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Caledonia Mining Corp.

EmGold Mining Corp.

San Gold Corp.



Centurion Gold Holdings, Inc., (OTCBB: CGHI)

So what would be a price target for gold, based on the 1980 intraday high of $873 per ounce if the correlation would hold?
That's right, $5,000 per ounce.

The world is just saddled with too much debt. The more global debt the higher Gold POG FLY -

Chart 1 shows Gold's mega uptrend and as you can see, the volatility over the past year doesn't look like much.
On the contrary, this chart illustrates Gold's strength as it sits near the high side of the rise that started in 2001.
This is the most important picture to keep in mind when investing in Gold.
The bull market since 2001 is clearly underway -

Second wave LT trend started - of the 5-wave Elliott pattern -

This Gold bull market rise is going to make the 1970s spectacular rise look small in comparison.
It will take time, but it's powerful because it's more of a global market today compared to the 1970s.
By Aden sisters.

Gold - Afternoon Fix (Source N M Rothschild) (INDEX) -

AMEX - Gold Bugs Index (INDEX)

Phlx - Gold Silver Index (INDEX)

Video Info - What is -
Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve -

$gold - CRB LT - (goes up often by inflasion and demand) -

GATA - Gold go to $3000 or $5000 or more? -

GATA's advertisement in The Wall Street Journal -

This advertisement, sponsored by GATA and costing $264,426.26,
is scheduled to appear in The Wall Street Journal on
Thursday, January 31, 2008.

Complete documentation of the statements cited in the
advertisement can be found as follows:

Paragraph 2, statement by J. Virgil Mattingly, general counsel
for the Federal Reserve:

Paragraph 3, statement by Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan:

Paragraph 4, motion by Barrick Gold Corp.:

Paragraph 5, statement by William S. White of
the Bank for International Settlements:

Paragraph 6, U.S. Treasury Department international reserve
position reports:

Paragraph 7, Sprott Asset Management report:

Paragraph 7, Cheuvreux report:

Paragraph 7, Citigroup report:

Paragraph 7, Redburn Partners report:

View ad as PDF

Wall Street Journal Ad

Goldcorp shareholder enjoy about 100% interest and more per year +
dividend -

Goldcorp compared to Barrick and Newmont -
were do you want to be -

Goldcorp paying dividends -

Legend in record US chart debut -

Biggest Scam In History -
(speakers on )



GOLD Higher lows and Higher Highs - REAL GOLDEN MONEY -

Gold - history - very Long Term LT oversold - undervalued -
the manipulation creates hardship for Gold & Silver miners
worldwide -
in the future Precious Metals will explode -
the more manipulation -
the higher Gold will fly -

(to see the 600yeargold chart chart -
put your mouse arrow to the box -
use the right side -
button on your mouse -
click view image

Gold LT -

GOLD MINES Stocks - Low Cost Au Producers -
Got GOLD - Strategic Positions -

Welcome to join and enjoy GOLD (Au) PRODUCERS -
InvestorsHub forum...
tell us your opinion and
ask your questions...
Imo. Tia.

Precious Metals Spot Price's -

"We have gold because we cannot trust Governments."
President Herbert Hoover



Gold & Silver is Money =
not paper, not electronic credits, not chips and
not polo-ticz fiatz666counterfeitz -
The Fiat Money System -
Dr. Bill Veith in studio w/ Alex Jones -

Banking cartel info -

Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 1 of 3

Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 2 of 3

Money Masters: Federal Reserve History part 3 of 3

Gold Trading Boot Camp -
How to Master the Basics and Become a Successful Commodities Investor -

Precious Metal Charts Page -

Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve -

Gold Bullion Weekly compared to fiat Currency Chart Page -

A must see video clip on the Federal Reserve -
and the current state of the Dollar...

Those who make peaceful REVOLUTION impossible will
make violent REVOLUTION inevitable.
- John F. Kennedy

Shut Down The Federal Reserve: Save America!
†With God all things are possible†
by: todd h

ROB-TV in exposing the Gold price suppression scheme -
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Join GATA -
Gold Show -
2007 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
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Gold - LT Strong Bull Trend Started -

1st LT Bull wave - 1st correction -
4 more LT Bull waves to Go -

Silver - LT Strong Bull Trend Started -

1st LT Bull wave - 1st correction -

4 more LT Bull waves to Go -
(Elliott Wave 5-wave Elliott Pattern)

2007 Outlook for Gold and Silver -
of and says that
dollar weakness could push up price...

Contributions may be sent to:
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
c/o Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer
7 Villa Louisa Road
Manchester, Connecticut 06043-7541

GATA's Internet site is found at

The Fiat Money System -
Dr. Bill Veith in studio w/ Alex Jones -


Dollar hits new low versus euro -

Before the U.S. House of Representatives -
The End of Dollar Hegemony -

Colorado And Utah Oil Shale Deposits To Rival OPEC Oil Reserves
May 2007 | Industry News

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS),
the oil shale deposits in the US are likely to hold
as much as 1.5 trillion barrels (bbl) of Oil & Gas ....
Go for the gold....
....don't always do as you're told....

....behold the prize nuggets of your precious psyche....

The Financial System Is A Farce -
by Eric Sprott who spells it our clearly -

God Bless You and the USA -

In God We Trust -
God Bless

Welcome to the Gold Producers discussion board

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