therapeutics-announce-enrollment-of-150-patients-in-phase-2b3-trial-of-rlf-100-for-critical-covid-19-with-respiratory-failure-301172661.html

2020-11-13 Great Plains Health seeing success with drug treating COVID-19 https://www.knopnews2.com/app/2020/11/14/great-plains-health-seeing-success-with-drug-treating-covid-19/
2020-11-18 The Company Working to Prevent Respiratory Failure in COVID-19 Patients https://www.phillymag.com/healthcare-news/2020/11/18/neurorx-respiratory-failure-covid-19/
2020-11-18 The World Leading Hospitals Project
Panel at 43:26 and Interview at 2:23:24): https://lnkd.in/dz58nSR
2020-11-18 RELIEF SELECTS CRO AND CDMO FOR RLF-100TM IN EUROPE https://relieftherapeutics.com/newsblog/relief-selects-cro-and-cdmo-for-rlf-100tm-in-europe
2020-11-19  From Idea To Patient In 10 Weeks: NeuroRx's Fast Track Approach https://www.clinicalleader.com/doc/from-idea-to-patient-in-weeks-neurorx-s-fast-track-approach-0001
2020-11-23 Researchers say study looks promising to treat severe COVID-19 patients https://www.fox26houston.com/news/researchers-say-study-looks-promising-to-treat-severe-covid-19-patients
2020-11-30 Exclusive drug at Great Plains Health believed to help save local COVID-19 patient's life https://nebraska.tv/news/local/exclusive-drug-at-great-plains-health-helped-save-local-covid-19-patients-life
2020-12-01 Relief Therapeutics: COVID Treatment For Emergencies https://seekingalpha.com/article/4392263-relief-therapeutics-covid-treatment-for-emergencies
2020-12-02  RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse in Switzerland visited the Relief offices in Geneva
2020-12-03 Swiss/WHO Inhaled Study Starts: Inhaled Aviptadil for the prevention of COVID-19 Associated Acute Respiratory Syndrome (ARDS)
2020-12-03  Miami Beach doctor recovering from COVID-19 after taking new drug https://wsvn.com/news/local/miami-dade/miami-beach-doctor-recovering-from-covid-19-after-taking-new-drug/
2020-12-04 A promising drug against COVID-19 the world has been waiting for https://alextischroe.medium.com/a-promising-drug-against-covid-19-the-world-was-waiting-for-115e4637d32a
2020-12-05  Univision reports on a Miami MD who got Aviptadil
2020-12-06 North Platte man thankful after life & death battle with virus
2020-12-06 As Arizona Officials Push Vaccines Promising Therapeutics Largely Ignored https://arizonadailyindependent.com/as-arizona-officials-push-vaccines-promising-therapeutics-largely-ignored/
2020-12-07 RELIEF THERAPEUTICS AND NEURORX MEET 165 PATIENT ENROLLMENT TARGET IN PHASE 2B/3 TRIAL OF RLF-100™ FOR CRITICAL COVID-19 WITH RESPIRATORY FAILURE https://relieftherapeutics.com/newsblog/relief-therapeutics-and-neurorx-meet-165-patient-enrollment-target-in-phase-2b-3-trial-of-rlf-100-for-critical-covid-19-with-respiratory-failure

2020-12-08 New crown indications for peptide drug development
2020-12-08 What we know about drugs against COVID-19 in Mexico

2020-12-09 Regeneron, Lenzilumab and others: what treatments will Mexico seek to treat COVID-19, in addition to the vaccine 
2020-12-09 How an Agile Company Addressed the Pandemic: Moving from Psychiatric Medicines to a COVID-19 Therapeutic 
2020-12-10 Which COVID-19 treatments are showing promise? A list of potential drugs https://nypost.com/article/potential-covid-19-treatments/
24 Active EAP Trial Sites (Current as of 2020-12-10)
United States, Arizona
Dignity Health-Mercy Gilbert Medical Center Available
Gilbert, Arizona, United States, 85297
Contact: Brian Tiffany       brian.tiffany@dignityhealth.org   
Principal Investigator: Brian Tiffany         
Honor Health Shea Medical Center Available
Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, 85260
Contact: Seth Hameesh    602-327-9097    akshaym@email.arizona.edu   
Principal Investigator: Seth Hameesh         
United States, California
Kaiser Permanente Available
Baldwin Park, California, United States, 91706
Contact: Alice Chang    626-851-7008    Alice.K.Chang@kp.org   
Principal Investigator: Hooman Mobassery         
University of California - Irvine Available
Irvine, California, United States, 92697
Contact: Richard Lee, MD       richaral@hs.uci.edu   
Principal Investigator: Richard Lee, MD         
United States, Florida
Lawnwood Regional Medical Center Available
Fort Pierce, Florida, United States, 34950
Contact: Sherry Nehaul    772-467-2871    sherry.nehaul@healthtrustpg.com   
Principal Investigator: Berjan Collin         
Lakeland Regional Health Available
Lakeland, Florida, United States, 33805
Contact: Rebecca Rich    727-743-5316    rebecca.rich@mylrh.org   
Principal Investigator: That Htun         
Miller School of Medicine / University of Miami Medical Center Available
Miami, Florida, United States, 33136
Contact: Dushyantha Jayaweera, MD       DJayawee@med.miami.edu   
Principal Investigator: Dushyanatha Jayaweera, MD         
Sub-Investigator: Daniel H Kett, MD         
Sub-Investigator: Daniel D Yeh, MD         
Baycare St. Joseph Hospital Available
Tampa, Florida, United States, 33607
Contact: Karen Herring    813-875-9000 ext 280209    Karen.Herring@baycare.org   
Principal Investigator: Michael Alvarez         
United States, Georgia
Southeast Georgia Health system Available
Brunswick, Georgia, United States, 31520
Contact: Jennifer Boykin    912-466-2808    jboykin@sghs.org   
Principal Investigator: Stephen Chitty         
United States, Hawaii
Maui Health Systems Available
Wailuku, Hawaii, United States, 96793
Contact: Peter Muthard       peter.d.muthard@kp.org   
Principal Investigator: Peter Muthard         
United States, Iowa
St. Anthony Regional Hospital Available
Carroll, Iowa, United States, 51401
Principal Investigator: Kyle Ulveling         
United States, Kentucky
University of Louisville Available
Louisville, Kentucky, United States, 40202
Contact: Rainer Lenhardt, MD    502-562-3000    rainer.lenhardt@louisville.edu   
Principal Investigator: Rainer Lenhardt, MD         
United States, Louisiana
St. Tammany Parish Hospital Available
Covington, Louisiana, United States, 70433
Contact: Amanda Hardage    985-898-4423    ahardage@stph.org   
Principal Investigator: Ricardo Blanco         
Our Ladies of Lourdes Regional Hospital Available
Lafayette, Louisiana, United States, 70508
Principal Investigator: Mehandi Haran         
United States, Missouri
St. Joseph Heritage Healthcare Available
Saint Joseph, Missouri, United States, 64506
Contact: Ana Perez    714-992-3000 ext 3147    ana.perez@stjoe.org   
Principal Investigator: Balakrishan Gautam         
United States, Nebraska
Great Plains Health Available
North Platte, Nebraska, United States, 69101
Contact: Jason North    308-568-7446    northj@gphealth.org   
Principal Investigator: Eduardo Freitas         
United States, South Carolina
Self Regional Healthcare Available
Greenwood, South Carolina, United States, 29646
Contact: Abigayle Campbell       abigayle.campbell@selfregional.org   
Principal Investigator: John Tajeda         
United States, Texas
Hendrick Medical Center Available
Abilene, Texas, United States, 79601
Contact: Greg Perry    325-428-8325    gperry@hendrickhealth.org   
Principal Investigator: David Green         
Baptist Hospitals of Southeast Texas Available
Beaumont, Texas, United States, 77701-4689
Contact: Paige Austin    409-212-7244    paige.austin@bhset.net   
Principal Investigator: Qamar Arfeen         
Medical City Denton Available
Denton, Texas, United States, 76210
Contact: Marilyn Jackson    940-384-3125    marilyn.jackson@healthtrustpg.com   
Principal Investigator: Vivek Punjabi         
HR Health Institute for Research & Development Available
Edinburg, Texas, United States, 78539
Contact: Adolfo Kaplan    956-447-5557    akaplan0504@yahoo.com   
Principal Investigator: Adolfo Kaplan         
Houston Methodist Hospital Available
Houston, Texas, United States, 77030
Contact: Jihad G Youssef, MD    713-441-3948    jgyoussef@houstonmethodist.org   
Principal Investigator: Jihad G Youssef, MD         
Memorial Hermann Hospital Houston Available
Houston, Texas, United States, 77030
Contact: Shivaramaiah Shashikumar       shashimandya@hotmail.com   
Principal Investigator: Shivaramaiah Shashikumar         
Medical City McKinney Available
McKinney, Texas, United States, 75609
Contact: Angela Trickey       Angela.Trickey@MedicalCityHealth.com   
Principal Investigator: Daniella Thompson         
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#36742   pegs1 ... Can doctors use it... Vanilla Fitbit 03/02/21 10:20:39 PM
#36741   The covid cure ship has sailed for this urgonnatrip 03/02/21 10:09:22 PM
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#36737   FDA in December agreed to the final number soliloquy 03/02/21 09:55:25 PM
#36736   Penny world, pegs1 03/02/21 09:40:05 PM
#36735   New covid cases have dropped by 21% since Bill B 03/02/21 08:30:42 PM
#36734   I hope I expressed myself well, my mother go_wamu 03/02/21 08:18:39 PM
#36733   The larger and more important question IMO is PennyWorld 03/02/21 08:08:19 PM
#36732   Its not fading rapidly.. new variants and the massulo52 03/02/21 07:21:29 PM
#36731   No. What I'm saying is covid is fading Bill B 03/02/21 07:18:41 PM
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#36726   Bill So are you saying that zyesami will be pegs1 03/02/21 05:53:11 PM
#36725   And the inhaled study is for covid which Bill B 03/02/21 05:36:30 PM
#36724   It'll be ashame if relief therapeutics let's this pegs1 03/02/21 04:38:14 PM
#36723   I'm in full agreement with you on that. PennyWorld 03/02/21 04:14:06 PM
#36722   That would require lengthy new studies and money Bill B 03/02/21 04:13:44 PM
#36721   Yes, it's the CC call that comes to PennyWorld 03/02/21 04:13:17 PM
#36720   It's not just cases going down...it's also SOC nelskof 03/02/21 04:10:00 PM
#36719   PER DR J ON CONFERENCE CALL Vanilla Fitbit 03/02/21 04:06:36 PM
#36718   pegs..I agree with all of that, but see PennyWorld 03/02/21 03:48:14 PM
#36717   Right, however without EUA we are probably talking PennyWorld 03/02/21 03:47:26 PM
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#36710   . NOT ON AGENDA FOR 3/5 Vanilla Fitbit 03/02/21 02:50:46 PM
#36709   So if you go to clinicaltrials.gov and search dmsrz8 03/02/21 02:01:26 PM
#36708   Hmm interesting and good find. dmsrz8 03/02/21 01:54:49 PM
#36707   I can't say it here but you can nelskof 03/02/21 01:54:06 PM
#36706   Thanks. What type of treatment do u Tiger Money 03/02/21 01:45:14 PM
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#36701   FDA March 5 meeting is about the Flu unfortunately. Clarnold 03/02/21 01:17:59 PM
#36700   Well the FDA has the clinical data. Could pegs1 03/02/21 01:05:32 PM
#36699   What do YOU think they should do? ....hand Ria2 03/02/21 12:42:05 PM
#36698   sorry, english is not my language Ria2 03/02/21 12:37:34 PM
#36697   So so true! Tiger Money 03/02/21 11:22:51 AM
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#36695   No doubt but I can’t see bust just Tiger Money 03/02/21 11:15:49 AM
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