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ATTN: Due to the fact that this board is a PAID BOARD, I invite followers of the Corey Ribotsky NIR Group AJW Funds to bookmark the new FREE NIR Board: Also, for those interested there is the Cornell Yorkville Clients board: Welcome to the Corey Ribotsky's NIR Group/AJW Offshore Funds discussion forum. Here we will investigate and discuss: 1. What stocks have convertible notes issued to them which are administered by Corey Ribotsky and his N.I.R. Group and other funds. 2. The number and identity of fraudulent stock schemes that were financed by Corey Ribotsky's convertible notes. 3. The reasons why the notes may be unlawful. 4. Allegations that Corey Ribotsky forced his potential clients to enter into consulting agreements. 5. Why Corey Ribotsky may be an "insider" or "control person" of the companies he loaned money to using convertible notes. 6. Whether Corey Ribotsky's offshore funds may be used for money laundering and unlawful tax shelters. 7. The litigations involving Corey Ribotsky's N.I.R. Group and how results favorable to him are achieved. 8. Media accounts of Corey Ribotsky's notes and criticism in the financial community. USERS: Please provide me the names of stocks that have confirmed convertible notes issued by NIR Group, Ribotsky, AJW, or New Millenium. Also feel free to provide any information about them including the result of the underlying stock NEWS ARTICLES ABOUT COREY RIBOTSKY AND HIS "FUNDS": 2007-09-28 Investor blamed for stock's losses by Chris Coletta of Triangle Business Journal 2007-09-10 Debt strain unclogs pips by Marine Cole/Financial Week (comments by Ribotsky) 2007-05-29 NIR Group closes third collateralized debt obligation (Businesswire PR by NIR Group) 2007-03-08 Hedgefund NIR Group scores highest percent increases by Alex Akesson of 2007-01-27 Sewer PIPEs: Hedge funds are posting nice returns from deals that may involve ex-cons, stock scammers--even the Mob by Nathan Vardi of FUNDS AND COMPANIES MANAGED BY OR AFFILIATED WITH COREY RIBOTSKY: SMS Group LLC Corey Ribotsky, Fund Manager AJW Partners LLC AJW Offshore Ltd. formerely AJW/New Millenium Offshore Ltd. First Street Manager II LLC Corey Ribotsky, Fund Manager AJW Qualified Partnews LLC formerly Pegasus Capital Partners LLC AJW Manager LLC LLoyd A. Groveman and Corey S. Ribotsky Fund Managers New Millenium Capital Partners II LLC STOCKS THAT HAVE COREY RIBOTSKY CONVERTIBLE NOTES: DLAV -- Dealer Advance, Inc. PFMS -- Paperfree Medical Solutions LAWSUITS AND LEGAL PLEADINGS INVOLVING COREY RIBOTSKY: CYBERLUX (CYBL) Lawsuit Documents UPDATED 11/20/2007 HUMITECH (HUIT) Lawsuit Documents NETCO TELATINOS (NCVT) Bankruptcy Documents RG GLOBAL LIFESTYLES (RGBL) Lawsuit Documents IMPORTANT LINKS: Hedge fund intelligence: Billion Dollar Club funds report (notes Ribotsky's obtaining funds of over $3 billion) STOCK SCAMS FINANCED BY COREY RIBOTSKY'S CONVERTIBLE NOTES: (NCVT) Conversion Solutions Holding Company (CSHD)
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