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HiTech Fluid Systems

Established in 1999, HiTech Fluid Systems is one of the leading providers of quality drilling fluids and related chemicals for the petroleum industry. We are a full service, Canadian based company offering reliable, high quality solutions around the globe.

HiTech Fluid Systems is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our employees and all others involved in, or impacted by, our operations, while at the same time protecting the environment in which we work and conduct our activities.

MASI Technologies provides speciality drilling fluid solutions to the oil and gas market. Our technology is based upon the science of aphrons -- a microscopic bubble with a nitrogen core that is encapsulated and stablized with a polymer and surfactant blend. Aphrons are created within the mud system during the natural course of adding products and mixing mud, without requiring the injection of external air or gas. The encapsulated micro-bubbles are non-coalescing and can be re-circulated. In addition, the organic biodegradability of the system also offers an important "green" aspect.

Aphron technology has proven itself over six continents and thousands of wells. It has enabled trouble-free drilling in a wide variety of formations and applications. It has saved time, losses and reduced other problems. It has enabled well construction in "difficult to drill" regions and has proved a viable alternative to more costly, under-balanced drilled or oil-based muds. It has also eliminated the need for casing strings and optimized cement returns, while simplifying completions and providing rapid cleanup. In work over applications, the technology has simplified well servicing operations and has enabled complex operations to be executed with reduced risk. It has also resulted in significant improvement in production performance that has even extended to improvement in gas reservoirs.

Field results for the aphron technology have been outstanding: In Lake Maracaibo, PDVSA calculated a savings of $1 million per well in drilling costs over a 400 well program; Shell Oil was able to extend boreholes in the North Sea to new pay zones; Murphy Oil reduced clean up days from 30 to 3 in Cactus Lake; Devon Oil has been very successful in workover applications, and in Yemen, Total experienced not only significantly fewer losses but also achieved production rates six times higher then when using other fluids.

The aphron system is ideally suited for global oil and gas producers with operations that extend over a wide variety of formations and reservoirs. The Aphron ICS system reduces risks of invasion, lost circulation and formation damanage, while increasing production levels.


Welcome to CTGX Mining, Inc. a unique and innovative 21st Century American mining company with international mining operations focused on gold, silver, lithium and other valuable ores & rare earth elements. Using the latest in technological advances & equipment to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation, CTGX seeks to generate profits and create long-term growth & sustainability for the company and its shareholders while also working to preserve the environment and assist local communities in improving their quality of life.

CTGX Mining, Inc. is positioning itself to become an innovative leader within the international mining industry for the following combined reasons which all work synergistically together to do what is right for the company (and its long-term sustainable growth), its shareholders, the environment, and the indigenous people residing near its operations:

The Company is committed to utilizing the latest in “green” and advanced technology to develop mining projects in an environmentally-friendly manner;
The Company intends to work with local communities to assess their needs and priorities; and work with them to enhance the quality of life for the entire community; and,
The Company applies a program of diversification in its mining projects and ore selections in order to protect its shareholders from the ebbs and flows of individual market fluctuations in order to ensure both short-term profitable returns on investment and long-term growth & sustainability of the company.
The Company intends to also fill an untapped niche in the mining industry by forming joint venture agreements with small mine owners who are desirous of taking their mining operation to the next level. CTGX will be in a unique position to assist small mine owners by: (1) helping them tap into the latest in mining technology capabilities and environmentally-sound mining operations; (2) enabling them to benefit from CTGX’s economy of scale cost-savings capabilities; and, (3) providing seed funding support to them when necessary in order to expand their operation(s) to get to the next level of mining capability.

Again, welcome to CTGX Mining, Inc. and our unique yet very sound business strategy for protecting and growing our shareholders assets in both the short and long-term. Please enjoy our website in order to get to know us a little more; and, we look forward to getting to know you as well.



CTGX Mining, Inc. is an American mining company with international mining operations focused on gold, silver, lithium and other valuable ores & rare earth elements using the latest in technological advancements & equipment to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations while protecting the environment and supporting the local, indigenous populations at each of its project sites to improve their quality of life in an effort to create long-term sustainability and profits for the company and its shareholders.  The Company is a Florida corporation and is controlled by Chancellor Investments, Ltd., a Nevada corporation who own 94% of the issued and outstanding stock of the Company.  

CTGX Mining, Inc. currently has mining concession rights (through its subsidiary company Chancellor Mining and Minerals, Mexico which it owns 95% of) to a very large mining project in Mexico. 

In Mexico, the location and opportunity are unique because of the size of the Concession and the estimate of probable reserves of gold, lithium, potassium, boron and other minerals and rare earths.  In Mexico, the company has the mining concessions and rights to 22,896 hectares (over 55,000 acres) of land that includes and surrounds Laguna Cuitzeo, a large and very shallow (less than two meters in the rainy season) lake bed that is 50 kilometers long and averages about eight kilometers wide, located in the part of the state of Michoacan.  The company is preparing to begin operations on potentially one of the largest reserves of gold, lithium, other ores and rare earth element mining fields (via an open pit mining operation) in the Western Hemisphere.



CTGX Mining, Inc. currently owns a major and very valuable gold, lithium, other ores and rare earth elements mining project (Mining Concessions rights) in Mexico - referred to as Relampago 2 or The Lake Cuitzeo Mining Project.

The location of CTGX’s Mexican project is unique because of the size of the Concession, 22,896 hectares (over 56,000 acres), that includes and surrounds Laguna Cuitzeo, a large, very shallow (less than two meters in the rainy season) lake bed that is 50 kilometers long, and averages about eight kilometers wide located in the northern part of the state of Michoacan.  


The Concession is essentially a series of claims that surround the vast majority of the lake.  Roads, including the National Highway, provide excellent existing access throughout the area and all the way to two commercial ports.  The area also has good infrastructure—water, electricity, phone, hotels, a national airport and other services.

Initial exploratory work was conducted and six holes were drilled at the margins of the lake with 238 sediment samples collected. Nearly ½ ton of soil samples from around the lake bed and down to a depth of 30 meters were taken for analysis.  An initial geological study and report was completed in June 2011, and a second independent study and report was completed in September 2012 which not only confirmed the estimates of the first report, but indicated that there were also substantial amounts of rare earth elements which were available for commercial purposes as well.

The quantity and diversity of ores available (from gold & lithium to boron & many rare earths) makes this a very unusual and very exciting project.  This project has the potential to make it one of the largest gold reserves in the Western Hemisphere.

The lake is full of sediments containing the potential for economically significant amounts of Gold (Au), Lithium (Li), Bentonite (N/A), Boron (B), Manganese (Mn), Magnesium (Mg) and Potassium (K).  Additionally, there are significant amounts of the rare earths Cerium (Ce), Lanthanum (La) and Scandium (Sc) as well as other valuable reserves such as Vanadium (V) and Strontium (Sr).

For the June 2011 Geological Report, Click Here

For the September 2013 Geological Report Executive Summary, Click Here

For the September 2013 Geological Detailed Report, Click Here


Taking into account the outcome of analyses of polls running very favorable to the depth of 30 meters, reserve calculations could be:
For Gold (AU): =              300,000.00 tons of gold element family products
For Lithium (Li): =        2,410,995.00 tons of lithium carbonate
For Boron {B}: =           2,898,000.00 tons of boron
For Sodium (Na): =    90,033,615.00 tons of sodium
For Potassium (K): =  4I,313,825.00 tons of potassium
For Magnesium (Mg): = 126,735.00 tons of magnesium

From the latest geological report’s analysis we should also be having additional ores available for commercial marketability purposes from the Rare Earth Elements (REEs) discovered as well.  For the gold element, at a spot price of $1,500 an ounce of gold, the value of the probable reserves would be in excess of $ 14 trillion dollars (US) for the gold reserves alone.
This is a virgin, open-pit type of operation where the mining will be performed utilizing the latest and most sophisticated of equipment (inclusive of wash plants, trammels, conveyor systems and excavators) to be applied to a major stockpile operation.  Further exploration will be conducted by analyzing earth substrata for further subsurface water and mineral deposits using cutting edge, proven technology.

Reports are available by e-mail request only:  REQUEST HERE (Please specifiy report(s) being requested)


Following is information about CTGX’s probable reserves.


Probable Mineral Reserves – A probably mineral reserve is the economically mineable part of an indicated, and in some circumstances, a measured mineral resource demonstrated by at least a preliminary feasibility study.  This study must include adequate information on mining, processing, metallurgical, and economic & other relevant factors that demonstrate, the time of reporting, that economic extraction can be justified.

Projects – Estimation of Probable Reserves

Mexico – Lake Cuitzeo “Relampago II”

Gold (AU): = 300,000.00 tons of gold element family products
Lithium (Li): = 2,410,995.00 tons of lithium carbonate
Boron {B}: = 2,898,000.00 tons of boron
Sodium (Na): = 90,033,615.00 tons of sodium
Potassium (K): = 4I,313,825.00 tons of potassium
Magnesium (Mg): = 126,735.00 tons of magnesium
Rare Earth Elements = A number of different Rare Earth Elements will be available, but quantities
are undetermined at this time.

From the latest geological report’s analysis, it is estimated that at the Relampago II project in Mexico there will also be substantial deposits of the rare earths Cerium (Ce), Lanthanum (La) and Scandium (Sc) as well as other valuable reserves such as Vanadium (V) and Strontium (Sr) for commercial marketability purposes as well.

The stock symbol for CTGX Mining, Inc. is CHCX

Listed on the Over the Counter Market:  http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/CHCX/quote


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Shares Outstanding 27,074,968 a/o Mar 31, 2014
Float 2,074,698 a/o Mar 31, 2014
Authorized Shares 250,000,000 a/o Mar 31, 2014










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