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under book quigley24 12/22/22 12:57 PM
Adding on myself, got around 1200 shares now TheSaint 05/12/22 12:09 AM
Under book value and +13% dividend, no where TheSaint 05/11/22 7:51 AM
I don't spend a lot of time posting trkyhntr 11/23/21 6:46 AM
Chimera Declares First Quarter 2021 Common and Preferred jakec21 03/12/21 11:12 AM
All my portfolios down big today except CIM. jakec21 03/02/21 4:26 PM
Check out ARR jakec21, same thing Telecomjeff 02/01/21 4:39 PM
Boy I love this stock I owned a jakec21 01/31/21 6:32 PM
Your comment was to the effect that this trkyhntr 01/26/21 9:29 AM
Now come on trkyhntr. U don't sell Telecomjeff 01/01/21 2:37 PM
If you believe this you should stay away trkyhntr 12/07/20 10:49 AM
NEVER GOING TO RECOVER >>>> Telecomjeff 10/28/20 2:59 AM
One of the nice things about this stock trkyhntr 06/23/20 4:35 PM
I sure hope so Tele! Young_Investor09 06/23/20 2:57 PM
Is CIM ever going to get back Telecomjeff 06/23/20 2:23 PM
Yep, MBS REITS and value oriented stocks are Solar_Express 06/06/20 12:10 AM
Actually trading at 50% of book value. trkyhntr 06/05/20 1:56 PM
Like It Adding More, Trading under BV Solar_Express 05/09/20 3:39 PM
Chart appears on CNBC: trkyhntr 04/28/20 7:36 AM
I wonder when we r Telecomjeff 04/27/20 4:12 PM
I think we are at bottom around now... theslybat 04/17/20 5:05 PM
I wonder if a bottom has been reached. trkyhntr 03/27/20 9:09 AM
lol, yeah that is a tough one, but conestoga_days 12/19/19 11:04 AM
This is just a horrible investment for people trkyhntr 12/19/19 10:57 AM
Past a three year high today!!! conestoga_days 12/19/19 10:45 AM
Broke thru the $20.55 resistance. Looking good!! conestoga_days 12/09/19 10:39 AM
Well, so far since I put CIM into trkyhntr 08/01/19 9:20 AM
I bought 124 shares in '15 and 170 skepticone 03/21/19 12:58 PM
This is a great company to do dividend trkyhntr 03/14/19 9:10 AM
Yep, should have left my money in a greenlife 03/07/19 2:54 PM
Still paying that boring 10.74% dividend. Ho hum. trkyhntr 03/07/19 10:10 AM
Boring stock. It goes no place really fast. trkyhntr 02/25/19 7:11 AM
Found it in an article on Yahoo. trkyhntr 09/18/18 6:41 AM
CIM: Chimera Investment Corp. Preferred Stock Series C Renee 09/13/18 5:55 PM
Interesting! Thanks for sharing. jugs 06/07/18 11:33 AM
I try to apportion my portfolio in several trkyhntr 06/07/18 9:50 AM
Some insider buying/aquisition of common shares. Five trkyhntr 06/05/18 8:22 AM
Agreeing with you on CIM. Held it very jugs 05/29/18 9:59 AM
I see this stock as something worth owning, trkyhntr 05/29/18 9:15 AM
Your post doesn't have anything to do with jugs 02/15/18 4:48 PM
And someone once said he had but one jugs 11/07/17 10:53 AM
Thanks alot. maryjn 11/07/17 10:44 AM
That has to depend upon both reasons to jugs 11/07/17 10:26 AM
How low do you think CIM will fall maryjn 11/07/17 10:20 AM
This has been a great pick for me..... jugs 07/11/17 7:43 PM
Lower, probably. jugs 05/09/17 1:57 PM
Where is the bottom wilco244 05/09/17 1:12 PM
Some analysts are warning us to take our jugs 04/16/17 12:22 PM
Thanks. Good luck to all of us wilco244 03/09/17 4:08 PM
3/29 is the ex-D date provided by Ameritrade. jugs 03/09/17 3:36 PM
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Chimera Investment Corporation (CIM)

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Chimera Investment Corporation Q3 2011 Earnings Conference Call
Monday, November 21, 2011
10:00 AM ET

About Us
Chimera Investment Corporation invests in residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS), residential mortgage loans, real estate-related securities and various other asset classes. Our objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors over the long-term, primarily through dividends and secondarily through capital appreciation, by maintaining a business model that evolves with market opportunities. We have elected to be taxed as a REIT for federal income tax purposes. We are externally managed by Fixed Income Discount Advisory Company (FIDAC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Annaly Capital Management, Inc.


Chimera manages residential mortgage credit risk. We strive to achieve our objective of providing attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors over the long-term by investing in a diversified investment portfolio of RMBS, residential mortgage loans, real estate-related securities and various other asset classes.
In addition, we engage in transactions with residential mortgage originators in which we identify and re-underwrite residential mortgage loans owned by such entities, and rather than purchasing and securitizing such residential mortgage loans ourselves, we and the originator structure the securitization and purchase the resulting mezzanine and subordinate non-Agency RMBS. We have and may continue to engage in similar transactions with non-Agency RMBS in which we acquire originally AAA-rated non-Agency RMBS and re-securitize those securities.
We may use leverage to increase potential returns to our stockholders. Subject to maintaining our REIT qualification and availability of funding, we may use a number of sources to finance our investments, including repurchase agreements, warehouse facilities, securitizations, asset backed commercial paper and term financings.
Our strategy of balancing both interest rate and credit sensitive assets is designed to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns in a variety of market conditions. Over time, we will modify our investment allocation strategy as market conditions change to seek to maximize the returns from our investment portfolio.
Chimera Investment Corporation, a real estate investment trust, invests in residential mortgage backed securities (RMBS), residential mortgage loans, real estate-related securities, asset backed securities (ABS), and various other asset classes in the United States. It invests in agency and non-agency RMBS; whole mortgage loans comprising prime, jumbo prime, and Alt-A mortgage loans; and ABS, including debt and equity tranches of CDOs, consumer and non-consumer ABS, and commercial mortgage backed securities. The company has elected to be treated as a REIT for federal income tax purposes and would not be subject to income tax, if it distributes at least 90% of its REIT taxable income to its share holders. Chimera Investment Corporation was incorporated in 2007 and is based in New York, New York.
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