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whats happening here with ownership??? BlueAlien 05/19/17 6:10 PM
KCG - Just shuffling the chairs on the SevenTenEleven 04/21/17 8:03 AM
How is that awesome short position going? BigBake1 04/20/17 8:45 PM
18.50$ up easy $ :P stock1ace1 03/20/17 1:21 PM
$18 potential bid TheFinalCD 03/15/17 5:53 PM
Wow. That is absolutely idiotic. janice shell 11/08/16 10:06 PM
one of best posts i ever read,,,still is ,,.. doinit 11/08/16 10:02 PM
Glad to see some posting here. I've learned utamaro71 10/14/16 5:23 PM
KCG - Correction coming. No doubt excuses will SevenTenEleven 10/04/16 8:36 PM
First start with arrogance. Have to have a Militia Man 10/03/16 10:20 AM
Is it magic or captured regulators? AlanC 10/03/16 8:47 AM
KCG - One has to ask how NITE, SevenTenEleven 10/03/16 8:05 AM
Yes, even T-3 minutes Militia Man 10/03/16 12:19 AM
KCG - When market makers, such as NITE, SevenTenEleven 10/01/16 9:40 PM
Interesting read.. Militia Man 10/01/16 5:54 PM
Knight is being exposed in the Jehu Hand janice shell 09/29/16 12:46 PM
KCG - Of course it is alleged to SevenTenEleven 09/29/16 8:29 AM
I hope it is not removed by administration. AlanC 09/28/16 9:19 PM
As you say, it won't have any effect janice shell 09/28/16 9:14 PM
KCG - This is the Part that should SevenTenEleven 09/28/16 9:13 PM
THE MONEY IS GONE AlanC 09/26/16 8:16 AM
interesting to note terms *utilized* and assigned by fourkids_9pets 05/31/16 1:12 PM
No they haven't. That would be more janice shell 05/22/16 6:08 PM
KCG - Because the likes of Knight and SevenTenEleven 05/22/16 6:01 PM
Once again, if there are no threshold fails, janice shell 05/22/16 3:07 PM
KCG - Of course. We are back to SevenTenEleven 05/22/16 9:57 AM
Dream on... janice shell 05/21/16 2:43 PM
And which ones would "those" be? No janice shell 05/21/16 2:42 PM
Ajax seems now to have custody of those AlanC 05/21/16 10:44 AM
KCG - Not yet... But we all know that SevenTenEleven 05/21/16 10:15 AM
And did any of those longed-for MOASSes result janice shell 05/20/16 3:51 PM
I bet you thought that about Penson as well. AlanC 05/20/16 2:48 PM
And that has what to do with not janice shell 05/20/16 11:00 AM
Don't be silly, Alan. It's a jurisdictional janice shell 05/20/16 10:58 AM
KCG - Dozens of written accounts and warnings SevenTenEleven 05/20/16 9:44 AM
This ruling is going to change the way AlanC 05/20/16 8:56 AM
It took the SEC and the DOJ this fourkids_9pets 05/20/16 8:45 AM
KCG - Wait a second... SevenTenEleven 05/19/16 8:44 PM
time will indeed tell .. fourkids_9pets 05/19/16 10:33 AM
I would think today's decision by the Supreme AlanC 05/16/16 7:56 PM
Frankly, I wonder if this will even result janice shell 05/13/16 7:38 PM
it will certainly be interesting to see which fourkids_9pets 05/13/16 7:26 PM
I wonder if Rosen will file a class action? AlanC 05/13/16 4:12 PM
been waiting on this for *years* janice shell 05/13/16 2:51 PM
Harwood Feffer LLP Announces Investigation of KCG Holdings, Inc. fourkids_9pets 05/13/16 12:47 PM
Who would have thunk it? Not good AlanC 05/13/16 12:22 PM
Missed by a smige today ezey 02/11/16 4:19 PM
Anyone know the dirty details of the Citadel deal? AlanC 02/05/16 2:01 PM
Well I see some that paid GS huge AlanC 01/31/16 4:39 PM
KCG - NITE about to be exposed for SevenTenEleven 01/30/16 9:40 AM
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KCG Holdings (KCG)

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Knight Capital Group, Inc. (collectively with its subsidiaries, "Knight" or the "Company") is a global financial services firm that provides access to the capital markets across multiple asset classes to a broad network of clients, including broker-dealers, institutions and corporations. The Company seeks to continually apply its expertise and innovation to the market making and trading process to build lasting client relationships through consistent performance and superior client service. The Company has four operating segments: (i) Market Making, (ii) Institutional Sales and Trading, (iii) Electronic Execution Services and (iv) Corporate and Other.

Market Making

The Market Making segment principally consists of market making in global equities and listed domestic options. As a market maker, the Company commits capital for trade executions by offering to buy securities from, or sell securities to, institutions and broker-dealers. The Market Making segment primarily includes client, and to a lesser extent, non-client electronic market making activities in which the Company operates as a market maker in equity securities quoted and traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market; the over-the-counter ("OTC") market for New York Stock Exchange ("NYSE"), NYSE Amex Equities ("NYSE Amex"), NYSE Arca listed securities; and several European exchanges. As a complement to electronic market making, the Company's cash trading business handles specialized orders and also transacts on the OTC Bulletin Board, the OTC Pink Markets and the Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") of the London Stock Exchange. The segment provides trade executions as an equities Designated Market Maker ("DMM") on the NYSE and NYSE Amex. The Market Making segment also includes the Company's option market making business which trades on substantially all domestic electronic exchanges.

Institutional Sales and Trading

The Institutional Sales and Trading segment includes global equity, exchange traded funds ("ETFs"), and fixed income sales; reverse mortgage origination and securitization; capital markets; and asset management activities. The primary business of the Institutional Sales and Trading segment is to execute and facilitate equities, ETFs and fixed income transactions as an agent on behalf of institutional clients, and commits capital on behalf of clients when needed. This is predominantly a full-service execution business, in which much of the interaction is based on the Company's client relationships. This segment also facilitates client orders through program and block trades and riskless principal trades and provides capital markets services, including equity and debt private placement.

Electronic Execution Services

The Electronic Execution Services segment offers access via its electronic agency-based platforms to markets and self-directed trading in equities, options, fixed income, foreign exchange and futures. In contrast to Market Making, the businesses within this segment generally do not act as a principal to transactions that are executed and generally earn commissions for acting as an agent between the principals to the trade.

Corporate and Other

The Corporate and Other segment invests in strategic financial services-oriented opportunities, allocates, deploys and monitors all capital, and maintains corporate overhead expenses and all other income and expenses that are not attributable to the other segments. The Corporate and Other segment houses functions that support the Company's other segments such as self-clearing services, including stock lending activities.

Discontinued Operations

Discontinued operations comprises costs associated with shutting down the Company's former Deephaven Capital Management business which was discontinued in 2009.

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