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Penny's "BreakOuts":    This iHub Stocks Board is a place to look at some of the promising Penny stocks that are breaking to the Upside!.
I will also focus on those stocks breaking either direction after prolonged sideways trading [Check my Breakdowns for declining stocks]. Stocks in general can move up or down or sideways for a certain period, but some stocks are notoriously stranded due to bad management, lack of company's progress and other reasons will also be discussed. Although this board is mainly focused on Penny Stocks, non Penny stocks traded in higher level platforms such as Nasdaq or NyYSE or Dow too The Notorious top 10 MMswill be occassionally listed and discussed.  Check my other board  for Penny stocks that are crashing down, some of stocks "breaking to the downside," stocks that had a rally and about to correct or moving downwards [check my "Penny's Breakdowns"]..!....

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"MOST OF THE "SO CALLED BLUE CHIPS" OR "$100 DOLLAR STOCKS, OR '$1000 DOLLAR STOCS" ARE SYSTEMATICALLY HYPED UP, PROMOTED "Noisy" STOCKS. WHEN THEY CRASH, EVERYTHING WILL BE LOST. MOST OF THE STOCKS IN GENERAL ONCE A PENNY STOCKS,  MOST OF THEM BEGAN AS PENNY STOCKS, ONCE THE STOCK MOVES ABOVE FEW DOLLARS, THEY UPLIST AND MOVE ON, THATS FINE, BUT BADMOUTHING OR GO AGAINST PENNY STOCKS?...TALK NEGATIVELY ABOUT PENNY STOCKS, THATS DECEPTION AT ITS WORST!?.  Most of the penny stocks traded for pennies before transforming into bigger or much richer company?. Penny stocks considered to be small cap or ultra small cap with little amount of money, most of the time a "Million or few Million" Market cap, however, it provided a foundation to build.  It is important to protect and promote Penny stock sector, instead what big companies, corporations, business news media and govt agents do is to speak negatively about it,  THEY ALL GIVE A DAMN ABOUT PENNY STOCKS OR THE SECTOR AND SPEAK "ASININE"ABOUT IT].

Penny Stocks and Penny Stock Sectors are Heavily and Systematically "Discredited, badmouthed and Negatively Portrayed by "Maistream Fake Media (TVs and News papers), Vested Interests, Big Corporations, Business Media, and so on. There is "No Truth" to it, Absolutely zero truth to their Propoganda, its has been going on for Decades, In Contrast, Penny Stocks are a Great Opportunity Investment area, because it is cheap, low priced and utterly cheap and mostly traded by small time investors, newbies and not so well trained investing communites, its kind of a "Deliberatly" kept away due to fear of "Risk and loses", but risk and lose is the integral part of any and every investment, the whole stock market is a "Casino game" like Operation, heavily manipulated. Therefore, there is no one sector that is good or bad, except "Precious Metals Sector" that no one can control for ever, it will always Crush the controllers?. Therefore, Penny stocks are a "Must" to include in any part of investment, do your own diligence and study penny stocks, you will be rewarded.  PENNY STOCKS ARE A GREAT OPPORTUNITY SECTOR: BUT, YOU MUST DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE!!!!!!.
FYI: This boards posts and contents are "Not Advice or Recommendation",  So, Everyone must do their own due diligence as far as investing or trading is concerned.

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If you have interesting Penny stock or otc stock, bring it to the board for dicsussion or exposure, board wellcomes Posts, Comments and  discussions,  the board and pages here are for learning and understanding purpose, and are mostly just Views and Opinions. Also discussed are stock technicals, Charts and news related to Penny stocks activities.

Note: No abuse of any kind such as bullying or bashing or P&Ds or any sort of fake claims will  NOT BE permitted, comments will be moderated and inappropriate posts will be removed.
Enjoy the Ride of Might Penny Stocks!.
Note: Visit both boards to find out stocks that are breaking out and stocks that are crashing or correcting!!.
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Stocks that are not undergoing a breakout or breakdown currently, but has the future potentials..!

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