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Re: A deleted message

Friday, 02/04/2022 11:57:59 PM

Friday, February 04, 2022 11:57:59 PM

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Further Evidence Supporting a Criminal Investigation. Part 3

IF you have a free two hours and really want to dig in and see how off the rails the management and co conspirators of this scam took it.

Start from exhibit #38 and work your way up. What you will see is a clear picture of management's pattern of scienter starting with:

1. Filing knowingly false information with the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office;

2. For the purpose of raising the authorized capital from 5,000,000,000 to
10,000,000,000 common shares;

3. All of this was done by management, without notice, shareholder approval, or disclosure in any subsequent mandatory filed financial report.

4. With these new shares DSCR issued and additional 2,500,000,000 shares to insiders, promoters and convertible debenture holders.

5. Between May 4 - and May 11, 2021 DSCR through a coordinated marketing campaign, gave selective information (DSCR Coin Press Release of May 11, 2021), to a group of stock promoters and message board posters who took this inside information and used it to drive a FOMO campaign.

6. The results more than $75,000,000 worth of stock was sold in between May 4 to May 11, 2021, inevitable tanking the share price to what it is today/

7. Then the DSC Coin, same BS, sell coin, take down website, and don't disclose anything in any financial statements.

Bridgett Hill is the Attorney General of Wyoming, her phone number is (307) 777-7181. Super hardworking person who answer on occasion direct calls (amazing).

An adverse Bankruptcy petition is the only way anyone, is ever getting a refund back of DSC Coin. and this is made into response of the latest communication from Alt 5 Sigma concerning the coin.

"...ALT 5 Sigma IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: ALT 5 Sigma – Discovery Minerals / DSC Coin.

26 January, 2022

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE REGARDING ALT 5 Sigma Inc., and Discovery Minerals Ltd.,
and the Discovery Minerals Coin.

We are writing you further to the receipt of inquiries from Discovery Minerals’ shareholders
and or purchasers of the Discovery Minerals Coin as it pertains to the role and relationship
of ALT 5 Sigma Inc. and Discovery Minerals Ltd.

On March 9, 2021, Discovery Minerals Ltd entered into a technology and consulting agreement with
ALT 5 Sigma Inc. to build the technology framework for the sale of the Discovery Minerals Coin.
ALT 5 Sigma provided the technology and consulting services to Discovery Minerals and Discovery
Minerals proceeded with the sale of its coin whereby proceeds from the sale of the coin were
remitted to Discovery Minerals Ltd and more specifically to the company’s president, Mr. Russell Smith.

ALT 5 Sigma Inc. provided technology and consultancy services only and was not party to the
sale of the Discovery Minerals Coin.

It should be noted that Discovery Minerals Ltd. proceeded to file false and misleading statements
with the OTC Markets namely the name of the control person of ALT 5 Sigma Inc. as being Brian Scott
is incorrect. Neither ALT 5 Sigma Inc., nor Brian Scott entered into any loan agreement with Discovery
Minerals Ltd. for the reimbursement of the Discovery Minerals Coin.

Shareholders, Stakeholders and or Discovery Minerals Coin holders should read the most recent filings
by Discovery Minerals Ltd. at
More attention should be placed on Note #8:

Note 8 – Subsequent Events Management has evaluated subsequent events pursuant to the requirements of ASC
Topic 855 after the balance sheet date through the date the financial statements were issued. As previously
disclosed in the Company’s period ending March 31, 2021 quarterly report and further press release dated April 30,
2021, the Company signed an agreement with ALT 5 Sigma for the development of its Discovery Coin and Gateway Payment.
However, management has determined this course of action would not be in the Company’s or the shareholders best
interest and has terminated the agreement and is no longer exploring a crypto currency initiative. In December
2021 the Company entered into an escrow agreement whereby all coin buyers will be refunded their full purchase amount.

We therefore ask that you contact Discovery Minerals Ltd. If you have any questions and or comments regarding
the company, its coin and or the refund.

ALT 5 Sigma Inc.
ALT 5 Communications
420 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10170