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For the most part that's true, but there brandemarcus 02/08/15 8:59 PM
Good thought but doesn't seem many Canadian juniors sanbrunobaby 02/08/15 10:32 AM
That's the question I was hoping you could brandemarcus 02/07/15 11:24 AM
Interesting discussion. To me CHMN and RVN two sanbrunobaby 02/06/15 5:38 PM
did they go bankrupt sanbrunobaby 02/06/15 5:23 PM
Even if they have 50 million ounces (big brandemarcus 02/05/15 7:53 PM
Well if the epa forced both these companies brandemarcus 02/05/15 7:25 PM
Interesting to be sure, I think King of sanbrunobaby 02/05/15 6:06 PM
This off topic but in the same area. brandemarcus 02/05/15 10:16 AM
Conceptually though ILDM same situation as CHMN. Sunshine sanbrunobaby 02/05/15 9:09 AM
ASLM usually does very well in tail end sanbrunobaby 02/05/15 9:01 AM
Silver opportunity partners has a lot of money, brandemarcus 02/03/15 10:31 AM
If you will remember Bill Campbell ceo of brandemarcus 02/03/15 10:22 AM
Not sure what flooding you are referring to. sanbrunobaby 02/02/15 5:59 PM
No problem, just a discussion so we all sanbrunobaby 02/02/15 5:54 PM
Not to make an argument but it is brandemarcus 02/02/15 10:43 AM
Historically CHMN shows a great percentage increase when sanbrunobaby 02/02/15 8:57 AM
Perhaps you are right but if silver gets brandemarcus 02/01/15 8:20 PM
Who knows when CHMN will turnaround but it sanbrunobaby 02/01/15 7:59 PM
Oil will turn around someday. When that is; bigone 01/30/15 9:29 AM
Your guess is probably a lot better than brandemarcus 01/30/15 9:21 AM
Sage advice. bigone 01/30/15 8:05 AM
ot- Two other disasters I am recently involved with: brandemarcus 01/30/15 7:01 AM
Very interesting. Thank you. bigone 01/29/15 8:50 PM
I will give you an example. Keep in brandemarcus 01/29/15 7:52 PM
I agree with you. bigone 01/11/15 9:32 PM
With the disaster in the resource sector since brandemarcus 01/11/15 9:04 PM
Anything new with Chester Mining since your last bigone 01/10/15 11:38 AM
bismark I think a fair distance. the chester sanbrunobaby 08/21/13 9:20 AM
Can we interpret anything about how far chester brandemarcus 08/19/13 12:11 PM
If you look at the NI43-101 reports posted sanbrunobaby 08/02/13 9:01 AM
1. The only thing I would say is brandemarcus 08/01/13 10:35 PM
Guess somehwere on internet there must be the sanbrunobaby 07/31/13 4:11 PM
Thanks for information. sanbrunobaby 07/31/13 8:07 AM
Chester update part three : brandemarcus 07/31/13 4:15 AM
Chester update part three : brandemarcus 07/31/13 4:13 AM
One thing bill told me is that some brandemarcus 07/30/13 11:02 PM
Chester update part 2: brandemarcus 07/30/13 10:23 PM
1. I was actually wondering not for chester brandemarcus 07/30/13 9:56 PM
Answer to 3 questions sanbrunobaby 07/30/13 7:52 PM
1. My point is it seems given how brandemarcus 07/30/13 12:09 PM
Chster could pay dividends simply because that was sanbrunobaby 07/29/13 10:15 AM
1. If you go online to usa silver's brandemarcus 07/28/13 8:56 PM
Look forward to your post. sanbrunobaby 07/28/13 7:25 PM
I will get back to you in brandemarcus 07/28/13 11:22 AM
Sunshine Silver or Hecla will probably eventually buy sanbrunobaby 07/25/13 12:06 AM
Opinion on which issue ? sanbrunobaby 07/24/13 1:34 PM
Sunshine mining withdraws ipo??? Group at stockhouse usa brandemarcus 07/12/13 9:41 AM
Well, 1. If he is not making salary, and sanbrunobaby 06/21/13 12:42 PM
1. I doubt if he has had that brandemarcus 06/21/13 11:33 AM
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Chester Mining (CHMN)

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Chester Mining Company (CHMN) was founded in Coeur d'Alene in 1900 to explore the Chester property, just east of the Sunshine Mine, in the heart of Idaho's world-famous Silver Valley. The property was later operated by Sunshine Mining & Refining and was most recently producing silver between 1961 through 1976. Chester paid shareholders a substantial dividend while its property was in production.

Today, a reinvigorated Chester Mining is a unique mineral exploration company with a strategy of acquiring properties in proven mining districts and leasing them out to generate an income stream while retaining speculative leverage to exploration success through royalty interests.

Chester has approximately 4.4 million shares outstanding, positive working capital and no debt.

Conjecture Mine

The Conjecture property consists of approximately 240 acres and includes both patented and unpatented lode mining claims, located in the Lakeview Mining District of northern Idaho, roughly 30 miles northwest of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District.

The Conjecture property is currently under lease to Shoshone Silver Mining Company.


The Chester Property

The Chester property consists of a 100-acre parcel, completely surrounded by the Sunshine Mine property and less than one mile east of its Jewell Shaft.

Despite almost 100 years of continuous production at the Sunshine Mine, having produced silver at grades exceeding on average 27.8 ounces of silver per ton, there has been relatively limited exploration in the upper levels of the mine due to the historical record of consistently converting resources to reserves and production at the Sunshine Mine.

Since 1900, Chester Mining has been in the area, and is now in its second century. For years, Chester Mining Company paid dividends derived from its profit percentage of silver produced from the Chester property area.

Click to Enlarge Chester Mining anticipates benefitting from Sterling Mining's announced dual program for advancing its Sunshine Mine project:  Exploration in the "upper country" of the Sunshine Mine and rehabilitation of the mine and restoration of power and services to re-commerce mining in the "lower country".

(Click to enlarge polarization map)


The Bismark Property

The Bismark property consists of a 75-acre parcel, adjacent to the Sunshine Mine property and roughly one mile south-southwest of its Jewell Shaft. The Bismark claims were developed by a 1500-foot access drift from the surface and include over 1000 feet of lateral development along the Bismark Vein. Under the prior lease, Sunshine Mining & Refining drilled the property to explore the downward extension of the Bismark Vein. Although mineralized vein material was intersected, along with other veins and fault structures, detailed information regarding grade and thickness were not disclosed.

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