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Welcome to the Global IP Solutions Message Board (updated 3/29/2007) Contents 0.) Quick Reference News Feed 1.) About the company 2.) News Links 3.) Podcasts 4.) Trading a (foreign stock) 5.) Chart Links 6.) My Interest in GIPS Introduction As has been noted by LordShip below there are a number of people that have heard of Global IP Solutions, up until recently it was known as "Global IP Sound", so if it rings a bell that the name you probably remember. The following PR addresses the name change further the second Pod Cast link below is titled "GIPS becomes GIPS" discusses the rational for the change as well 1.) About the Company GIPS is an international company with offices in San Francisco Santa Barbara Londonderry (New Hampshire) Stockholm Hong Kong Seoul Korea Global IP Solutions develops industry leading embedded media processing solutions, their key suite of products is encompassed under "GIPS MediaWareTM". Originally the emphasis was specifically on "VoiceEngine" products. But with the growing interest in streaming video organizing voice products under the more general MediaWare title made sense and further was the rational behind the company's name change from Global IP Sound to Global IP Solutions. Pivotal to this new Image was the January 2007 Licensing Acquisition of ESPRE Solutions' LSVX Video CODEC Link discusses has Podcast link and discusses significance to ESPRE. GIPS web site is very extensive and discusses the company at lenth. Before hitting the website hard keep in mind that the company has a very large scale vision about communications specifically that video is destined to become a common part of it. Further that VOIP is not to be just combined to the desk top. Currently they devide VoiceEngine offerings into PC, Embedded, Mobile and Multimedia Solutions. Specific applications are focused on dealing with the following problems: delay, jitter, packet loss, clock-drift, acoustic and network echo across a number of wired and wireless platforms. They work closely with network operators, device manufactures, application developers, ISP's, Infrastructure Providers and Enterprises in General to Provide solutions to address these and many other crucial issues. GIPS brings customers into their community via their Developers forum. You can become a member and download code to set up your own VoiceEngine laboratory. If however you want to market your own products based on GIPS technology they will have to be licensed. Gives you product demonstrations Links to the Developer Community (disclosure: although very technically inclined I have not tried to set up a lab but from the looks of it its probably not very difficult for those with programming experience. Frankly I don’t really have time for such fun at this stage in my life its all about the money and through that to be part of a bigger vision--communications investment i find most exciting) 2.) Press Releases: 3.) Podcasts: The company plans on adding more pod casts and has this page on their corporate site specifically for accessing them Their first two Podcasts 4.) Trading a (foreign stock) / Trading Global IP Solutions The fact that Global IP Solutions recently changed its name from Global IP Sound is to be kept in mind since some services feed current data in association with the company's old name. GIPS is "dual listed" on the OTC market in Norway and on the pink sheets in the USA (imho calling this a dual listing is a misnomer since imho its all ultimately traded in Kroners on the Norwegian OTC Market). In order to bid or ask on this stock its important to realize that one must take the Norwegian Kroner. The following link can provide conversions as necessary. In summary regarding trading / as an example one would decide how many shares they wanted, then look up the current price in Kroners which one can determine via the following chart then one decides the bid price in Kroners and then uses the above converter to change into the bid price that one will submit to their broker under the ticker Since the routed trades are currently thin chances are you will be able to confirm your order graphically with your chart service (however i do not expect this to last forever because imho once the company begins demonstrate a trend in hyper-accelerating earnings growth chances are you will not be the only person routing an international order through the pinks.) Please also note that once must emphasize that the converter must be used on the day of the trade since the currency exchange rates change often--of note in march 2007 on CNBC a number of guests have been touting the Kroner as being better than the dollar (a carry trade if you will) but that you would need 100,000 dollars to set it up with your bank. The upshot is even if the stocks price is constant in knroners over the period when you own the stock its value in USD's will change. 5.) Chart Links The first two links give the value of shares in USD, the first of these two is in "https://" form not "http://" so Investors Hub does not convert it into a link so you will have to cut and paste it. does not have gbipf (yet), and yahoo only gives 5 days which is worthless. this third link is in Kroners above, its very valuable when calculating bid and ask prices as noted above. (please note that it still shows as Global IP Sound on the above chart i suppose someone should contact them about that...) 6.) My Interest in GIPS: IF YOU HAVE MADE IT THIS FAR: Why would you want to invest in Global IP Solutions? The first post on this board is the article first released by Oracle on 3/21/2007, Global IP Sound had been anticipating a big licensing deal in 2007, from the look of it i would suspect that this is the one. Oracle specifies (also known as GIPS) as the Licensor of the "De facto Standard" in VOIP codec technology. You probably use GIPS's codec w/ out even knowing it as its being licensed by skype (updated though Skype is beta-ing there own codec as of March 2007) GIPS has recently acquired Crystal Voice, a Santa Barbara, California company, and has recently acquired a key video technology as described above. GIPS appears to be a Profitable company from the company's financials fortunately even though the company is headquartered in Sweden it has offices in the United States, Asia, etc. As also stated above. Link to Company Financials: Right Now this site is under construction and should be completed (w/ the exception of small revisions that may occur from time to time) relatively soon--i am nearly done. I expect posters to be respectful to the company and to be honest, posts that lack either of these two attributes will likely be deleted Good luck with all your investments, please do your own DD before buying any stock. plaintif2000 (p2k)
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