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Nano Mobile Healthcare Inc. (VNTH)

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Vantage Health Inc.


As of  May 4, 2017
A/S 1,000,000,000 O/S 787,698,074

Nano Mobile Healthcare (SEC name)  Vantage mHealthcare (ref. VNTH)


'NANOBEAK Mobile (Stage 1 lung cancer detection) is the first sensor and app planned to be released in 2018.' - John Groman


UPDATE :  Thu 4/20/2017 3:04 PM

"we are working diligently to get our filings current, as well as to move forward with news"  VNTH President J. Peters
(via an investor's email inquiry & quoted response)

UPDATE :  5/5/2017  10-K


Steven Steinhubl <>  Chairman 

Joseph Peters <>  President

NanoBeak Development <>  Team

Board Members Include:

Edward Rollins - 
Former Advisor to Four U.S. Presidents, to Its Board of Directors



John Groman

CURRENT:   NANOBEAK Mobile (Stage 1 lung cancer detection) is the first sensor and app planned to be released in 2018.

John Groman's History Excerpt

Nanobeak History Summary

My (John Groman) latest venture is a private medical device company that has a non-invasive, sensor and app that will detect stage one lung cancer as well as other detections offered at the price of $1 per test (wholesale). The technology combines our exclusive NASA license of four issued patents and two pending patents with the biomarker research and human trial data from our medical partner Johns Hopkins along with our own proprietary IP. The Sensor and app provide results in real time and will work with all Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and Desktops. 

Nanobeak, Inc 
Nanobeak, Inc
May 2013 – Present (4 years 1 month)

Nanobeak has been developing a non-invasive, inexpensive, real time results, disease detection, remote monitoring, big data, sensor and app that works with all smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop. 

Stage One Lung Cancer Detection will be the first disease detected and following the initial launch other cancer detection apps will be launched using the same sensor. In addition to real time results the test will cost less than $1 per test.

The Nanobeak Cloud platform is what is used to instantly translate nanoparticle measurements on the Nanobeak Sensor using proprietary algorithms into an easily readable real time result on the mobile device.

Nanobeak is the exclusive license holder from NASA to use this technology and this technology won the NASA invention of the year. We use the technology from four issued patents, two patents pending and our proprietary cloud technology IP.

We also developed our own IP to create a breath capture device that provides a breakthrough solution for accurately measuring VOC biomarkers to detect cancer and other diseases.

We have partnered with Johns Hopkins to complete the biomarker research for Stage One Lung Cancer as well as clinical trials.


Nanobeak, Inc, May 2013 - Present (4 years 1 month)
Bella Sante, Chairman & Founder  - December 1993 – Present (23 years 6 months)
Eames Capital Partners, LLC March 2013 – Present (4 years 3 months)
Epsilon - Co Founder and EVP November 1969 – January 2000 (30 years 3 months) Greater Boston Area Advertising and database marketing agency

Harvard Business School


    'NANOBEAK' Development Team

PARENT COMPANY: Vantage mHealthcare Inc. (VNTH)

Before the Vantage Sensor, NASA used the sensor technology to protect the astronauts from harmful gases.

The NASA sensor technology offers nine years of results on the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.

"The sensor was Awarded the NASA Invention of the Year "

NASA Technology Space Certification


Nano Mobile Healthcare is developing a sensor that will screen for the Volatile Organic Compound signatures in a person’s breath. Our device and application (working with any smart phone, laptop or tablet) will be able to identify the presence of lung cancer from a single exhalation. Results will be able to be viewed by patient and doctor in-the-moment and when treatment options are discussed. The Nano Mobile Sensor was developed to address one of the longest standing unmet medical needs today which involves early stage lung cancer detection and to do so in an affordable, non-invasive, safe and convenient way.

Imagine a World


VNTH : OTC ticker symbol


Similarly, the device will be used by law enforcement to detect the presence of marijuana on a driver’s breath. As more and more states legislate the use of marijuana for medical use the risk of driving while drugged increases as does the death toll. Currently, this represents a significant unmet need as law enforcement struggles with multiple interventions to attempt to assess the condition of drivers that, if not legally intoxicated, appear to be drugged. The Nano Mobile Sensor and its application will provide in-the-moment results with a goal of making our roads safer for all drivers and creating a more effective tool for law enforcement.  


Images and some literature is courtesy of



The Nano Mobile Sensor detects chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds using Carbon Nanotubes.

The sensor was Awarded the NASA Invention of the Year :


Imagine A World

Where one company makes a difference, saving lives, through the earliest detection of deadly diseases and improving traffic safety.

The Vantage Sensor - improving outcomes and reducing costs.



Vantage Health News History

USA TODAY - The Future Of Health Care Is Social And Techie

ISSUU - Government Health Care United States Buyers Guide: Winter 2014

Meditek - Could A Smartphone Detect Lung Cancer?

Mobile Health News - Scripps To Test NASA-Developed, Smartphone-Enabled Lung Cancer Sensor

Strategic Partnerships

We have entered into a strategic partnership with Theranostics Laboratory, a translational research company, with offices in the USA and New Zealand. Theranostics Laboratory was founded at the Cleveland Clinic in 2010 and works on subcontracted research, in collaboration with the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI), in New Zealand, and with NASA (via NASA Grant NCC 9-58).

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute is recognized as a world-leader in the field of personalized modeling and is part of the international Virtual Physiologic Human (VPH) project. The Institute has successfully commercialized numerous mHealth technologies, including wireless telemetry systems, wearable sensors and a needle-free injectable system into the US market.

The partnership between the Theranostics Laboratory and the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) is a strategic alliance for us through which the lab will act as principal investigators for us in the areas of mobile strep detection, mobile virus detection and other related areas including breath sample conditioning methodologies. The partnership gives us access to world-class expertise and skill in the field of personalized modeling..

We are working in conjunction with Nanobeak, LLC, a strategic partner, as well as NASA, to develop a mobile app to be used in connection with our sensor that will enable law enforcement to screen for marijuana use and deliver in-the-moment results to the officer’s smartphone, tablet or laptop in the field. Given the increase of marijuana legalization and decriminalization efforts by a growing number of states, we have made the development of a law enforcement sensor the short-term priority. There is a growing need on the part of law enforcement across the country for a portable sensor to detect marijuana abuse and impaired driving. We also plan to incorporate alcohol detection along with the marijuana sensing capability in one device so that law enforcement can have the capability to detect both alcohol (DUI breathalyzer) and marijuana abuse in a single device. The law enforcement device offers a quicker path to market based on reduced testing and regulatory requirements as compared to a medical diagnostic device.

Regulatory Approval

Our products as well as our research and development activities are regulated by numerous governmental authorities, principally the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as state and foreign regulatory agencies.

In the US, we believe that the medical diagnostic devices will be classified by the FDA as Class II medical devices and require clearance through a Form 510K. There can be no assurance that the FDA will provide marketing clearance for the device.

Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales

We intend to outsource manufacturing, distribution and sales but we have not entered into any definitive agreements for these functions.


We intend to compete with other detection devices by offering products that have enhanced value, ease of use, simple functionality, compatibility with various platforms, reliability, attractive price and are high in quality. The Company also believes its intellectual property provides an advantage over current competitors.

Disease Screening

There are a variety of methods to screen for the presence of disease. We are focused on non-invasive, point of care diagnostics.

Following years of research, a number of companies are now in prototype phase with devices that can test the chemical compounds in a person’s breath and identify the early stages of disease. Entry to this market is expected to continue and sharply rise as more prototypes emerge and begin to gain market entry with commercialized products. While companies in development tend to be small and privately owned, there has been entry by larger publicly owned companies that have greater financial reserves, distribution channels and more experience in commercialization. Acquisitions and collaborations by and companies seeking a competitive advantage also affect the competitive environment. This is a global market, evidenced by the emergence of companies bringing competitive solutions from different parts of the world.

New competitors may emerge and may develop products and capabilities which compete directly with our products. No assurance can be given that we will be successful in competing in the industries identified or in other industries that would benefit from our technology.

Customers for our medical diagnostic products is expected to include health care providers such as medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Narcotics Screening

There are currently a variety of breathalyzer smartphone apps which essentially focus on alcohol detection. We are developing devices to distinguish between alcohol and narcotics and screen for a variety of narcotics both legal and illicit.

Making up the narcotic detection space are both domestic and international organizations that range from small, privately held companies to larger companies that include an array of diagnostic narcotics solutions. Although this market is more developed than disease detection, the space is dominated by a few key players making the possibility for new entrants feasible. Because toxicology screens are the most common type of narcotics testing products on the market, we believe that advanced technology that both detects and monitors discrete drug levels in an individual’s system through exhalation will cause this market to expand. The consumer market for mobile applications which provide detection and ongoing monitoring capabilities is anticipated to be significant.

Customers for our product will include the different areas of law enforcement as well as the different areas of professional and amateur sports. Corporations are also a target area for the narcotics screening technology.


We outsource all of our non-executive functions to Nanobeak, LLC. As of the date of this filing Nanobeak has 18 employees and consultants, both full and part time, most of which are shared with NASA and other contractors. The employees are not presently covered by any collective bargaining agreement.





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