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A city consists of various systems and services spread across several vertical categories such as:

Safety:              Street Lighting, Crowd Control, CCTV

Transport:         Public Transport, Traffic Management, Parking

Healthcare:       Disease Control, Emergency Response, Patient Authentication

Environment:   Water Quality, Air Quality, Weather Sensing, Flood Control

Utilities:           Smart Metering, Waste Management, Sewerage

With our ongoing commitment to in-house research and development growth and our executive subsidiary
expansion plan in connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT) we will be able to deliver affordable, scalable,
secure and proven services and technologies that can address individual, business and city goals.”

At the parent level, IDGC will be responsible for and consolidate financials, accounting, human resources,
branding and marketing, capital markets and capital raising functions. Our partners and management teams
will share in regular “subsidiary resources” especially intellectual capital, knowledge and vision, collectively
developing new products, services and businesses.

Each Subsidiary Partnership will continue to manage and grow their business under the collective strength
of our umbrella. As a group collectively allocating and deploying our resources for the growth and success of
each partnership but for the betterment of the Parent.

Cities are always evolving and in a state of constant change from the growth in population
to the redevelopment of old to new infrastructure.
To create opportunities for economic growth, a city needs to build the right operating environment for
its businesses and engage its citizens with meaningful local services.

Advances in communications technologies, exemplified in the growth and success of the Internet of Things (IoT),
create an opportunity for cities to manage issues,
reinvent themselves and connect both their infrastructure and their citizens together.
By harnessing connectivity, a city can benefit from both improved services and
lower costs across a myriad of domains from waste collection to water quality to management of deliveries
and authentication of citizens for smart services and travel.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated at 35 billion devices
serving 7 billion people will be connected to the Internet by 2020.
That means a significant amount of data will be transferred, downloaded, uploaded, etc.,
every second of every day. Keeping with this workload will be a primary focus for data centers.

The increasing need for data storage due to the influx of data from IoT devices will require data centers
to reconfigure their server farms to handle wider and more diverse data flows.
IoT can help optimize strategic operations at data centers and provide automation.

  Noveda Technologies

  Noveda Technologies – Our patented software as a service (SaaS) solutions help reduce energy and water usage,
  optimize performance of renewable energy systems,
  and reduce the carbon footprint for customers across commercial/retail, industrial, government, education, and utility sectors.

  Visit Website

  PolyBrite Norge AS

  PolyBrite Norge AS (Affiliate) is our European distributor of our smart street lights, equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs,
  which last longer and use less power than traditional street lights. With our control network we can connect a city-wide array of sensors,
  and analytics packages that could include built-in wireless connectivity, high-definition digital cameras, and sensors to monitor weather,
  air quality and more.

  Visit Website


Pink Current Information 

1011 Camino Del Rio South #440

San Diego, CA 92108 
Many are restricted also/Restricted 12,332,020,863 unre'd,6,105,328,897

Share Structure
Market Cap Market Cap

Authorized Shares

Outstanding Shares



Held at DTC

Par Value

IDGlobal Corporation (IDGC) is a diversified holdings company with a 
focus on emerging and middle market investment opportunities Worldwide.
IDGC seeks, through debt and equity investments, controlling interests,
joint ventures and licensing agreements with established companies 
within the Consumer Goods Sector.
– Team Watershed 
At the end of 2018, there was a change in the Company’s business model to now become a diversified holding company and pursue
the acquisition and renovation of residential, commercial,and industrial properties within the Real Estate industry.
As part of this change, the Company has recently acquired more than 85 million unrestricted common shares of Apple Rush, Inc.
(APRU.PK current price $.018 market value appx. $1,530,000US. ID Global Corp. will seek to invest in emerging and established
private companies that would benefit from the advantages of a public company but do not have the resources
and expertise to operate one on their own. ID Global Corp. will act as a catalyst between these companies to raise and infuse capital
when required and to offer its expertise in management and finance, so that the current management of these joint venture companies
can independently manage and operate their respective businesses.
By strategically aligning companies with a common purpose, ID Global Corp. foresees unlimited possibilities in the development,
cost reduction, increased sales potential and marketing resulting in long-term operational and financial stability.Currently,
the Company believes there is significant economic opportunity and is conducting due diligence with several Joint Venture partners in the real estate industry.
It will focus on companies that work with both traditional (public and private) and alternative (private equity) financiers,
end-users, and government agencies to develop, renovate, lease and sell these various properties. 
The company has also recently started merger process for a professional staffing service.




Huh, What’s a Squad Leader?

We know, we know – we picked an odd name. However, the term Squad Leader has a specific definition in militaries around the world –
more notably the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, British Army, and Royal Marines.
A Squad Leader usually has 9-15 direct reports and is responsible for all aspects of their lives.
Beyond making all tactical decisions in combat, a Squad Leader is responsible for their general well-being while on and off duty,
physical fitness conditioning, professional training and development, living conditions while abroad and stateside, and approves all major financial decisions.

We’ve essentially adopted the military’s definition. For us, a Squad Leader is a veteran (preferred) who has successfully transitioned back into their community.
These veterans lead passionate, wholehearted, and honest lives both within the context of their career and in their homes.
Squad Leaders at our organization understand how to help veterans become successful members of their community through personal and professional mentorship.
Squad Leaders are charged with mentoring the future of our communities.


Are you ready to learn from those who have been where you are?
Are you ready to succeed?



About Our Mission 
Harbour Trading Co.
Harbour Trading Co. is dedicated to bringing you sustainable, wild "Fresh Catch" caught by captains and fishermen in the United States.
We have worked together to develop a transparent, sustainable process in order to put the freshest fish possible on your table with the lowest impact on our environment.
We are passionate about fish and our relationship with the ocean and it shows.


Thompson Global Solutions
Program & Project Managment
Given that each project is unique, TGS use's the PMP methodology as a framework for improving performance & delivering change capabilities to ensure each project is delivered on time and under budget. 


Nano Hydroceutical Solutions, Inc. (NHS) homeopathic products have advantages over many similar products. First, each individual reagent has been selected after reviewing over 8,000 potential homeopathic remedies. Once a list of these has been selected additional research is conducted to insure that each remedy works in complementary fashion with the others. This is different than the single remedy practiced by most traditional homeopathic doctors. Our products have complementary poly organic substances.

•The Board Monitor and The Board Assistants herewith, Are not licensed brokers and assume NO Responsibility for the Actions,
 Investment decisions, and or Messages Posted on this Forum.
•We do NOT recommend that Anyone Buy or Sell any Securities Posted Herewith.
Any Trade entered into Risks the Possibility of Losing the Funds Invested.
•There are NO Guarantees when Buying or Selling Any Security.


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