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January 5th, 2010

From www.drkellegro.com

A dormant period is followed by a period of activity. In light of my dormancy, I could see no better time than the opening to a new decade to reemerge. And so Dr. Kellegro, in all his wisdom, has come forward to document the next 1096 days of his reemergence.

The documentation will not only be for entertainment but for definitive proof that Dr. Kellegro’s methodologies continue to be superior to those of his peers across all categories. I use the word “continue” not out of paper trading delusion but out of circumstance. The circumstance being circa 2004 Dr. Kellegro’s methodologies were documented to be superior as his macro hedge fund was # 1 in its class with a triple digit percentage return year over year.

And so I have looked into the eyes of my adversary and I see much of the same. Except today, I see an even larger propensity for deception. The type of deception that allows elimination of all but a chosen few name players on Wall Street. The type of deception that renders traditional analysis limp and incomplete. The type of deception that disallows retail investors from having prolonged periods of success. The type of manipulation that screams out in its blatant regard for only itself.

I see this manipulative behavior as a chronic condition of the financial markets. The only question at any given moment is at what amplitude is the level of manipulation? How far reaching are the lies? Dr. Kellegro is the filter…Dr. Kellegro is the truth. And with that truth, comes the ability to profit.

1096 days….1096 eventful and glorious days to document thoughts, opinions, analysis…the sum of which equal TRADES..or you can call them picks. I see a littered field of websites, blogs if you will, that provide thoughts, opinions and analysis…but stop at the sum of all these parts, which is trades. After all, what is the purpose forcing an erection of your frontal lobe if you stop at simple analysis? Any gentile can come up with a hypothesis formed from a millenium of study, but few are those who are able to compose those thoughts into profits. Even fewer are those who are able to do this consistently over a 1096 day time frame. And only the especially insane and eccentric of those fewer few are willing to document all of it in a public diary.

Dr. Kellegro is the fewest fewer of the few. And so the journey commences…..



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