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NeuroMama Ltd. (NERO) utilizes high quality neural technology to provide super-accurate search returns and power a suite of products including a web search engine, mobile app, more than 120 social networks, email service, finance center, kids zone, and more.

The company is also researching the development of the Eurasia Resort/Convention/Retail/Sport and Entertainment Complex in PRIMM near Las Vegas, Nevada, and is entering the international multi-language streaming media distribution via, and network/cable distribution.

NERO recently acquired small library of entertainment assets, which includes 65 episodes of THE JAZZ NETWORK an old TV show that was broadcasted over PBS from 1982 to 1987, few feature films, some television pilots, and more. Valued at approximately $18 million dollars, THE JAZZ NETWORK TV shows has been syndicated to air on Direct TV, Dish Network, iTunes and local channels in major cities, and will be reaching household in 50 million homes 3 times per week for 65 weeks.

The remaining part of the acquired library can be rented, licensed and distributed an infinite number of times. The company is currently deploying an advanced, next-generation Internet Content Distribution Platform (CDP) with goals to offer e-commerce merchants distribution to 150 countries and entertainment programmers the most secure, fastest, and robust digital delivery system yet developed.

With numerous opportunities to further expand in the booming Internet market, NERO is well-positioned to fully capitalize on its advanced neural technology, which provides ability to computer systems to learn from millions of users.


Investment Highlights

  • Leveraging Cutting-Edge Neural Technology
  • Building Unique Portfolio of Entertainment Assets
  • Developer of the World’s First “Thinking” Internet Platform
  • Forward-Thinking, Dedicated Leadership Team
  • Offering a Range of Diverse Entertainment Products
  • Launching 4 24/7 TV Networks on SatMex8 – Footprint from Canada to Argentina



Cutting-Edge Neural Technology Developed by Brilliant Researchers, Engineers, Experts

Computer systems designed with neural technology are based on very complex mathematical algorithms and are programmed to learn from people who are using these systems. Based on this next-generation technology, was launched in July 2013, developed by an international team of computer engineers, mathematicians, neural programming experts, statistical analysts, and artificial intelligence researchers.

The resulting product is the world’s only web search engine engineered and powered exclusively by 21st Century neural technology.

The neural technology patents (soon to be filed in Russia and U.S.) enable search engine to produce results analyzed from elements like visitation frequency, dwell time, drill depth and numerous other complex algorithms. Artificial-intelligence-based robots, created with the help of state-of-the-art neural programming technology, are web crawlers that can think and learn, maximizing search return relevancy.

NERO’s sophisticated search technology powers the company’s suite of products: a browser, web search engine, mobile app, social platform, Finance center, Kids Zone, and more.



Diversified Range of Innovative Entertainment Products

  • Search Engine
  • Entertainment Assets
  • NeuroFinance
  • Kids Zone
  • Amnistya Foundation
  • NeuroZone
  • NeuroWorld
  • NeuroSphere
  • FSR Program
  • PPC Program
  • Neuro Social
  • Neuro Tablets
  • Live Entertainment
  • NeuroZoneTv – a 24-hour TV network focused on providing to the world information on Internet companies, technological advancements, a reality show dealing with financing of technology companies, news, interviews with CEOs, educational and entertainment content.
  • The Jazz Network – a 24-hour TV network providing Jazz, classical music, documentaries, films by independent producers, public domain, educational and other very rare content.
  • The Fighting Network – a 24-hour TV network focused on martial arts and boxing events, news, interviews, and broadcasting of prerecorded and live championship fights.
  • The Children Network – a 24-hour TV Network with focus on broadcasting of cartoons developed by world major studios, educational and entertainment content for children.


Search Engine is also the world’s only search engine with a customer loyalty program designed to encourage Web surfers to use NeuroMama as their primary means of searching the Internet and sending emails.

At a time when privacy and personal information protection is of extreme importance to tens of millions of people, NERO is committed to giving our users the industry’s toughest firewall between themselves and hackers, identity thieves and other online lowlife. NERO puts nothing – not cookies, not trackers, not anything – on the users’ computers and only collects information voluntarily provided for purposes like Frequent Search Rewards membership or required by law.



NERO’s online financial center provides current stock market information including stock symbol search, world market watch, world currencies, financial tweets, videos, and news feeds from around the world. The goal is to expand FinanceNeuroMama to become a major element of the overall platform. FinanceNeuroMama will constantly change and evolve to stay on the cutting-edge of technology and to provide users with up-to-the-second stock market data.


Kid Zone

Designed with children in mind, NERO’s easy-to-use color interface makes navigating the website easy and simple for children young in age.

Kids Zone is filled with enjoyable features including education for kids, teens, and adults, a special needs section, literature and movies, video games, cartoons, tips and advice for parents and much more.


NeuroZone Virtual Mall

NeuroZone will leverage all the promotional, marketing and technologic power invested in NERO’s entire stable of highly integrated, symbiotically compatible projects and strategic relationships to create the world’s first, and to date only, viable competitor to mega-retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Structurally, NeuroZone will differ substantially from Amazon and eBay by combining similar to Amazon and eBay online systems together, allowing both buyers and sellers to connect and do business on a highly advanced, internationalist platform that enables a simulated mall experience where vendors have equal, seamless access to the NeuroZone’s distribution mechanism to 150 countries around the world.


FSR Program

NERO’s Frequent Searcher Rewards (FSR) program is the search engine and online retailing industry’s first and only customer loyalty program that gives recognition to regular visitors and encourages them to use search box and other elements of NeuroMama Internet Platform.

Users get 2,000 instant points upon registration, as well as accruing points with every search via, through every message sent through NeuroMail, and every purchase made on NeuroZones’ online store or any of its tenants and vendors. Points can be redeemed on everything from tropical vacations, groceries, and discounts for NeuroPhone, NeuroPad and NeuroBOOK.



The (in beta) Social Network is being designed to respond to the needs of many different social groups with various interests, ie art, dating, politics, environment, etc. NERO aims to build NeuroMania as an open source for application developers.

Unlike Facebook, NeuroMania will have 123 social networks specifically designed to connect people with the same professions, interests, and hobbies. NeuroMania for children will be limited to persons aged 21 years or younger. NeuroMania also differs from Facebook in that parents will have the ability to monitor their kids’ activities during crisis situations and identify with whom their kid is communicating. Some of the networks will be profit centers for NERO.

Facebook is headed in the wrong direction, as evidenced by fewer and fewer young people using the networking site. NERO’s take is this: “YOU CAN’T BE ALL TO ALL PEOPLE.” People enjoy spending time with people of common interests. Also, when a person visits the social network, it has much information and advertisements pertaining to that person’s interests, such as news or information relevant to their profession or to their hobbies.


NeuroPad, NeuroPhone and NeuroBOOK

The collection of Neuro devices, including the NeuroPhone, NeuroPad, and NeuroBOOK, are well-made, reliable products offered for an affordable price. Some would compare the NeuroPhone to the Galaxy S4.

The NeuroPad is a 2-in-1 3G Tablet and Mobile Phone featuring the option of using a chip. The NeuroBOOK is designed in a practical size and features 4GB Ram making it a great choice for students of all ages.

Currently the manufacturing of the Neuro devices is handled by a well-established Chinese company that has been making name brand electronics for many years. This China-based manufacturer has committed to providing sturdy and reliable products for a good price.

If you’re asking yourself how you can get your hands on one of these nifty devices, there are a few ways. Neuro devices are currently available through the NERO’s FSR program, for businesses that sign up for advertising on the search engine, and will become available for purchase in one of many soon-to-come Neuromania retail establishments throughout Latin America.

The majority of TViMama viewers have historically opted for highly profitable paid subscriptions. Others receive free programming via advertising-supported cable, broadcast and Internet networks that are supported by commercials expected to return an equal, if not greater, revenue per viewer from the sales of commercial spots reserved for NERO.

This service is founded on the same business model similar to one of NERO’s strategic partners that has built a Russian version of Netflix with tens of millions subscribers paying an average of 40 Canadian dollars a month (about the same number of subscribers as NetFlix at roughly double the monthly subscription fee.)


Live Entertainment

With offices in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Moscow and London, Aces of Acts is NERO’s live entertainment strategic partner and goodwill ambassador to the world. In addition to staging command performances in major arenas from Moscow to Madrid, Aces of Acts is a gold-standard cirque-style talent broker which represents the vast majority of featured artists in all the numerous Cirque de Soleil productions around the globe and supplies special event entertainment to an a list of more than 150 Fortune 500 companies, professional sports organizations and fraternal associations.

NERO will use Aces of Acts as a major marketing tool to generate publicity, help brand all NERO companies and services, and to entertain potential strategic partners, programming providers and other significant industry players.


Amnistya Children’s Foundation (ACF)

The Amnistya Childrens’s Foundation represents philosophical difference between other companies and NeuroMama, Ltd. ( In a very creative way, NeuroMama is utilizing its resources, instead of shareholders money to live its imprint by making a priceless difference and the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. The Amnistya Children’s Foundation is dedicated to helping make this world a better, healthier planet by raising hundreds of millions of dollars for charitable purposes. ACF will focus on a wide and diverse range of environmental, political and cultural issues in need of support and financing for change. ACF will also enable existing charitable organizations and individual compassionate people to more easily engage in fundraising for good causes. It will provide protection to donors by screening individuals and groups claiming to be legitimate charities.

It’ll provide back office functions such as collections, record keeping, filings, providing tax recent receipts to claim deductions, etc. to nonprofit organizations. That’s just a few of the almost 30 services Amnistya will be providing to the good people, the generous people, of the world.


Revenue Generation Strategy

Implementing Multi-Pronged Business Strategy, Sales of Online and Television Advertising, Online and Online Auction Sales, Wholesale, Sales of Products in NeuroMANIA Brick and Mortar to the Population around the World

NERO’s business strategy is to identify the type of synergistic businesses with consistent and successful money making formulas and to strategically combine them into the company’s business model, which will enjoy multiple revenue streams, each one of them benefiting from synergy of other business elements and resulting in high EBIDTA Margins.

The company will employ a strong marketing strategy that will provide the most brand exposure and deliver savings on marketing, advertising, public relations, management and business operations. NERO intends to capitalize on its own contacts and relations as well as to network with individuals and companies that have established business and/or personal relationship of management, shareholders and partners.

The overarching strategy is to capitalize on the resources provided by NERO’s family of companies at no cost, at cost, or on the cost plus basis to develop library of entertainment assets, which will provide a safety net for shareholders of NERO’s family of companies. The entertainment assets will secure shareholder value and insure shareholders against changes in business climate, competition, economy, and consumer preference.

NERO will soon begin to conduct phone sales from company-controlled call center in Mexico located within minutes of the U.S. border, where TELNOR prepared to install fiber-optic to accommodate more than 6,000 people working simultaneously on the telephone and Internet selling online advertising on the All-In-One NeuroPlatform to businesses in Latin America and in English speaking countries. Advertising will also be sold on NeuroZoneTv – a 24-hour TV network, THE JAZZ NETWORK – a 24-hour TV network, THE FIGHTING NETWORK – 24-hour TV network, THE CHILDREN NETWORK – 24-hour TV Network and HMX Sports sister – a 24-hour TV Network.

First NeuroMANIA Brick and Mortar Store Business Model in Rosarito, Mexico

The first NeuroMANIA brick and mortar business model is being researched, designed, developed and implemented. The company is duplicating a business model of another very successful company.


Business Model

  • To sell to people who have jobs
  • To sell to people who want to buy good quality products
  • To sell to people who don’t have credit and savings
  • To sell products of good quality with 300% to 1,000% profit margins
  • To provide financing to buyers who will be making weekly payments over 12 or 18 months
  • Financing charges will be 34.3% over 12 months and 60% over 18 months payable weekly, biweekly or monthly in 3rd world countries and lease-to-own in developed countries


Current Progress of NeuroMANIA

  • NERO is currently constructing and designing the first NeuroMANIA store in Rosarito, Mexico to test the model.
  • Rosarito’s market is comprised of approximately 60,000 people with low paying jobs. NERO had identified only two competitors in this market.
  • The company is currently building the store in Baroque Period Style to provide sense of security and stability to the buyers.
  • The company is currently looking for suppliers and distributors for below-mentioned categories and products in China and other countries.
  • At this point, NERO will only buy samples and ship them to Ensenada,Mexico.
  • If this business model works in Rosarito, NERO believes that it will be able to obtain financing to obtain similar stores around the world.

The company will emphasize its initial efforts in Latin America.


Assets & Patent Strategy

Expanding Strong Portfolio of Library of Entertainment Assets

RwE Growth Partners, Inc., the appraiser of RKO Films and Ted Turner Library, has appraised NERO’s library of entertainment assets for USD$17 million.

In addition, NERO’s portfolio of entertainment assets and other intellectual property is currently being meticulously tended by experts in creating highly recession-resistant assets of long-term value out of what are essentially sheets of plain white paper, reels of obsolete 35mm film, and spools of two-inch wide videotape.

The company anticipates that its IP portfolio will contain copyrights, patents, distribution agreements, manufacturing and branding licenses … the kind of intellectual property that many investment analysts and financial writers compare to gold and diamonds whose value remains unaffected by changes in currency rates, inflation, deflation or any other economic trauma. Future strategic assets will consist of ocean front property, commercial rental property, hotels, sports and live entertainment venues. These assets as well as the income they generate should support high market capitalization and high liquidity levels of equities of NERO’s family of companies.

NERO will seek:

  • Patents on core technologies
  • Copyrights on the entertainment content for, its five 24-hour TV Networks and other cable, broadcast and Internet content distribution systems
  • Trademarks and service marks on specific products such as the NeuroPad, NeuroPad, NeuroBOOK, NeuroMANIA product lines and its brick and mortar stores, Aces of Acts, Fantazmus Circus and Fantazmus Studios, and NeuroMama Vacation Club infrastructure

In time, NERO estimates that its entertainment properties will total tens of thousands of featured films, hundreds of thousands of hours of broadcast and cable TV series, special events, sports, and education programs; millions of hours of programs for which the company either owns or holds exclusive distribution and exploitation rights; with copyrights and expiration dates well into the next century that will provide the safety net for its long-term shareholders.


Affiliates & Partners

Unique Partnerships Increase Brand Exposure

Las Vegas & Nationwide Award Winning Cirque (Circus) Style Productions Company, Aces of Acts, Inc. specializes in exceptionally unique Cirque theatrical presentations for exclusive special events and corporate entertainment.

What separates Aces Of Acts from any other entertainment company is that besides being insured and certified, Aces Of Acts team has top professional training, outstanding reputation and countless years of experience in entertainment industry. Most of “Aces” of Acts are international awards winners. |



NERO is in negotiations to add both new serial television and feature film productions and hundreds of hours of existing entertainment content to the existing, vast collection of programs being prepared for native language distribution to hundreds of millions of non-English speaking viewers in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and resorts, hotels, and hospital rooms and senior citizen centers around the world.

NERO is in research and design stages to implement EURASIA Hotel Casino Live Entertainment Mega Resort in PRIMM near Las Vegas. The ultimate goal for NeuroMama is to build television and movie production studios at the resort to create entertainment assets for no cost or very low cost. This resort will also provide enormous branding opportunities and additional revenues for NeuroMama shareholders.


EURASIA will be spun off into a separate public company. NeuroMama will receive its share of income from dividends on Preferred EURASIA shares. Common shares of EURASIA will be booked as an asset on the balance sheet as marketable securities. NeuroMama will only operate the studios and live entertainment. Hotels will be managed by major hotel companies.

NeuroMama will rent gaming floors to Las Vegas based gaming operators. The syndicate of licensed in Nevada gaming operators will own and operate all gaming in EURASIA.

Shopping center and all other retail will be managed by well-established real estate development and management companies. Convention center will be managed by Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Bureau. Theme parks will be designed developed and implemented by Grant Leisure.

Joint marketing venture between NeuroMama and EURASIA will be a win-win long-term marketing strategy for both NERO and EURASIA. This joint marketing strategy will generate priceless financial and marketing rewards for shareholders of both companies.



The company’s team of forward-thinking individuals has engineered an all-encompassing platform from the ground up to take maximum advantage of the last decade’s advances in web crawling, data storage and management, content comparison, analysis and sorting.


Igor Weselovsky - President and CEO, Director

Igor Weselovsky brings more than 22 years of conventional and unconventional entrepreneurial and managerial experience to Neuromama. His career included executive positions at B”N’B’ Corp., JinWo Corp. (S.Korea) (export-import), Stella Bella Corp. (USA) (Import, marketing), International Brands (USA) (e-Commerce), BBC Monitoring (U.K) (Media), P.P. Tropish Fruit (Netherlands) (Import-export), and Coconut Water Community (Internet marketing). Weselovsky has unique perspective, know-how and expertise how to combine and extend online and brick-and-mortar businesses in line with current and future projects. He holds a B.S degree from Novosibirsk State Radio & Electronic Technical School.


Alexander Vikoulov - Chief Financial Officer, Chairman of the Board

Alexander Vikoulov has an extensive background with more than 22 years of hands-on experience in financial sales, accounting, consulting and asset management. Prior to joining Neuromama he held an executive position as a business consultant with Alinvest Capital Group, office manager of First Data Corp., and financial advisor with Prudential Securities. He also previously served as president and CEO of Sibmarket Financial Company in Novosibirsk, Russia, where was also as a director of the board at Siberian Stock Exchange. Vikoulov started his financial career at Incombank in Moscow, Russia, in 1990 as financial analyst. Vikoulov graduated with a BBA degree in finance from Armstrong University.


Vladimir Solovjovs - Chief Operational Officer, Director

Vladimir Solovjovs is a seasoned technical professional with more than 12 years of high technology-related background. Prior to joining Neuromama his career included executive positions as head of development department at SIA TeleNet, IT project manager at SIA Republic Performance, technical director at SIA Baltinet Data, as well as sales manager at AS Pures Banka in Riga, Latvia. Solovjovs graduated from Moscow State University, Riga Branch with a B.S degree in computer science.



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