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I often use this. No-Quarter 02/05/23 12:27 PM
The below process works using Google Chrome browser. No-Quarter 12/17/22 7:51 AM
I will try to be as clear as No-Quarter 12/15/22 7:15 PM
An interesting take on Bitcoin starts at 8:50. No-Quarter 05/27/23 10:39 AM
You too Duma 05/27/23 9:55 AM
I believe the NASDAQ is rising solely due No-Quarter 05/27/23 8:49 AM
Have a great weekend too SPD! desertcynlite 05/26/23 6:39 PM
have a good weekend gang >> Later spdpro 05/26/23 10:18 AM
I believe Nasdaq is up today because NVIDIA No-Quarter 05/25/23 10:25 PM
This is not a good look. NASDAQ is Duma 05/25/23 8:37 PM
$SOXL Daily.. haha11 05/25/23 3:11 PM
$GDXD Daily....... haha11 05/25/23 2:57 PM
$SPXS 10......H.line 17.41 W.stop.. haha11 05/25/23 11:32 AM
Finally $SPY BULL ESCAPE from BEARS haha11 05/24/23 3:26 PM
(EE) $SPY 10..+ Daily trend LL.....Look like haha11 05/24/23 12:25 PM
(E)$TNA 10 BULL haha11 05/24/23 11:31 AM
FOMC mins @ 2 > Later spdpro 05/24/23 11:04 AM
$SPXS 60......BEARs 3x haha11 05/24/23 10:57 AM
SPY 3K Tick: FAT STAX 05/23/23 4:52 PM
SPX 10....Today market divert $ haha11 05/23/23 4:34 PM
Yep, I am starting to lighten up. Sold Duma 05/23/23 3:59 PM
...and $BPNDX chart printed a price label today. No-Quarter 05/23/23 1:48 PM
Very glad you are having some success with No-Quarter 05/23/23 1:17 PM
$SPX 10......SPX Daily trend LL... falling... haha11 05/23/23 12:51 PM
NASDAQ Futures 3K Tick: FAT STAX 05/23/23 11:46 AM
If it weren't for GDXD GUSH and KRE Duma 05/23/23 11:37 AM
As part of my ongoing experiment, I just FAT STAX 05/23/23 11:17 AM
$TNA Daily.. noted .look like BL..trend haha11 05/23/23 10:38 AM
NASDAQ Futures 500 Tick: FAT STAX 05/23/23 9:20 AM
Only 6-7 stocks propping up the Nasdaq right No-Quarter 05/22/23 10:07 PM
My day gains doubled with AH movement. Have Duma 05/22/23 9:06 PM
I have been playing with your (12,26,5) a No-Quarter 05/22/23 7:55 PM
GDXD: I bought it today at $5.075. desertcynlite 05/22/23 3:46 PM
$SPX 10.. For tomorrow haha11 05/22/23 3:28 PM
(E)$TNA 10 + Daily (TNA haha11 05/22/23 1:50 PM
NG 15 Minute: FAT STAX 05/22/23 12:37 PM
Crude 500 Tick: FAT STAX 05/22/23 12:26 PM
Thanks for reply, I will have to study jaws57 05/22/23 11:11 AM
May had been a total bust for QQQ Duma 05/22/23 10:46 AM
I got my buy on the 10th and Duma 05/22/23 10:32 AM
GDXD Daily ...R...and S....H.lines .. haha11 05/22/23 10:26 AM
You certainly have a well thought out plan Duma 05/22/23 10:09 AM
SOXL Daily..... haha11 05/22/23 10:02 AM
EDITED - Yes I switched out MACD for No-Quarter 05/22/23 10:02 AM
So you basically switched out MACD for PPO jaws57 05/22/23 9:31 AM
That level coincides with the 100 ema on desertcynlite 05/21/23 10:52 PM
Gold 1K Tick: FAT STAX 05/21/23 10:11 PM
NASDAQ Futures 3K Tick: FAT STAX 05/21/23 9:31 PM
I am experimenting with a new/revised set of No-Quarter 05/21/23 8:32 PM
Getting jiggy now. Something exciting is going No-Quarter 05/21/23 8:24 PM
Wall Street Fears $1 Trillion Aftershock From Debt Deal: desertcynlite 05/21/23 6:40 PM
Source for BofA chart I used in a No-Quarter 05/21/23 2:23 PM
based on this YOU ARE HERE chart...says 1 dealerschool2006 05/21/23 1:22 PM
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Cycle Trading

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INTRODUCTION (modified 10/2014)

I originally created this board for the specific purpose of discussing the Phase Chart method of trading cycles that was first presented on the ETF SWING & DAY TRADING board, my main board.
I have since changed that goal.  I now much more favor a community of traders who know how to share ideas with each other and discuss ideas about how to improve cycle trading. That is what we have evolved to, and I like it. So if you have an idea, we would love to hear it.
If you are a new trader and want some help, we will do our best to point you in the right direction to get you started. There are no dumb questions on this board?


Important Note

All of us do a lot of posting on this board with our ideas and our views of what we see. That doesn’t mean that they are all correct. We all bring our history of trading with us, so there will be lots of times that two traders will see the same event very differently. There is nothing wrong with that. 

I for one am still in a very large learning curve and very much appreciate the views of others, even if I don’t agree or can’t understand. So I try to pick and choose what I think works with my personality and my trading style. I have gotten new ideas from the most unusually places. That search never ends. 

So if you disagree with something that I say, please by all means, post back as how you see things and WHY. The WHY is very important. I have totally reversed my opinion on issues many times after hearing a good argument for another view. I respect your right to a different opinion/view. This board, as all boards should be, is about how to make all of us better traders. We learn from each other.

Personal attacks on posters either directly or indirectly will not be tolerated. Continued useless posts will not be allowed.

The following is a description of each Phase and how I trade each in general. 
 Mark Down - Should start MD phase in cash. Hold cash until get long signal.

 Accumulation  - Should be long. A few times the trade fails, but is low probability.  If it does fail, just get out and get ready for the next signal. 

 Mark Up  - Stay long. At times I have used 2nd support as a stop, but it is seldom needed.

 Distribution  - Go to cash immediately upon entering Distribution or at 2nd support. Go long again if market turns around. 

Example of the Four Phases that make up a Full Trade Cycle

Embedded charts are no longer allowed, so I will put links to the charts that I trade or follow very closely. Click on the link and it will come up current time in a new tab. Refresh anytime to see current data. (Oct 2019)

SPY-Trend Channels - Daily

SPXL-RSI - Daily

TQQQ-RSI - Daily

SPX-Market Breadth - Daily

NDX-Market Breadth - Daily


10 Habits of Highly Profitable Traders
1. Create asymmetry in your trading by using stop losses. Profitable trading only happens by making more money than you lose. Big losses are the main cause of not being profitable. Eliminate big losses by cutting your loss when proven wrong. 
2. Have a great risk/reward ratio on entry. Give yourself the potential to make two or three times more if you are right than you could lose if you are wring. Let a winning trade run until there is a reason to exit. 
3. Trade with the odds on your side. Trade historical patterns and price action that has worked in the past. 
4. Trade a plan and a system using quantifiable signals instead of your own predictions and opinions. 
5. Trade your plan with discipline and perseverance. 
6. Limit your capital at risk on any one trade to eliminate your risk of ruin. 
7. Work so hard when the market is closed that all their is to do when the market is open is take your signals. 
8. Have a system that profits in up and down trends. 
9. Have a system that works in multiple markets. 
10. Trade position sizing that does not cause your emotions or ego to get louder than your trading plan.

Linda Raschke's 12 Rules for Technical Trading.

1. Buy the first pullback after a new high. Sell the first rally after a new low. 
2. Afternoon strength or weakness should have follow through the next day. 
3. The best trading reversals occur in the morning, not the afternoon. 
4. The larger the market gaps, the greater the odds of continuation and a trend. 
5. The way the market trades around the previous day’s high or low is a good indicator of the market’s technical strength or weakness. 
6. The previous day’s high and low are two very important “pivot” points, for this was the definitive point where buyers or sellers came in the day before. Look for the market to either test and reverse off these points, or push through and show signs of continuation. 
7. The last hour often tells the truth about how strong a trend truly is. “Smart” money shows their hand in the last hour, continuing to mark positions in their favor. As long as a market is having consecutive strong closes, look for up-trend to continue. The up trend is most likely to end when there is a morning rally first, followed by a weak close. 
8. High volume on the close implies continuation the next morning in the direction of the last half-hour. In a strongly trending market, look for resumption of the trend in the last hour. 
9. The first hour’s range establishes the framework for the rest of the trading day
10. A greater percentage of the day’s range occurs in the first hour then was the case in the past, and thus it has become increasingly important to trade aggressively if there are early signs of a strong trend for the day. 
11. There are four basic principles of price behavior which have held up over time. Confidence that a type of price action is a true principle is what allows a trader to develop a systematic approach. The following four principles can be modeled and quantified and hold true for all time frames, all markets. The majority of patterns or systems that have a demonstrable edge are based on one of these four enduring principles of price behavior. Charles Dow was one of the first to touch on them in his writings. 
Principle One: A Trend Has a Higher Probability of Continuation than Reversal 
Principle Two: Momentum Precedes Price 
Principle Three: Trends End in a Climax 
Principle Four: The Market Alternates between Range Expansion and Range Contraction! 
12. In the world of money, which is a world shaped by human behavior, nobody has the foggiest notion of what will happen in the future. Mark that word – Nobody! Thus the successful trader does not base moves on what supposedly will happen but reacts instead to what does happen. 

Trading Checklist
1. Risking only a fraction of your capital
2. Trade with the trend
3. Trade from an area of value
4. What is your entry tirgger
5. Where to exit if you are wrong
6. Where to exit if you are right
7. How will you manage the trade
8. Are you following your trade plan

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