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Good for you! Sputnik 03/01/22 7:44 AM
I remember the old days when I bit tolduso 03/01/22 6:44 AM
There is also the agreement with Avient (PolyOne) hoosierboosier 01/31/22 2:05 PM
What royalties? I stopped believing anything Doug zdog 01/25/22 9:15 PM
Has anyone sniffed out information on Integral Technology scrutchmo 01/25/22 7:24 PM
Sptnws I hope you’re enjoying your investment in Sputnik 08/02/21 4:19 PM
Agree! Sputnik 06/04/21 11:02 AM
Doug belongs in jail for the lies he zdog 06/04/21 11:00 AM
Absolutely toast! Sputnik 06/04/21 10:55 AM
Looks like toast. tolduso 06/04/21 10:49 AM
I didn't see on Yahoo either. tolduso 06/04/21 10:48 AM
EnerSys Announces Plans to Expand TPPL Capacity and scrutchmo 05/07/21 11:06 PM
I believe the SEC finally shut it down zdog 04/12/21 11:28 AM
did yahoo drop the ITKG message board? No tbm700 04/12/21 10:46 AM
So much for that ITKG revoked today by elkonig 03/26/21 10:51 AM
ITKG registration revoked. Renee 03/26/21 9:35 AM
Apparently this is alive again, traded 465k so zdog 03/18/21 1:37 PM
It was sent to me as I've been kelleyy 03/10/21 3:34 PM
Is this fake lol it’s no where official Harry89 03/08/21 7:49 PM
I thought it was dead, it appears to zdog 03/03/21 5:45 PM
Company Taking Steps to Regain SEC Compliance kelleyy 03/03/21 3:17 PM
havent been here in while..anyone know why the Jitz 02/11/21 2:37 PM mistake. Wrong board. tolduso 02/02/21 9:00 AM
Nightfood? Sputnik 02/02/21 8:58 AM
Yep...its never changed. tolduso 02/02/21 8:57 AM
He just slinked away! Sputnik 01/29/21 4:35 PM
Has Doug given a rosy update recently, or zdog 01/29/21 2:08 PM
Yep. Of course they misled investors! Sputnik 01/29/21 1:49 PM
Ouch! Haven't been here for a while. tolduso 01/29/21 1:45 PM lucky, mydog 11/25/20 1:30 PM Sputnik 10/02/20 10:26 AM
Summary of Agreements, page 7 Sputnik 09/25/20 10:00 AM
Here is the communication from the SEC that Sputnik 09/25/20 9:18 AM
With those 2 or three SEC press releases elkonig 09/22/20 10:50 AM
Thanks for the update! Sputnik 09/22/20 10:34 AM
ITKG SEC Suspension for severely delinquent Financials: Renee 09/22/20 9:47 AM
They filed their last annual report about two zdog 07/20/20 11:07 AM
What is the difference? How would describe Sputnik 07/18/20 1:06 PM
Thanks, Increases my belief, a scam under any other zdog 03/31/20 4:44 PM
I didn’t get a chance to hear the Sputnik 03/31/20 4:33 PM
I was a little late to conference call, zdog 03/31/20 3:58 PM
What is Doug’s role in the new scam? Sputnik 03/31/20 3:54 PM
The scam continues, it just morphed into Pivotal zdog 03/31/20 3:27 PM
There is a massive difference between being dead-in-the-water EdgarAllanPoe 02/20/20 11:35 AM
I wish I would have listened better and rickybobby21 01/31/20 6:07 AM
Huge scam! Always has been. Sputnik 01/28/20 10:15 AM
Amazing this thing still trades, what a scam. The zdog 12/26/19 7:54 PM
Doesn’t sound like you are missing much. zdog 12/09/19 4:19 PM
What am I missing ? Maybe I have rickybobby21 12/09/19 2:41 PM
Yep. Won’t be long! Sputnik 11/25/19 9:58 AM
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Integral Technologies Inc. (fka ITKG)

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Welcome to the ITKG board!

We desire to maintain a professional, courteous and non-defensive atmosphere. The members of this site would like to keep the style of this community upbeat, proactive, educated and mostly functional.

Electriplast is a future product in present day. It is used in everything from batteries, to high tech auto-parts. ITKG has numerous licensing deals allowing them to make revenues off royalties.

Per ITKG's website:

ElectriPlast engages in the discovery, development, and licensing of intellectual property rights for applications and uses of electrically conductive hybrid resins and composites.

ElectriPlast’s extensive patent library has earned them recognition as “One of the 50 Best & Brightest Companies” by MBD Capital and is one of the most extensive intellectual property libraries in the conductive plastics space.

ElectriPlast has been constantly innovating since filing its first patent application in December of 2002 for engineering a highly conductive plastic for antenna applications.

Holdings include patents covering ElectriplastTM, a line of non-corrosive, electrically-conductive resin-based materials, as well as patents specific to applications and components manufactured from electrically conductive resins.

Here is a link to the list of their current patents:


This is an excellent write up written by in May of 2018. It talks about how they actually filled in for a tier 1 group auto manufacturer in 2017. A competitors product quality was deemed unsatisfactory
 for that manufacturer, so Integral Technologies stepped up and filled the entire order. It also goes on to say that partnering with Polyone will give them a far better chance at securing orders such as these in future.


Disclaimer: We share personal views only, and do not make Buy, Hold, or Sell recommendations. Please perform your own Due Diligence and contact your Broker or Financial Institution before making any financial decisions regarding this security.
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