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Radix Marine Inc (fka RDXM)

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Last Post: 5/23/2017 1:25:36 AM - Followers: 68 - Board type: Free - Posts Today: 2

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Contact Us
Corporate Office
Radix Marine, Inc.
2804 West Washington Ave.
Yakima, Washington 98903

Phone, Fax, and Email

Fax:  509-452-8022

Radix Marine SUSPENDED by SEC:

Brad Goodspeed and Radix Marine charged with Securities Law violations:

RDXM Revoked:


#5013   I did and it's same old story. bb72mo 05/23/17 01:25:35 AM
#5012   Hit him with some colorful e-mails at least. swampyankee 05/23/17 12:12:45 AM
#5011   What can we do man? So many scams bb72mo 05/22/17 09:28:39 PM
#5010   That's right you moved on. You defended him, swampyankee 05/22/17 08:50:22 PM
#5009   Just give up man. I lost a lot bb72mo 05/22/17 04:18:55 PM
#5008   I can't. The only upbeat event is when swampyankee 05/22/17 03:04:23 PM
#5007   How would this not be dead? ctrumabll 05/22/17 12:08:14 PM
#5006   yeh~ glad i sold most of it sta loose 05/21/17 03:33:02 PM
#5005   No activity on the message board for months. swampyankee 05/18/17 07:01:20 PM
#5004   There never was a team. The guy who swampyankee 10/17/16 09:27:57 PM
#5003   What is up with Radix Marine's "management team," ctrumabll 10/17/16 05:15:52 PM
#5002   Even BS artists eventually run out of BS. swampyankee 10/10/16 04:45:25 PM
#5001   The only thing he managed was total share swampyankee 09/01/16 06:26:57 AM
#5000   Did anyone ever find anything Bred ever did ctrumabll 08/29/16 03:26:10 PM
#4999   This unscrupulous scoundrel who bailed on shareholders deserves swampyankee 08/10/16 08:05:18 PM
#4998   Nope, even that meet and greet never happened. swampyankee 07/26/16 11:52:21 AM
#4997   Don't think there has been a "ship" since ctrumabll 07/18/16 10:40:47 AM
#4996   Where is That dodgy rat who abandoned ship? swampyankee 06/27/16 09:20:04 AM
#4995   I think in part anyway, he got hold swampyankee 05/11/16 10:42:55 AM
#4994   Understood. But what has the point been ctrumabll 05/09/16 05:10:13 PM
#4993   Remember? I said he would slither away back swampyankee 05/03/16 12:53:22 PM
#4992   Not off the face of the earth. He swampyankee 02/11/16 03:06:03 PM
#4991   So, has Brad dropped off the face of ctrumabll 02/11/16 12:07:45 PM
#4990   Never ending legal snags largely self imposed. swampyankee 02/05/16 12:05:57 AM
#4989   Wow! I thought the exact same thing. My- swampyankee 12/30/15 12:06:25 PM
#4988   You know what I thought was real interesting? ctrumabll 12/29/15 07:11:10 PM
#4987   Focus on your own negative circumstances for a swampyankee 12/24/15 12:05:17 PM
#4986   He lives in court room! What a shame! bb72mo 12/23/15 07:55:35 PM
#4985   Finally a real trail to follow and boy swampyankee 12/20/15 03:38:46 PM
#4984   There is nothing learned worth repeating. Let me swampyankee 10/01/15 02:19:05 PM
#4983   So, any news on what you found out ctrumabll 09/19/15 10:24:16 AM
#4982   Radix's website has expired. It now comes up swampyankee 08/27/15 05:04:35 PM
#4981   People are still talking about this company? wow. DesertRat1 08/25/15 10:53:29 AM
#4980   What can I do? He's broke! ctrumabll 08/11/15 09:57:44 AM
#4979   Which explains most of the reason why he swampyankee 08/07/15 04:17:39 AM
#4978   What can I do? He's broke! bb72mo 08/06/15 09:23:36 PM
#4977   Ben, this guy got you to pay for swampyankee 08/06/15 03:55:21 PM
#4976   That lesson was mighty expensive on your end. swampyankee 08/06/15 02:25:45 PM
#4975   Live and learn! bb72mo 08/06/15 02:21:52 PM
#4974   It was a Radix Marine website. He assumed swampyankee 08/06/15 02:20:22 PM
#4973   I took over couple years ago since nobody bb72mo 08/06/15 02:07:00 PM
#4972   Are you pulling my leg!? swampyankee 08/06/15 01:09:40 PM
#4971   Webguy said someone hacked and stole them. I bb72mo 08/06/15 11:38:49 AM
#4970   You know Radix's website links are broken. swampyankee 08/06/15 11:34:44 AM
#4969   Ok!? bb72mo 08/06/15 08:54:13 AM
#4968   bb72, Ben swampyankee 08/06/15 12:26:32 AM
#4967   What I found, anyone can find right now. swampyankee 07/29/15 11:36:37 AM
#4966   Is this what your investigator told you? ctrumabll 07/29/15 10:37:04 AM
#4965   There is a post, July 2015 on the swampyankee 07/27/15 03:57:20 PM
#4964   This guy ran off like a refugee hunkered swampyankee 07/20/15 08:09:42 PM