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Hey guys I found this very insightful video reverse_long 12/31/21 10:54 AM
AUID news today e-ore 08/25/21 8:37 AM
AUID moving to NASDAQ today, and news: e-ore 08/24/21 8:34 AM
NASDAQ listing imminent for AUID e-ore 08/18/21 2:20 PM
Effective July 13,2021 IDTYD will change to AUID: Renee 07/12/21 8:53 AM
IDTYD 12.50 featured here: "Renaissance Capital is the e-ore 06/28/21 9:57 AM
Updated Linkedin page for IDTYD e-ore 06/15/21 8:45 AM
Meaningful developments at IDTYD e-ore 06/14/21 10:26 AM
IDTY one for 30 reverse split. ** PPS Renee 06/11/21 8:06 PM
Why so much volume in the last day? Anderpants 03/10/21 9:53 AM
dont think imma get it :( startin here Tduggylolz 01/08/21 10:06 AM
this chart lookin super nice GC, looking for Tduggylolz 01/08/21 10:03 AM
Any one expecting this to zoom up because Anderpants 01/06/21 12:01 PM
IDTY .13, From today's 10q e-ore 11/09/20 11:36 AM
Interview with new IDTY CEO. 6 minute video. e-ore 06/16/20 8:36 AM
Guessing R/S this year. Bid 2 cents. willlbone 01/02/20 4:42 PM
$IDTY Tier_Change: OTCQX U.S. to OTCQB $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/02/20 2:29 AM
IPDaily. willlbone 10/24/19 2:40 PM
Over $60,000 traded in 20 minutes here today. e-ore 06/11/19 3:05 PM
ID Global Solutions Corporation, IDGS, changed to Ipsidy Renee 11/16/17 4:18 PM
IDGS 10q out, accompanied by a news release e-ore 11/13/17 6:39 PM
More blocks on the ask today, ones for e-ore 11/10/17 7:49 PM
Nice blocks of buying in the last 10 e-ore 11/08/17 4:05 PM
They don't have any convertible notes. Look at e-ore 10/29/17 7:33 PM
Looked more like they cleared a note to me Kicko 10/29/17 7:05 PM
Interesting trading at IDGS Friday. In a short e-ore 10/29/17 6:55 PM
Yep. It would be too easy to see Kicko 10/29/17 6:32 PM
Do we see more loading happening Monday..... thinking yes.... stockyupydowny 10/28/17 5:42 PM
OTCM shows O/S as 344,214,142 ThirdSyte 10/27/17 6:22 PM
Yes, $1.3 mill trying to squeak by unnoticed stockyupydowny 10/27/17 4:50 PM
Same here. Volume before price. Pretty good size getoffyourass 10/27/17 4:31 PM
Yuppers! Kicko 10/27/17 4:28 PM
They weren't dumps they were cross trades to Kicko 10/27/17 4:27 PM
Ihubbers have not even picked up on this stockyupydowny 10/27/17 4:02 PM
took a position and watching stockyupydowny 10/27/17 12:17 PM
i dont trust it, massive 2 mil share Spicemaster 10/27/17 11:57 AM
looks like IDGS is making a comeback - FYI stockyupydowny 10/27/17 11:52 AM
IDGS may split. From PRE 14A filed 8/8/17 e-ore 08/08/17 2:54 PM
I don't like the almost $5 million in e-ore 08/06/17 10:22 PM
What are your thoughts on $IDGS? Looks thinly fsjm 08/06/17 8:20 PM
Interesting $17,000 buy yesterday e-ore 04/05/17 11:28 AM
What you think about this? Any news? fsjm 01/12/17 11:33 AM
BIG BIDS COMING IN!! Finally!! Now go lol fsjm 08/19/16 1:33 PM
Ask .45! What's going on with this seems asleep fsjm 08/11/16 2:36 PM
Is this dead lol fsjm 06/28/16 3:50 PM
What is up with this garbage? Will we fsjm 04/18/16 6:04 PM
Not good late in filing 10k! Plus y fsjm 04/15/16 2:43 PM
I guess we can wait till it hits fsjm 04/13/16 4:01 PM
What do u expect when company is in fsjm 04/12/16 2:42 PM
Well we getting action... Not the price I fsjm 04/12/16 2:41 PM
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Ipsidy Inc. (AUID)

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IIM Global Corp
160 East Lake Brantley Drive
Longwood, Fl. 32779
Phone: (407) 951-8640

Thomas R. Szoke CEO
Charles D. Albanese CFO
Ricky Solomon

Audited Financials

Authorized Shares 300,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2015
  Outstanding Shares 164,300,789 a/o Mar 31, 2015
  -Restricted Not Available
  -Unrestricted Not Available
  Held at DTC Not Available
  Float   a/o Mar 31, 2015
  Par Value 0.0001
CIK 0001534154
Fiscal Year End 12/31


About Us

At IIM Global Corp, innovation in technology is our passion, and it shows in everything we do. While other tech companies are stuck in competition with each another, IIM Global is rapidly rising above and moving toward the future. How? We don’t just imitate and repackage other companies’ products: we create brand new ones.

The Company is developing biometric products and solutions for global Government, Enterprise, and Consumer markets. The Company is planning to focus in two specific technology areas: biometric handheld identification and biometric mobile payment. The Company’s objective is to focus on two distinct markets, one being the Government market requiring solutions for addressing its security and associated identity management needs and the other the Consumer Mobile Payment market which is looking to define non obtrusive but highly secure solutions used for credit and debit card payments that can incorporate biometric technologies.
To address these markets the Company hasinvested into patenting and developing both hardware and software platforms focused to address these specific market requirements.

How it Works?


Today there are different methods provided by Issuers (banks that issue consumers credit cards) to perform Cardholder Verification. These methods depend on the type of card that is being used, i.e. old Magnetic Stripe cards, or new Chip Cards. Our solution provides a method of Cardholder Verification which conforms to these standards.

We provide Cardholder Verification within the current set of rules as defined by the Card Associations, making our method an enforceable solution to Issuers risk of loss mitigation.

We work with Issuers (Banks that issue credit cards). The bank can select the way it wishes for a card holder to verify their identity, and this method is programmed into the chip card that is sent to the card holder. For example, the card can be configured to ask for a Pin, or a Signature at time or purchase. This is known as Chip and Pin or Chip and Sign. The rules and the standards allow for the bank to choose other ways as well, they simply enable them in the chips of the cards they issue to consumers.

Our Solution Uses the Information Programmed Into the Chip Card by the Bank and:

Provides a level of security that is considered one of the highest in the IT Industry and applies it to the Credit Payment Transaction process, while conforming to all of the defined rules and methods of the international standards and card associations.

Eliminates the threat of a Man in the Middle attack to the Acquiring Network (This is the network used by the Point of Sale terminals to connect to the banks), by using a different channel (Not the same network the Point of Sale terminal uses) to verify the card holders identity.

Uses a specialized dynamic pin method to proactively validate the cardholder identity through the cardholders mobile phone during the point of sale process.

Can use the Finger Print authentication on the mobile phone (if the phone is equipped with the FP sensor) to further enhance the level of security of our specialized dynamic pin method of identity validation.

Can be used on all types of Smartphones ( IOS, Android, Windows) and runs as a background application that is integrated into foreground applications.

Is complimentary to existing payment applications and solutions, by adding a superior level of security that is focused on Cardholder Identity Validation.

Value Propositions

Issuer (Bank Issuing the Credit Card) - Risk of Loss mitigation. Under cardholder laws the Issuer is responsible for fraudulent transactions. They have to cover these costs and benefit directly by additional security in the process, as long as it is conforming to the defined card association rules.

Acquirer (Network running the Point of Sale Terminals) - Reduces chance of fraudulent transactions in the network.

Gateway/Mobile Platform Providers (Value added supplier of payment services to merchants) - Reduces chance of fraudulent transactions to the merchants they service.

Merchant - Reduces potential of charge backs (refunds the must process due to fraudulent transactions). This costs merchants money and many times consumer loyalty. What happened at Target is a good example of this.

Consumers - Reduces risk of fraudulent transactions using their credit cards. Could receive additional compensation from Issuers as incentives.


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