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We believe it can be difficult to discover new stock investment opportunities. Our goal is to provide you opportunities that are non-biased and non-emotional.
We do NOT recommend you purchase or sell any of the stocks we report.
We are not pushing stocks for any company and are not paid by any company to promote them.
We are sick of the "pump-n-dumps" on the board, and want to help by providing real information about real companies.
We often times receive stocks from our “Micro Insider Matrix” that are also forming pincher formations on the charts. Our experience has shown that when this happens, typically, we see greater than normal returns. 
Unlike our “Micro Insider” board, we may or may not be purchasing stocks we post on this board.
Pincher Plays are not our area of expertise; however, we have made a lot of very profitable trades combining our “Micro Insider” Matrix and the Pincher philosophy.
Many stocks posted on this board will have nothing to do with “Insider Buying”. If they also have insider buying, we will post this also.
We are not fond of Pink Sheet or OTC stocks; therefore, please refrain from posting these on this board. They will be deleted. We are going to stick to “real companies” with real business actions.
This board will not only be an educational tool for us, it will also help our “Micro Insider” followers learn more about charting.
Pincher plays are positive because the definition of a pincher play results is showing a stock that is in extreme over-sold condition, often resulting in large and fast upward recovery.
Pincher plays are very easy to read on an advanced chart, and the indicators are clear. We will discuss the basic indicators below.
Pincher plays allow for entry at or near the bottom, which are often times very difficult to obtain.

The best indicator of a pincher play is the symmetrical convergence of the PPO & ADX lines on the daily chart: 
Another indicator of a buy signal would be the RSI moving above the 30 line:
The two other indicators showing a buy signal would be an upward crossing of the MACD & upward crossing “in an oversold” condition of the Full STO:
Do not post “non-pinchers” or pinchers of pink sheet or OTC stocks on this board, they will be deleted.
Please refrain from day to day “not pincher” chat, take it to the “Micro Insider” chat board, as we want to keep our boards clean of senseless chatter.
Please discuss entry and exits points for educational purposes; we can all learn from others successes and/or failures.
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