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Micron Unveils Plans For $15 Billion Chip Manufacturing starbuxsux 09/01/22 12:06 PM
MU shareholders continue to be decimated!! Ugly here ! Nivea67515 06/30/22 8:57 AM
just tossed 300 more on my pile.......$62.90.....still think dirtydozen911 06/10/22 3:35 PM
shoulda....... coulda....woulda.......should have waited to E O D dirtydozen911 04/26/22 4:21 PM
might not be the bottom....but just took dirtydozen911 04/26/22 3:36 PM
might take a nibble if this breaks thru dirtydozen911 04/21/22 2:30 PM
COVID PRODUCTION RESTRICTIONS LIFTED… Finnally! We’re back InvestedMindset 04/20/22 10:14 AM
took a chance on that last dip.......adding smaller dirtydozen911 04/11/22 10:12 AM
sweeeeet....just scored my 1500...@ $75.44......G L A dirtydozen911 04/05/22 10:45 AM
coming up a couple bucks.......looking to buy 1500...mid dirtydozen911 04/05/22 9:06 AM
In oredr to time buys or sells, it Imperial Whazoo 03/31/22 3:59 PM
Yeah. I trade it early today & Imperial Whazoo 03/31/22 11:30 AM
Tim Seymour from CNBC says MU one of Nivea67515 03/31/22 9:53 AM
I'm new to this board. Just started Imperial Whazoo 03/31/22 9:42 AM
Yes I did real well and got the SubPennyBoater 03/30/22 5:39 PM
MU getting sold off again!!! Nivea67515 03/30/22 3:11 PM
Nailed it. Tagging 86 at the moment SubPennyBoater 03/30/22 6:39 AM
See u at 85$ SubPennyBoater 03/29/22 7:34 AM
Bought my calls brandon17617 03/27/22 11:03 PM
waiting for a couple red days.....should drive it dirtydozen911 03/22/22 12:56 PM
MU trading in the high 60’s this morning Nivea67515 03/15/22 2:27 PM
MU been getting sold off lately ! Wow! Nivea67515 03/11/22 10:46 AM
Micron Technology ( MU 3.37% ) is a peterquinnvet 03/08/22 2:14 PM
Price Levels to Watch When Stock Trading Micron jonny_red 02/21/22 6:39 PM
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! starbuxsux 02/10/22 10:00 AM
I love MU as it made me years europtiger 01/28/22 10:59 AM
This is one of the most frustrating stocks Nivea67515 01/28/22 10:53 AM
You nailed it then… was just checking the europtiger 01/18/22 2:51 PM
This is staying up pretty well. Most likely it ezyE 01/04/22 12:24 PM
OUT!!.....about 10 mins ago......2500 @ $95.50.. up about dirtydozen911 12/29/21 10:24 AM
LOVIN IT!!......could hit $100 by years end.....underwater about dirtydozen911 12/21/21 10:06 AM
Top Meme Stock Mentions Money to Move 12/21/2021 $MU: LordTurkeyBaster 12/21/21 9:00 AM
$89!! Message in reply to: G2G 12/21/21 8:06 AM
been sitting on 3500 for about 2 months.....just dirtydozen911 12/13/21 12:42 PM
Finally, $MU starting to move!! Cody6 11/14/21 6:58 PM
could be at $66 later today.......sold some for dirtydozen911 10/12/21 11:07 AM
tomorrow probably ! balamidas 09/28/21 11:49 PM
MU--BOINK will buy this at $67 later Nebuchadnezzar 09/28/21 4:02 PM
i got called away at $73 and $74. Nebuchadnezzar 08/28/21 2:00 PM
i trade Options on it ~took some there ! balamidas 08/27/21 7:49 AM
hope you go some $69s Nebuchadnezzar 08/24/21 6:57 PM
looks stable the last few days.....just added 1000 dirtydozen911 08/20/21 10:11 AM
Nah, the report is correct. Lowjack 08/13/21 9:26 AM
they all suck.....looks like UBS securities is mostly dirtydozen911 08/12/21 5:38 PM
OUCH!!.......avg at $76.32....i`m not going`ll bounce back dirtydozen911 08/12/21 5:31 PM
I know !!!! Cat dog 08/12/21 3:07 PM
68.90 Gobble Gobble girlfriend 08/12/21 1:39 PM
because of morgan stanley downgrade ! the crooks balamidas 08/12/21 10:10 AM
For sure Nivea67515 08/12/21 10:00 AM
Falling like a rock . Headed back down Nivea67515 08/12/21 9:59 AM
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Imperial Whazoo
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Micron Technology (MU)

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Micron Technology, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, engages in the manufacture and marketing of semiconductor devices worldwide. Its products include dynamic random access memory (DRAM) products that provide data storage and retrieval, which include DDR2 and DDR3; and other specialty DRAM memory products, including DDR, SDRAM, DDR and DDR2 mobile low power DRAM, pseudo-static RAM, and reduced latency DRAM. The company also offers NAND flash memory products, which are electrically re-writeable and non-volatile semiconductor devices that retain content when power is turned off. In addition, it provides NOR flash memory products that are electrically re-writeable and non-volatile semiconductor memory devices; phase change memory products; and image sensor products. Micron Technology's products are used in a range of electronic applications, including personal computers, workstations, network servers, mobile phones, flash memory cards, USB storage devices, digital still cameras, MP3/4 players, and in automotive applications. It sells its products to original equipment manufacturers and retailers through internal sales force, independent sales representatives, and distributors, as well as through a Web-based customer direct sales channel. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Boise, Idaho.

Micron Technology Inc.
8000 South Federal Way
Boise, ID 83707-0006

Phone: 208-368-4000
Fax: 208-368-4435

Outstanding Shares:  1.08B
Shares Float: 1.1B

Board and Executive/Officers and Directors:

D. Mark Durcan (CEO): Mr. D. Mark Durcan is Chief Executive Officer, Director of Micron Technology Inc. He joined in June 1984 and has served in various positions since that time. Mr. Durcan was appointed our Chief Operating Officer in February 2006, President in June 2007 and Director and Chief Executive Officer in February 2012. Mr. Durcan has been an officer since 1996. Mr. Durcan is a member of the Board of Directors of MWI Veterinary Supply, Inc. and Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Mr. Durcan holds a BS and MChE in Chemical Engineering from Rice University. Mr. Durcan has served on the Board of Directors since February 2012.

Mark W. Adams (President):  Mr. Mark W. Adams is President of Micron Technology, Inc. He was Interim Chief Financial Officer of Micron Technology Inc. He joined the company in June 2006 and served as Vice President of Digital Media and Vice President of Worldwide Sales before being appointed as President in February 2012. From January 2006, until he joined the company, Mr. Adams was the Chief Operating Officer of Lexar Media, Inc. Mr. Adams served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Creative Labs, Inc. from December 2002 to January 2006. From March 2000 to September 2002, Mr. Adams was the Chief Executive Officer of Coresma, Inc. Mr. Adams holds a BA in Economics from Boston College and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Robert E. Switz (Independent Chairman of the Board): Mr. Robert E. Switz is Independent Chairman of the Board of Micron Technology Inc. He was the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADC Telecommunications, Inc., ("ADC"), a supplier of network infrastructure products and services from August 2003 until December 2010, when Tyco Electronics Ltd. acquired ADC. Mr. Switz joined ADC in 1994 and throughout his career there held numerous leadership positions. Mr. Switz holds an MBA from the University of Bridgeport and a BS in Business Administration from Quinnipiac University. Mr. Switz also serves on the Board of Directors for Broadcom Corporation, Cyan Optics, Inc., GT Advanced Technologies and Pulse Electronics Corporation. He has served on our Board of Directors since 2006 and was appointed Chairman of the Board in February 2012. Mr. Switz's experience as CEO and Chairman of a leading technology company has given him expertise in the technology industry as well business operations, finance, corporate development, corporate governance and management.

Ernie Maddock (CFO, Vice President, Principal Financial & Accounting Officer): Mr. Ernie Maddock has been appointed as Chief Financial Officer, Vice President - Finance, Principal Financial & Accounting Officer of Micron Technology, Inc. Mr. Maddock will join Micron after having served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Riverbed Technology, where he was also responsible for worldwide operations and information technology. Prior to his appointment as the Company's Chief Financial Officer and Vice President, Finance, Mr. Maddock served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Riverbed Technology, Inc. ("Riverbed"), where he was also responsible for worldwide operations and information technology. Prior to Riverbed, Mr. Maddock was with Lam Research Corporation where he held several executive positions including Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President of Global Operations, and Vice President, Customer Support Business Group. Mr. Maddock has a BS in Industrial Management from Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from Georgia State University.

Trevor Schulze (CIO): Mr. Trevor Schulze is Chief Information Officer of the Company. Schulze, who most recently served as Broadcom's corporate vice president of IT, brings to Micron more than 25 years of IT, operations and product development experience. Prior to Broadcom, Schulze worked as the corporate vice president of IT at Advanced Micro Devices, where he oversaw global engineering and infrastructure solutions. He also held various IT and engineering management roles at Cisco.

Joel Lynn Poppen (Vice President, Legal Affairs, General Counsel): Mr. Joel Poppen is Vice President - Legal Affairs, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary of the company. Poppen will be responsible for Micron's legal, intellectual property, ethics and compliance and government affairs functions. He joined in October 1995 and has held various positions of increased responsibility, including Deputy General Counsel. He was appointed to his current position in December 2013. Mr. Poppen holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois and a JD from the Duke University School of Law.



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