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The Gold Standard: The Case for Another Look

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The Gold Standard: The Case for Another Look


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- According To Gold -


Whenever gold touches a new record price, goldbugs leap up and down and slap each other heartily on the back in a self-congratulatory ritual that is becoming as predictable as the 4 seasons. They are right, and they know it. For all the troughs in the chart since 2000, any tenacious golden insect who held on through trial and tribulation has only seen his fortune grow. Naysayers have gone silent, for the most part, but for that implacable breed who can still claim a flat earth when all the evidence is in supporting a round planet.

Gold is speaking to us, in its gleaming, grinning, golden silence, from its distant historical perch in the affairs of commerce among humans. Its telling us what fools we are to believe in the fiat paper issued by governments. Its telling us that many G7 governments are either in cahoots with or the unwitting foils of the elite banking set who pilfer the pockets of citizens (while padding the accounts of their delusional economists to keep the media talking only of economic cycles) and proclaim and "economic cycle" through the mouths of their delusional economists.

Gold is telling us that leverage is the avenue to self-destruction. It's telling us that globalization is just a giant curtain behind which the multi-national pillager hides its arsenal of local competition-crushing techniques and artillery. It's telling us that the media is lying and is another tool of the elite banking set, who ultimately fund these former institutions of truth who now rely on the financing of private equity to survive, rendering objectivity impossible.

Gold is illuminating the absence of responsibility in government and banking, and is warning us that if these fiat currency systems are not brought more into line with something representative of something with intrinsic value, then the economies of the world will continue to crumble, the financial system's tumours will continue metastasizing.

Gold is also telling anyone who has the mental acuity to pay attention that it is the best option of wealth preservation now and forever.

The world, according to gold, is an absolute mess. Its telling us that the financial system that should be the conduit for honest and good business has been hijacked by a bunch of Cosa Nostra types who have turned it into a giant casino, where the roulette table is rigged and the blackjack decks are stacked. The house, always the favorite, has been compromised to an extent that would embarrass Capone.

The great thing about gold, though, is while illuminating the problems, it also infers a solution.

While Greece crumbles and Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Iceland, the U.K. and the United States all totter at varying rates towards a similar fate, gold says, "buy me with your putrid stinking dollars pounds and drachmas and you will be saved the excruciating pain of being burned at the financial stake."

Woe betides the man for whom this falls on willfully deaf ears.

Major producers are a low-risk slow growth way to go. Mid-tiers have a better growth profile but with commensurate increased risk. Junior explorers have the greatest upside potential, but again the risk is commensurate with the reward. ETFs are a convenient way to play gold without the security hassle of burying it in your backyard, but the opportunity for administrative abuse offsets the convenience, and represents risk. ETFs that claim to be tethered to gold through participation in the derivatives (futures) market should be treated like the bubonic plague.

Recently, an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal suggested
The Gold Standard: The Case for Another Look

a return to the gold standard as a viable solution to the problems of currency manipulation for political purposes.

Gold is telling us that this is the only solution for the clearly failed principles of economics advocated by Mssrs. Friedman and Keynes. Gold also suggests that abandoning the gold standard in its purest form and then much later in its bastardized form (which prompted Keynes's proclamation of the gold standard as a "barbarous relic") was the point at which the world lost its ability to achieve stable currencies and prices.

Ignore the naive dismissals of the uninformed who quickly produce pen and napkin to compare the amount of currency in the world to that of gold…that's not what a gold standard means. It means that all the world's currencies would be assessed a relative value in gold, and it would be not be able to produce currency in excess of what its economy was valued at in gold. (That's a crude definition, and in reality, any new gold standard would doubtless be encumbered by a deluge of if-then equations that might derail it.)

The purpose of a gold standard is to bring accountability to government independent of elite financial manipulative interests. The United States wouldn't be able to print money at will to solve every little meltdown that came along. Instead, it and all governments would have to suffer the full brunt of such bouts of economic fever, and would be forced to address the causal symptoms with a systemic approach. That in opposition to right now, where printing money with the current abandon is yoking future generations to a legacy of debt and irresponsibility, thus ensuring the perpetuation of such behaviour for those generations.

I hold little hope that any serious dialogue will occur on that subject, however, in the foreseeable future. That would imply responsible leadership, and casting around the G7 table, none are thus appropriately attired.

Gold standard aside, gold is also telling us in no uncertain terms that the seeds of our own destruction we ourselves have sown. Same goes for the seeds of salvation which we shall soon need to find in the attic and start planting, as this rotten old system crumbles completely.

And ultimately, this is gold's final message to the present generation. Its telling us that we've gone too far down the road to perdition. We are at the brink of the waterfall where no amount of dog paddling in the opposite direction will defeat the force of the inevitable. This is the point where gold tells us that the day of reckoning is upon us, and worse (or better) than any biblical prophecy, the demons and angels of that modern mythology will prove a metaphoric representation of those among us. Demons we have in spades. The question is, wither thou angels?

There are other gems of truth uttered on the invisible lips of gold.

For instance, gold quietly points out that these cycles of manipulation and perfidy on the parts of corrupt government through the ages results in one constant, oft-maligned but never permanently suppressed measurement of value standing strong amid the rubbles of successive failed currencies: namely, gold.

The system cannot repair itself because those in charge at the helm
making decisions caused the fractures and protect their power base.
They live and operate within a system that no longer functions
Reform would involve bankruptcy for the elite in charge.
Remedy would involve liquidation of the balance sheets
for the elite in charge.
True crackdown would involves prosecution and jail time
for the elite in charge.
Changing of the guard would involve lost power
for the elite in charge.
Independent audits would involve revelations and disclosures
of criminal fraud on a widespread basis.
So the system lumbers along, broken.
Nowhere has the brokenness gone more unaddressed than
under-water mortgages for 22% of the American public.
True remedy and crackdown would involve a mushroom of criminal
allegations from bond fraud, revelation of duplicate usage for
mortgage payment revenue streams, lost property titles,
and counterfeit fraud.
That is a major reason why Fannie Mae was nationalized,
to keep the fraud under the roof of the United States Government,
where the corruption, theft, and fraud can be protected
by the numerous agencies.
The global response has been and will continue to be a flight
into gold, finally recognized as a zero risk safe haven.
The global decline in trust for government debt
is the death knell for the major currencies,
the monetary system, and the central bank franchise system.
It is also the harbinger for $2000 gold and $50 silver -
to be a start Au & Ag bull run to FLY smile

GOLD STANDARD RETURNS!!!!! Indiana State Senator Files Gold Money Bill!
Posted January 15th, 2009




Video: Ron Paul on Fox Business 1-30-09 "Gold Standard" -


Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference in St. Louis -
Posted January 30th, 2009 by OFallonBrent

The first in a series of Campaign for Liberty regional conferences is set for March 27, 28, 29 in St. Louis, Missouri.

There will be a number of prominent speakers, including Ron Paul, at the conference. Some of the speakers will bring substantial additional national exposure to the event.

This is going to be a big event and plans are well underway for a great conference.

More details will be coming in a few days on the C4L website.


Dr. Paul on C-Span 1/29/2009 - 9:30 AM Live! -




Fed Manipulating Market Prices, Gold, Oil and Bonds -



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