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Penthouse International Inc. (PHSL)

PHSL is a media holding company which publishes magazines under the PENTHOUSE(TM) name in Mexico, pursuant to a pending license agreement with Penthouse Media Group. PHSL Worldwide has significant real estate holdings in Ixtapa, Mexico, slated for development, and also a Penthouse gentleman's club currently operating. PHSL is majority owned by the Molina Vector Investment Trust, an entity controlled by Dr. Luis Enrique Fernando Molina, and Jason Galanis.

(PHSL) is currently a pinksheet company. As late as 2004, Penthouse International owned 99.5% of Penthouse Media Group (PMGI).In December 2007, PMGI completed the $500 million acquisition of Various, Inc., the owner of the FriendFinder family of social networking and online personals sites. Since 2004, and during bankruptcy proceedings, PET Capital Partners (Headed by a Mr. Marc Bell) moved in and effectively acquired control of Penthouse Media Group. After PMGI was acquired by MBCP and its affiliates in 2004, Mr. Bell repositioned the publication, expanded multimedia operations, and acquired complementary businesses. He also reached an agreement with PHSL's largest stockholder (A Dr. Molina) which gave Bell control of PMGI, and left PHSL with some equity interest in PMGI. This left the rest of the PHSL shareholders with a quiet pinkie. The equity interest that PHSL owns in Penthouse Media Group cannot be known for sure due to PHSL's non reporting status.

"We are pleased that we have been able to resolve all the issues with PHSL and its controlling shareholder, Dr. Molina, to enable the PENTHOUSE(TM) Magazine and related media businesses to go forward as a financially viable enterprise. We have high expectations for its future," commented Marc H. Bell, Managing Partner of Marc Bell Capital Partners LLC.

Dr. Molina said, "We are also pleased with this resolution which will give PHSL and its stockholders AN ONGOING EQUITY INTEREST IN PENTHOUSE MEDIA GROUP and an opportunity to build the brand in certain foreign markets, including Mexico.

Recent Headlines:

May,2007 PHSL settled a case with the SEC.

updated 9:24 p.m. ET, Thurs., May. 10, 2007
WASHINGTON - The company that publishes Penthouse magazine, one of its former executives, and a former investor have agreed to settle civil accounting fraud charges, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Thursday.

Dec. 2007 Penthouse Puts Out $500M for Social Networking Sites

"In fact, the companies predict that PMGI's purchase will make it the largest adult entertainment company in the world, with projected revenues for 2007 of $340 million."

Dec. 2007 PHSL's iBill Gets Two Million Dollar Boost From Investor

Mar. 2008 PMGI Penthouse Announces Proposed Initial Public Offering

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Penthouse Media Group Inc.
(PMGI) today announced that it expects to file a registration statement during the second quarter of 2008 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to sell shares of its common stock in a firm commitment underwritten initial public offering. The offering is currently expected to be approximately $250,000,000. The net proceeds of the offering will be used primarily to discharge existing indebtedness. The size, nature and manner of the offering are subject to change        

Penthouse Nov 16, 2008 Article about wanting to buy a casino:,2933,452924,00.html

Contact for Penthouse Media Group Inc.

Marc H. Bell, CEO

PMGI now may have an IPO in 2008, in an effort to raise about $250M. Could PHSL be the shell used by PMGI? Who knows?

FriendFinder Networks IPO was cancelled in Feb 2010 due to economy conditions.

Penthouse seeking to buy casino on Las Vegas Strip? Nov 16, 2008 Link below:,2933,452924,00.html

What will happen in the future?

Your guess is as good as mine. One thing is for sure, nothing will happen unless people start to see value in the stock. PHSL has brand equity, and an equity interest in Penthouse Media Group. The purpose of this board is to DIG, DIG, DIG. Dig for value. Dig for due diligence. If each person shares a little, it adds up to alot. Then we can better understand the risk, and make an educated investment decision, or wager. So please, share, share your due diligence. Try to find any PHSL assets, agreements, or current workings. Any information direct, or extrapolated to determine the value therein will be appreciated by all.

Disclaimer: Everything written is to the best of my knowledge. I am no expert, if I was, I wouldn't be asking all of you for help. This board is not an offer to buy or sell stock in PHSL. Nor should anything here be taken as investment advice. This is just a place for you to share your DD, and see others DD. Make up your own mind, and don't be swayed by anyone here, myself included.

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