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EGADS! My Post Was Deleted! (EGADS)

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This board is for publicly discussing (if you choose to do so) posts of yours that were deleted from another thread. Rules: 1. If you are certain the post won't be considered a violation of the Terms of Use, feel free to re-post it here. 2. If you repost it here and I or a Director feel it would still be a violation in this thread as well as the original thread, it'll be considered a second violation, so make sure you really feel you can defend it as a non-violation. 3. Tell the whole story. If you posted several posts basically hammering on the same thing ("Are you an insider?", for example), don't post one copy and say it was deleted because of a simple question. Post the whole story. 4. This board is only for discussion of specific deleted posts and (for now) the deletion concept. Any other use of this board (besides grubbing) is considered off-topic Other than that, only the rules in the Terms of Use apply. Of course, these rules are subject to change. Discussion of specific deleted posts is now considered off-topic in the Q&A thread. If you still wish to discuss post deletion as a concept in the Q&A thread, feel free to do so, but be considerate of my desire to keep that thread's volume low and keep it focused on questions people might have about use of the site. I'd rather that discussion be done in this thread, though. 5/16/01 Addendum, courtesy BOP: When submitting a post for review please provide the following; 1. The post as deleted (exception if you aren't sure that the post will violate the ToU submit the post number) 2. Any post related to the deleted post (ie the post or posts you replied to) 3. The Thread on which the post was deleted. 4. Any additional information that is relevant to the deletion. Also IF you are a CoB and wish to ask our opinion BEFORE deleting a post this would be the appropriate forum. Feel free to use PM as well.
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#153   Is this board EGADS still active ? Coz Mabluda 10/21/17 07:07:42 PM
#151   does Matt ever stay up at this hour? scorpio70 10/12/06 12:46:01 AM
#150   dont mind me.. im just here to pick hasher 07/11/04 01:07:13 AM
#149   You know about the toggle talk? Did your fung_derf 05/01/03 06:01:28 PM
#148   I know what this toggle talk is about. ergo sum 05/01/03 05:54:35 PM
#147   Not at all arbitrary. If your family is fung_derf 05/01/03 05:36:17 PM
#146   Ruthless, arbitrary and you even attack my family. ergo sum 05/01/03 05:26:48 PM
#145   Your Grandmother gave you tongue??!! That's just wrong! fung_derf 05/01/03 05:23:21 PM
#144   Tongue yes she made tongue. ergo sum 05/01/03 05:17:37 PM
#143   ergo is lying. He broke the rules and fung_derf 05/01/03 05:03:10 PM
#142   ooooooooommmmmm ooooooommmmm ergo sum 05/01/03 04:23:03 PM
#141   To the Board Chairman or one of the oldblue 05/21/01 12:49:50 PM
#140   In which post did I call You a basher? oldblue 05/20/01 05:33:22 PM
#139   Gary, You are not exempt from the rules Bixmann 05/20/01 04:40:58 PM
#138   Hi Bob, I dropped by to see how Constant Reader 05/20/01 04:29:02 PM
#137   Egads, my ENTIRE thread was deleted! It Pawka baby 05/20/01 03:47:01 PM
#136   Bix I am not nor have I suggested Georgia Bard 05/19/01 06:45:23 PM
#135   GARY, YOU ARE A NARCICIST FOR BELIEVING I WANT Bixmann 05/19/01 06:34:14 PM
#134   Bix you make more accusations and like to Georgia Bard 05/19/01 06:13:40 PM
#133   BOP Thank you again for your responce. Is Bixmann 05/19/01 06:02:27 PM
#132   In the above link you will see that Bird of Prey 05/19/01 04:42:43 PM
#131   Personal boards issue MMMARY 05/19/01 04:29:48 PM
#130   Once again,thank you for the thoughtfull post. Bixmann 05/19/01 03:54:26 PM
#129   Bob, In this particular instance we aren't talking about Bird of Prey 05/19/01 03:50:46 PM
#128   Bixmann, Regrettably I am not employed by IHUB at Bird of Prey 05/19/01 03:29:06 PM
#127   BOP Sorry I missed this before. Bixmann 05/19/01 03:22:26 PM
#126   IMHO, Discrimination based on a biased financial interest Was (Bob) 05/19/01 02:59:19 PM
#125   BOP Thank you for making the time to review Bixmann 05/19/01 02:46:00 PM
#124   Bixmann, After reviewing your post titled "LET'S SEE IF Bird of Prey 05/19/01 01:39:01 PM
#123   I'll look for it in a minute. Bixmann 05/19/01 01:28:46 PM
#122   PUMP AND DUMP Post. Bixmann 05/19/01 01:20:03 PM
#121   That will certainly simplify matters. However I will Bird of Prey 05/19/01 01:05:47 PM
#120   BOP I will make you a temp Director Georgia Bard 05/19/01 01:03:24 PM
#119   Provide the post Numbers and I can obtain Bird of Prey 05/19/01 12:59:33 PM
#118   Wait aminute you stated that IHUB did not Georgia Bard 05/19/01 12:18:23 PM
#117   I have deleted your posts and the ones Georgia Bard 05/19/01 12:15:58 PM
#116   BOP Is their a way for me to obtain Bixmann 05/19/01 11:57:17 AM
#115   Gary, Unless you somehow relisted my deleted post, you Bixmann 05/19/01 11:56:19 AM
#114   That is the type of comment I would Bixmann 05/19/01 11:54:07 AM
#113   LOL ... You have no posts that are Georgia Bard 05/19/01 08:47:54 AM
#112   Bix, If you wish to have your posts reviewed Bird of Prey 05/19/01 08:36:16 AM
#111   GARY Your continued biased views toward any posts that Bixmann 05/19/01 04:58:11 AM
#110   I know ... give Matt some time to Georgia Bard 05/16/01 11:06:46 PM
#109   Gary: I have been reading the posts here oldblue 05/16/01 10:25:32 PM
#108   I think that is appropriate. JXM 05/16/01 09:24:26 PM
#107   No what is happening here is exactly what Georgia Bard 05/16/01 09:18:48 PM
#106   Pot---->Kettle----->Black JXM 05/16/01 09:14:57 PM
#105   What I find amazing is that since post Georgia Bard 05/16/01 08:58:45 PM
#104   "It is getting to the point where I Lisa aka Viperchick 05/16/01 08:03:20 PM
#103   I also think he should be removed. Lisa aka Viperchick 05/16/01 08:01:14 PM