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'Idea of the day' trading in and out for profit

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I am dedicating this thread "Idea of the day- trading in and out of profit!!" for those investors who have long-term positions in the market in their core portfolios. Most of these stocks have suffered as a result of meltdown in NASDAQ. A good thread my experience tells me is thread that should avoid at all cost negative publicity by being the hottest. One should be hottest for right reasons. I also discovered in last five years that some time ‘lesser thoughts’ entangle with successful people to gain the popularity by just creating nuisance, I have always tried my best to keep off big waves and steer my thread into my areas of interest. Investor’s hub seems to be a very quiet place and we will try to keep it that way by getting real debate on issues, it should remain our biggest secrets. I will request those of you who visit may please keep my presence here to your kind selves only. I don't want this link to be posted anywhere, as I would like to indulge in my exercise of provocative thinking far better in controlled and limited environment. From the little experience I have, I try to make short-term trades to offset losses in long-term core. I trade options in futures and my levels are based on cash instead of futures. I have found that options in futures provide a great dynamic hedge from volatility in the market. Pre-positioning of this kind of hedge is important for all of us. I try with my little knowledge to forecast market trends from economic fundamentals, this thread of mine will be also dealing with those economic news that matter the most and how they impact the futures. I am a born optimist, see things rosy and try to get the best out of worst circumstances. I have a definitely long bias as I feel that ‘recessions’ are not made of this kind of economic environment. My views are certainly very biased on the long side as a result of my investments; I don’t put money under the pillow and try to work it. I welcome those of you who are interested in SPX, QQQ’s and market direction to post their thoughts every day, on the other hand at my side I will be assisted by my three sons Zain Latif, Zachary Latif and Rayhan Latif. This board for me is also a training ground for my children who are right now in their embryonic stages in life and I try to teach them how to swim with the sharks if they can. With best of luck and hope I embark on this thread with a positive outlook for the economy and the market. Of course our whole emphasis would be to get the dips right. Pre-position ourselves and make money if we can. One other thing that may distinguish or may be making it boring to many totally market oriented souls is our natural tendency to waver into lighter things in life. I am interested in human progress, in forces of globalization and political debates on contentious issues. This thread with market orientation will see a lot of posts that may not relate to market but addresses our personnel fixation, I thought it would be wise to pre-warn wanderers in search of market knowledge to these pitfalls that may lead to waste of time. A thread as I always thought in my mind is about exploitation of our analytical processes and with benefit of hindsight going back to them to find if our bearings were right. On that count we have some time successes others loss of face, on both counts we don’t live with our laurels neither we get bogged down with our failures. All together we come out better if we leave failures aside and keep working on construction of new thoughts and thinking that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Believe you me, making a new home from the ashes of a 'old palace' of intellectual discourse looks like a tall order but I have always believed in swimming against the tide and most important is that ‘my lounge’ should be my place where I share my provocative thoughts without threats and intimidation or ridicule. I wish this thread a best of luck and career.
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