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FCAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smaller float subber. 80%+ owned by Sandy Winnick New product with a company that plans to push the new product through PR's --- Call them yourselfs PRESS RELEASE.01 http://www.fcahc.com/# First Canadian American Holding Corp. Announces Joint Venture with Terrablock, Inc. of Orlando, Florida Toronto, CA -- (BUSINESS WIRE) - January 13, 2005 - First Canadian American Holding Corporation (Pink Sheets: FCAH) announced today that it has completed its joint venture agreement with Terrablock, Inc. of Orlando Florida. The joint venture will allow First Canadian to enter the housing and low-grade toxic waste storage markets. The company's goal is to build First Canadian into the industry leader in the low cost housing markets and low-grade toxic storage business in selected regions around the world utilizing the technology of Terrablock, Inc. Certain statements in this news release may contain forward-looking information within the meaning of Rule 175 under the Securities Act of 1933 and Rule 3b-6 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and are subject to the safe harbor created by those rules. All statements, other than statements of fact, included in this release, including, without limitation, statements regarding potential future plans and objectives of the company, are forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Technical complications that may arise could prevent the prompt implementation of any strategically significant plan(s) outlined above. The company cautions that these forward-looking statements are further qualified by other factors. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any statements in this release, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. --------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- http://www.fcahc.com CONTACT: First Canadian American Holding Corporation Sandy Winick Telephone 416-918-2209 E-mail info@f... Why Terrablock? The new Building Wave of the next century Adobe homes and adobe architecture has been around since the Egyptian times. Many such structures have braved the winds and rains of the centuries. But now no wood forms or curing time is needed and quality is not sacrificed but enhanced. Besides using the most plentiful and efficient material on earth. Adobe construction has…. " Insulation values of R-50 (typical insulation is R-11) " Any below ground qualities imanigable are now above ground. " Withstands unbelievable wind speeds. " Practically is a stone after 600,000 lb/sq. ft pressure " Bullet proof " Virtually sound proof " Remarkable resistance to earthquakes " Fire resistant " Termite resistant " Joint compound, paint, and all other drywall methods are used for interior and exterior finishing " Masonry sealant and external sealants may be used " Fasteners of any sort may be used (nails and screws) " Easily cut with standard masonry tools FINISHED WALL INSULATION VALUE EXCEEDS R40 ! 12" Thick, solid wall, Bullet Proof, and vertually sound proof ! Exceeds all Hurricane codes ! Anyone can operate it ! Anyone can build with it ! Anyone can afford it ! Using new technology and over 15 years experience in the design of mobile block machines TERRABLOCK introduces the new Terra 250. Joint Venture Management Team Michael A. Gross - Director/Chief Operations Officer/Director of Field Operations Michael Gross has spent the last 20 years assisting in the development and sales of the Terra Block System. He has worked extensively throughout the world, negotiating numerous large purchases of Terra Block products. He has supervised projects in the Congo, Africa, Nigeria, Holland, Germany, France, England, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and South America, as well as many parts of the United States, building with, or surveying proposed Terra Block projects. He is intimately aware of the technological aspects of earth construction and housing construction in general. He is highly experienced in the management of the current operations and is responsible for all field operation activities. Mr. Gross is a creative inventor in his own right. He has many inventions to his credit, which have produced several million dollars in revenue. He has brought his innovative and dynamic thinking to bear on the challenges and hurdles that have faced Terra Block, Inc. over the past decade. He studied Chemistry at Snead College in Alabama. He is a veteran of the U.S. Armed forces. Craig Kaufman - Director Of International Sales Craig A. Kaufman is a business consultant with 18 years of experience as an entrepreneur, financier, investor, and advisor to both private and public companies. As President of Kaufman and Associates, Inc., a worldwide consulting company, Mr. Kaufman has been successful helping his clients build their businesses by monitoring focus, utilizing unique marketing strategies and pioneering innovative business techniques. Mr. Kaufman is a managing director of SageGroup Strategies, Inc. the largest Professional "Troubled-Company" Specialist firm in the in the world with over 600 professionals and offices throughout the world including The United States and The Far East. In addition, Mr. Kaufman has authored and been the subject of numerous articles that have appeared locally and internationally in periodicals such as American Venture, Barter Age, Units, New York Real Estate Journal, Inventor's Digest and Wealth Building among others. Edward R.J. Ellis - Director of European Operations Mr. Edward R. J. Ellis has spent the last 30 years in the European construction environment. Prior to joining Terra Block, he led a UK- based consultancy service providing strategic and technical advice to construction clients. A recognised authority in his field, Ed specialises in all forms of construction - modern, traditional and alternative. He is currently pioneering the development of a global standard for the application of alternative building techniques based on the manufacture and use of compressed earth blocks. Ed has extensive experience of construction marketing, design and management. He has developed sales and marketing strategies for a range of construction clients. His wide knowledge of project planning and management encompasses projects from $0.5M to $10M. In addition, he has far-reaching experience of technical design, which extends to all forms of construction. He has worked with many of the world's top architectural practices. From 1993 to 2000 Ed was an independent construction consultant. During this time he was instrumental in introducing terracotta rainscreen facades in to the UK and Eire through architectural practices, particularly Moding Dachziegelwerk's ARGETON montage and system. Based on this achievement and related work, he is widely regarded as a leading specialist in terracotta facades, rainscreens, dry wall facades and structural envelopes. He has always been a trade and construction professional. He has worked on a wide range of construction projects, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of business strategy and operations as well as the technical aspects of construction design and implementation. He developed his intuitive understanding and hallmark passion for construction in all its forms as an apprenticed bricklayer to his father. Currently Ed is completing a Master's Degree in Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies at the University of East London (UEL) a renowned School of Architecture, and at The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), one of Europe's leading ecology research centres based at Machynlleth in Wales. He is currently laying plans to publish the results of his research in the form of a book, which will explore the technical and logistical aspects as they apply to compressed earth block construction and earth construction techniques, particularly in the context of low-income economies. Jose C. Salazar - Director of Business Development, Guatemala and Central America Jose Salazar is the Terra Block International representative and the director of business development for Guatemala and Central America. Over the years Mr. Salazar has formed many key associations within Guatemala and throughout Central America. He is an entrepreneur with valuable insights and tremendous leadership abilities. In the 1960's Mr. Salazar made pioneering strides in the lumber industry in Guatemala. He was responsible for the implementation of all procedures and the management of all operations. He was also in charge of all marketing and exports. In the 1970's Mr. Salazar formed a company by the name of Culbac de Guatemala after recognizing a need for organic rather than chemical based fertilizers. He was competing with well-established chemical fertilizers, which had been in use for many years throughout Central America, Panama and Mexico. Nevertheless, he successfully guided the company into being among the top five fertilizer companies in these regions. Mr. Salazar then formed Compania Agro-Dinamica S.A., a corporation that absorbed Culbac de Guatemala. The company was diversified to market other agriculturally related products. He managed a group of agronomists and also was called upon by the Sugar Growers, Coffee Growers, Cotton Growers, and Rubber Plantations as a consultant. Mr. Salazar also managed an office, which handled all international sales, marketing and exports. He later sold the company, but remained as a consultant the to board of directors until 1997. Throughout all of these years Mr. Salazar was able to establish himself as a respected businessman in Central America forging many valuable relationships and contacts including contacts within the Guatemalan government. These contacts have proven indispensable in introducing Terra Block to Guatemala. Mr. Salazar introduced Terra Block to Guatemala and formed Terra Block Latin America. The first Tecstor Proof of Concept in the world and the first Low Income House in Latin America have been constructed because of his efforts. Markets Developing nations have an acute need for affordable housing as their populations continue to expand relentlessly. Some developing countries aredoubling or even tripling their populations every 10 years. Mexico and Central America are examples of uncontrolled growth right on the doorstep of the U.S. South America and Africa are struggling to control surging populations. On these continents, lack of resources has left millions homeless and vulnerable to exposure and disease. According to the Center for Disease Control, adequate housing is the second most important factor, behind potable water, to improve quality of life in impoverished nations. The developing world is not the only segment of the market that needs Terra Block technology. As the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe westernize, the needs of their people for affordable single family residences stagger the imagination. Russian planners estimate the housing shortage at 60 million units. Stalin planned the Soviet housing system around the concept of centralized apartments. This was based on political reasons. Few single-family residences exist in the East; however, studies show conclusively that this is the type housing in greatest demand. The Company has sold more machines to Russia (90 machines) than to any other single country. In fact, prior to the break up of the USSR, the Soviet Union had ordered 2,000 Terra Block Duplex IIs at $100,000 USD each. There are 300 million people living in the former Soviet Union, most of whom live in centralized housing. Eastern Europe adds another 150 million people. This region accounts for almost a half billion people. Favorable changes in politics and economics are opening these markets. Limited capital for housing development in these nations, make the cost advantages of Terra Block and the Terra Block System critically important. The Southeast Asia basin, India and China account for close to on half of the world's entire population. The potential for sales to countries in this region is incredible. Terra Block will explore the possibility of establishing a manufacturing facility in Asia, with the specific purpose of tapping this huge Asian market. Shanty Towns on the outskirts of Bombay, India Terra Block's unique products address the needs of the largest single segment of the housing and construction industry worldwide... the low-income or affordable housing market. The size of the world market is measured in trillions of dollars. Creating an enormous overall market for the Company's products and services. The North American Market In the U.S., the need is also tremendous. During the next 15 years, over 20 million new affordable housing units are needed. That is equal to 380 new cities of 50,000 households. At a typical cost of $110,000 per home, affordable home demands during this period total over two trillion dollars. Terra Block has a simple and affordable way to house the maximum number of people in high quality, energy efficient, long lasting homes, at the lowest cost per unit. The building method has passed the most stringent standards in the country; namely, Florida's requirements for building in a coastal hurricane zone (155 MPH standard). The energy qualities of Terra Block walls make them ideal for cold weather climates, since the walls act as a great thermal flywheel. The equivalent R-value of Terra Block walls is over 25… an incredibly high value… far exceeding that of most existing construction. Thus, the entire North American continent including Canada, is a market for the Company's technology. Accessing the North American market is best accomplished through networking with existing builders, since government is not sponsoring and paying for large-scale housing as is the case in many other parts of the world. North American governments stimulate housing through tax credits and reduced impact fees, etc. Builders remain the primary market movers. Franchising and licensing the Company's construction system allows wide distribution, deferral of costs and profitable growth all while retaining substantial control. It also provides a source of continuing income and a ready market for new products and services. In North America and internationally, new housing developments create jobs and stimulate the economy. The problem is the lack of building materials and the high cost of manufactured building materials. The Company's technology can help solve these technical problems, so that people can begin to solve pressing social problems. The System The Terra Block System makes possible the large-scale construction of low cost, affordable, energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings. Terra Block, Inc. has perfected a machine that converts our most abundant raw material (common soil) into one of our most needed building components.These portable machines convert ordinary earth on a building site, into rock-hard, durable blocks, used in construction. The machine is towed to a site by a normal pick-up truck or SUV. It takes the soil, which isalready there inabundance and converts it into strong, stable building blocks. There is no material cost and no freight expense. The blocks are dry stackable and do not require skilled labor to be made or used in construction. The resulting home or commercial structure is stronger than traditional structures and up to 25 times more energy efficient because of the massive 12" earthen walls. The Terra Block compressed earth block machine produces 250 blocks per hour. These blocks and the walls built with them, have the following characteristics: • Size - 12"x10"x3.5" or 30x25x10 cm. • Highly energy efficient - R-value exceeding 25 as produced. • The raw material - dirt - is readily available at the job site. No material cost or freight. • No expensive additives required. • Dry stackable-Skilled labor not required for construction. Blocks are simply plumbed and stacked. • Composed of dirt under intense pressure to create dense and incredibly hard blocks. • Acts as heat bank, balancing out temperature fluctuations. • Low maintenance. • Long-lasting and durable. • Inexpensive - Historical average cost is less than $ .12/each. • Bullet Proof . • Fire Proof. • Exceed a 210 mph wind load as independently tested. A comparison of Terra Blocks to other common bricks/blocks is as follows: Main Forms of Brick/Block Construction Brick Type Cost Mortar Transportation Total Terra Block $0.12 $0.00 $0.00 $0.12 Fired Brick $0.65 $0.03 $0.02 $0.70 Concrete Block $1.25 $0.10 $0.02 $1.37 Terra Blocks are the cornerstone for the success of FCAH as it enters into the development of affordable housing in third world countries. The Advantages of Terra Block The first of the newly designed EB-001 series of block making machines, The Terra-250, is the latest in innovative technology in its field. Its' compact, mobile design incorporates patented hydraulics and a "state of the art" controller with on site diagnostic capabilities. A lap top computer can be plugged into the controller and the down loaded information then analyzed by the operator or transmitted to the factory by phone or satellite communication (where available). The RexRoth hydraulic package on the T-250 has the ability to apply more pressure, if needed, on a block (over 600,000 p.s.f.) than its' sister machine, The Duplex II. The adjustable pressure allows the operator to maintain production and consistent block quality, while accommodating slight changes in soil conditions that sometimes occur. All of the above is powered by a 20 h.p. twin cylinder Kohler gasoline engine. It was previously considered to be an engineering impossibility to create the amount of hydraulic pressure and production rate generated by the T-250 using such a small engine and pump. The T-250 is approximately 42" wide by 35" long and 75" high. The 48" x 68" hopper is easily removed and separated into halves, with one fitting inside the other. Its' compact size allows the customer to ship 6 in a standard 20' shipping container. Its total weight is less than 2850 lbs. mounted on steel skids. An optional trailer and job site trolley are being designed to accommodate both on the road and construction site mobility. An average pickup truck with standard hitch and 3500 lb. towing capacity is all that is required. Operating the machine is very simple, and once in automatic mode, the one cubic yard hopper can be loaded by two men using shovels or a small tractor with a bucket. Manual and single cycle operation allows for the testing of block materials, cleaning, experimenting and other non-automatic requirements. Terra-Blocks are produced at a rate of approximately 1 every 14.5 seconds and are ejected from the mold in an upright position for easy handling and can go directly into the wall in most cases. Terra- Blocks will usually reach optimum hardness in 28 days. Terra-Blocks can be made from a variety of materials, such as clay content soils, lime rock, loams and volcanic ash. Compactable waste materials such as fly ash, lime wash and tailings from mining operations are also usable, depending upon the type. Blocks can also be made from combinations of compactable soils and waste materials. All of the above materials can be mixed with additives such as cement, lime, bitumenen and or other additives, depending upon the customers requirements. The blocks can be mortared, grout bonded or dry stacked, sealed and plastered. With their higher mass per square foot and a wall foot print 50% wider than a concrete block wall the Terra-Block wall can withstand extremely strong wind loads and seismic activity (depending on the architectural and engineering design of the building.) The Terra-250 produces up to 250 compressed blocks per hour measuring 4" x 8" x 12". The 4" dimension can be substituted with a 3.5" dimension if so desired. For their size, the EB-001 series of machines are without a doubt the most powerful and likely the fastest mobile block making machines of their kind in the world today. Other machines in the EB- 001 series are being developed with different size's of block, brick and tile to meet a variety of consumer needs. All of these machines will incorporate the hyper compressive qualities and production rates found in the Terra-250. Additionally, in the near future we will have available soil processors and dryer/mixers that will deliver soil directly into the machine after processing. TERRA-250 MACHINE SPECIFICATIONS 1. Operation: Fully automatic. Computer controlled with manual and single cycle operation with emergency safety circuit. 2. Hydraulic system: By RexRoth. Hydraulic pump - piston type with adjustable pressure. 3. Hydraulic pressure: (Variable) up to 600,000 p.s.f. applied to block. 4. Hydraulic oil filtration: Continuous - 10 micron (Sealed system to prevent contamination.) 5. Hydraulic oil capacity: 30 gallons U.S. 6. Power: 20 h.p. V-twin Kohler gas model engine. 10,000 distributors worldwide. 7. Fuel consumption: Less than 1 gallon an hour. Removable 5 gallon gas tank for easy refueling. 8. Electrical: 12 volt operating circuit and starter. 9. Production rate: Capacity of up to 250 blocks per hour. Block size 4" x 8" x 12". (Other block sizes soon to be available.) 10. Outside dimensions: 42" wide x 75" high x 35" long. 11. Hopper Dimensions: 1 cubic yard hopper 48" x 68". Collapses in half with one side fitting inside the other for shipping. 12. Weight: 2850 lbs. 13. Color: Industrial gray oven dried epoxy enamel. 14. Towing: Machine comes skid mounted. Suggested towing method is on low profile single or dual axle trailer with a 3500 lb. minimum load capacity. Towing vehicle should have a 3500 lb. towing capacity with standard ball type hitch. 15. Machine set-up: 10 minutes 16. Shipping: 6 per 20 ft. standard shipping container. 17. Options: Job site trolley, highway trailer, heavy duty grizzly pre-screen and spare parts packages. 18. Trouble shooting: Electrical or hydraulic malfunctions can be diagnosed via lap top computer in the field and transmitted directly to the factory for analysis by telephone or transmitted by sat. comm. 19. Operating manuals and complete spare parts catalog furnished. 20. Manufacturers specifications to National Standards. 21. Fully warranted free of defects in materials & workmanship for 1000 hours or 6 months. Engine has a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Housing Worldwide, an enormous opportunity exists for Terra Block to help alleviate an acute shortage of affordable housing. The market breaks down into three segments: World House: Ultra low-cost housing for crisis situations such as replacing refugee camps or shantytowns, where pricing and speed are the utmost concerns. Terra Verde: Affordable housing for the vast majority of the developing nations. Moderate Income Housing: Houses, for more developed areas where buyers use traditional methods of financing and seek mainstream affinities combined with the benefits of earth wall construction such as cost savings, energy efficiency, comfort and strength. Terra Block is uniquely positioned to provide solutions in each of these segments. Opportunity Developing nations have an acute need for affordable housing as their populations continue to expand relentlessly. Some developing countries are doubling or even tripling their populations every 10 years. Mexico and Central America are examples of uncontrolled growth right on the doorstep of the U.S. South America and Africa are struggling to control surging populations. On these continents, lack of resources has left millions homeless and vulnerable to exposure and disease. The lack of affordable housing is at the center of this crisis. While no single company can solve the problem, Terra Block offers an efficient approach to the dilemma through its utilization of the Terra Block System. With its outstanding product line, strong management team, and value based, high margin business model, Terra Block is in a unique position to contribute significantly to a solution to this worldwide problem, while delivering excellent returns for shareholders. The Solution World House The Terra Block World house is an ultra affordable house, designed to meet the most basic needs of the homeless living under the most desperate circumstances. Throughout the Developing World millions of people are displaced and homeless. Governments are actively seeking a cost effective way to provide an alternative to the disease ridden refugee camps and shantytowns within which these people are currently living. According to the Centersfor Disease Control, after potable water, clean and safe shelter is the most important item to help stop scourges such as cholera, yellow fever, and tuberculosis. The World House is a small, approximately 198 square foot house that , as a part of a co-operative housing development, provides a clean, dry, safe, place to live for large numbers of displaced individuals. It can be built quickly for very low cost. A World House site is typically developed under direct contract with a government or aid agency. Such an agency can contract with Terra Block to build a specific number of shelters on a site. With a price of approximately $2,500 per unit, and the ability to put up units very quickly, the World House is an excellent housing solution for governments to pursue. Terra Verde The Company has designed a line of 2 and 3 bedroom homes ranging from 450 to 600 square feet capable of being built quickly and affordably anywhere in the world. With selling prices ranging from $6,000 to $16,000 USD this home is within an affordable price range for millions of home buyers in the third world, that until now had few if any alternatives available to them. Typically some sort of assistance is available to the purchaser of this house, often in the form of a grant or a loan guarantee. Increased global awareness of The Terra Block System will be accomplished with prototype developments. The Company intends to develop two prototype communities outside the U.S. to use as global showpieces to demonstrate the potential of this technology to meet the needs of developing countries for affordable housing. A Terra Block development will serve as an example of the benefits of earth construction for national housing programs and will help open the world market to the Company's products and services. The first prototype development is planned for Guatemala. TECSTOR TECSTOR stands for Terra Block Encapsulated Cell Storage and is a new, state of the art method for storing low-level, bio-hazardous waste materials. TECSTOR consists of a virtually indestructible facility that was invented by retired NASA engineer and Terra Block founder, Robert Gross. The facility, which has been patented, (Patent # 4,875,805) provides for the safe and permanent storage of short-lived radioactive materials, such as medical isotopes from hospitals and also ancillary refuse from commercial power plants; filters, clothing, contaminated tools, contaminated earth, power transformers, discarded computers and monitors and the like. These types of materials do not require deep storage. A 1980 federal law states that landfills are sufficient and allows states to individually handle the storage, under the guidelines of the 1976 Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The problem here is that without material-specific safeguards, the earth and natural water tables of these landfills will most likely be contaminated. In 1997, 20,316 Large Quantity Generators ("LQG's") reported they generated 40.7 million tons of RCRA hazardous waste, up from 36.3 million tons in 1995 or an increase of 11%. This report does not consider wastewaters or the smaller generators of hazardous waste, which are estimated to be in excess of 250,000! There are over 85,000 product and service companies that are in need of a storage system that would safely and permanently house low-level, bio- hazardous waste materials. EPA identifies 21 pages of hazardous waste materials. These include potentially lethal polychlorinated byphenyls (PCBs) and halogenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are found in many common items and areas. These products must be transported to active, permitted RCRA treatment, storage, or disposal facilities (TSDs). A TSD is defined as any facility, which treats, stores, or disposes of RCRA hazardous waste, regardless of the quantity managed. The primary method of hazardous waste storage in the United States is land disposal. In 1997, land disposal accounted for 76% of the national non-wastewater management total. Land disposal methods include: • Deep well/Underground Injection 26 million tons • Landfill 1.5 million tons • Surface Impoundment 1.0 million tons • Land Treatment/Application/Farming 19 thousand tons With the Deep well/Underground method, there is much speculation that this could contaminate the earth and underground water supplies and eventually work its way to the surface. The best method would be to provide the isolation of Deep well/Underground Injection, utilizing the convenience of Landfills and Surface Impoundment, without the usual accompanying dangers of leaking or exposure. This is exactly what the TECSTOR System does. The patented TECSTOR System consists of an aboveground building constructed with Terra Blocks which are incredibly sturdy, fireproof, chemically stable, bullet resistant and wind tested to 210+ mph. Because of the composition of the Terra Block, the TECSTOR structure meets the EPA's "buried" requirement. Underneath the building lies a protective cistern that is protected by an EPA approved liner material guaranteed to withstand almost any chemical leakage. Several layers of clay cover the liner. The interior is divided into cells, also made of Terra Blocks and a temporary frame roof covers the building during the filling process. The entire facility is equipped with sensitive vapor detectors. The building is approximately 1,000 feet long and approximately 60 feet wide, with an interior height of 14 feet. The hazardous waste is first stored in containers that are placed into a chemically impervious over pack liner bags. More containers are then stacked on top of the first clay-lined layer until the layers are filled. Another coating of liner film is then laid, followed by tons of fill dirt. This forms an airtight seal, which is important in maintaining safe storage standards. Numerous leakage sensors strategically placed around and in the structure permit the detection of even the smallest leak. However, the amount of clay that is packed around each container of hazardous waste, is sufficient to absorb any leak. Because of the above ground feature of the facility, if there is a leak, it can be localized to a specific cell. That cell can then be breached, the leak corrected and the cell resealed. This provides additional safety as well as long tem cost savings for the operator. The TECSTOR System is the result of over 15 years and in excess of one million dollars of research and development. TECSTOR is also a containment remedy, which is the fastest growing method being utilized for hazardous waste storage. It is a state of the art facility that has provided safeguards that will insure the safe and permanent storage of low-level, bio-hazardous waste materials, allowing waste generators to affordably comply with federal storage laws. TECSTOR is also designed, that when the facility is full, the entire structure can be covered with dirt and grass seed planted, resulting in a natural looking berm. The Hazardous Waste Crisis As the world has made incredible advances in technology, it has also added another element that continues to grow each year - hazardous waste. In the United States alone, there are over 200,000 sites requiring clean up, at an estimated cost of $200 billion! Worldwide, the problem of what to do with hazardous waste has become a tremendous problem, with illegal dumping becoming epidemic. Black market profiteers have made incredible fortunes by running clandestine dumping operations worthy of a James Bond movie. The victims are usually Third World countries, where the hazardous waste is either dumped unknowingly or they are enticed by the prospects of multimillion dollar boosts to their economies, often making these deals with little understanding of the health and environmental dangers involved. Most developing countries have neither the technical expertise nor adequate facilities for safely recycling or disposing of these hazardous wastes. It is to this end that TECSTOR was designed. Nations, regions, states and individuals are beginning to understand that until a method is developed that can safely destroy hazardous waste, it has to be dealt with or it will continue to be dumped in an unsafe manner, harming the Earth's environment. TECSTOR accomplishes this objective. TECSTOR is economically feasible, TECSTOR is permanent, and above all, TECSTOR is safe. Poverty stricken nations can benefit from TECSTOR, not only in being able to safely store their own generated hazardous waste but benefiting financially as well, from TECSTOR's potential as a hard currency gen
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