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Throughout the ages, gold has served as a currency and an investment of choice around the world. History suggests that, over the long term, gold has held its relative economic value. Today, many financial analysts believe that gold serves as an important part of a balanced investment portfolio as an effective hedge against inflation, recession, financial market and paper currency volatility.

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Cannabis Stocks News
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#378886  Sticky Note Stocks charts 1000+ Charts (link back) FOR AugustaFriends 01/11/17 07:28:16 AM
#370470  Sticky Note Looking for GOLD / SILVER Mining Stocks under AugustaFriends 07/25/16 11:43:37 AM
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#268067  Sticky Note E-mail & Twitter What's Hot for AugustaFriends?? Follow AugustaFriends 08/15/13 06:09:18 AM
#393130   Thank goodness I bought in at 36 cents IVRT 09/24/17 10:38:50 AM
#393129   $HTBX $1+ next week imo MazelTov 09/23/17 01:38:20 PM
#393128   $IZEA Brings Augmented Reality Product Placement to Influencer Marketing cheekitlim 09/23/17 12:10:37 AM
#393127   CDNA after hours $3.60 +.63 on medicare news romanov5 09/22/17 07:45:39 PM
#393126   Well said Mark Eom AugustaFriends 09/22/17 07:37:00 PM
#393125   If.. big if ! Have a H-bom-b most AugustaFriends 09/22/17 07:36:34 PM
#393124   $NEOT, .40 watch for 50dma break @ .42, chart: Mark 09/22/17 07:16:02 PM
#393123   yea but Matt, were these the same experts suredid 09/22/17 07:09:28 PM
#393122   NK issue---all have good valid points...alot of people suredid 09/22/17 07:03:44 PM
#393121   Who the f are you coming on the Mark 09/22/17 07:02:27 PM
#393120   $DXTR all locked and loaded..50k shares @ $0.32 lumi007 09/22/17 06:23:17 PM
#393119   Wow up 872% !!!! Wow AugustaFriends 09/22/17 04:49:13 PM
#393118   100% Gold, Oil, and Defense will be the matt24d 09/22/17 04:24:05 PM
#393117   I am very relaxed! I guess we find matt24d 09/22/17 04:22:50 PM
#393116   You did say watch energy and Gold if AugustaFriends 09/22/17 04:22:12 PM
#393115   Yep saw that. I will wait for the matt24d 09/22/17 04:21:33 PM
#393114   It won't, relax Matt - AugustaFriends 09/22/17 04:21:27 PM
#393113   $CRC look at the CMF indicator; lots of AugustaFriends 09/22/17 04:20:40 PM
#393112   O I get it. I have said that matt24d 09/22/17 04:20:25 PM
#393111   Just like the WMD in Iraq the M AugustaFriends 09/22/17 04:19:33 PM
#393110   Talking. I can bluff the world into believing AugustaFriends 09/22/17 04:18:40 PM
#393109   RADA not a bad day at all! matt24d 09/22/17 04:05:52 PM
#393108   Disagree just a year ago the experts were matt24d 09/22/17 03:59:47 PM
#393107   We have done the same with other Leaders AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:58:36 PM
#393106   Tensions only because of whom we have in AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:57:24 PM
#393105   I don't, but my personal opinion on it matt24d 09/22/17 03:56:43 PM
#393104   Our three letter agency is making all of AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:55:50 PM
#393103   AF...Totally agree that this is what we'd be Cre8tivmynd 09/22/17 03:54:56 PM
#393102   well again I have no clue what happens matt24d 09/22/17 03:54:37 PM
#393101   Do not believe everything you read; the rich AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:52:41 PM
#393100   I agree that we wouldn't attack with nukes Cre8tivmynd 09/22/17 03:52:25 PM
#393099   It will not; he does not have the AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:51:51 PM
#393098   Well looking at who is running that country matt24d 09/22/17 03:50:38 PM
#393097   China will side with them; and Russia too. AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:49:29 PM
#393096   I feel any attack on our end would matt24d 09/22/17 03:47:52 PM
#393095   I agree and disagree. I see your point matt24d 09/22/17 03:46:32 PM
#393094   My fear is that, once military action is Cre8tivmynd 09/22/17 03:45:44 PM
#393093   CYBR, exactly why im playing it romanov5 09/22/17 03:45:36 PM
#393092   Won't happen - we won't respond on a test AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:44:07 PM
#393091   I do not disagree with that at all. matt24d 09/22/17 03:43:05 PM
#393090   A strike on NK will invite a response Cre8tivmynd 09/22/17 03:40:32 PM
#393089   I do feel that a strike on NK matt24d 09/22/17 03:31:48 PM
#393088   I think someone is accumulating this stock. look matt24d 09/22/17 03:29:04 PM
#393087   That dude is a wacko... AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:26:38 PM
#393086   $LNTH now all buys at $17.38 AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:26:06 PM
#393085   Cyber Wars are the new wars stock_observer_77 09/22/17 03:24:22 PM
#393084   With all due respect, Duncan Hunter is, and Cre8tivmynd 09/22/17 03:24:17 PM
#393083   Republican Congressman says the US should preemptively strike matt24d 09/22/17 03:20:11 PM
#393082   Off Topic- SEC gets hacked..... romanov5 09/22/17 03:12:18 PM
#393081   $CRC full sto at 97% AugustaFriends 09/22/17 03:05:17 PM