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CALI -- CALI Holdings, Inc. Company Activities (from 10-Q) CALI Holdings, Inc. (the "Company") was incorporated in the state of Utah in 1980. The company was formerly known as TS&B Holdings, Inc. On April 8, 2005 the Company changed its name from TS&B Holdings, Inc. to CALI Holdings, Inc. On January 5, 2004 the Company’s shareholders consented to the proposal to allow the Company to adopt business development company (“BDC”) status under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (“1940 Act”). A BDC is a specialized type of Investment Company under the 1940 Act. A BDC may primarily be engaged in the business of furnishing capital and managerial expertise to companies that do not have ready access to capital through conventional financial channels; such companies are termed “eligible portfolio companies”. The Company as a BDC, may invest in other securities, however such investments may not exceed 30% of the Company’s total asset value at the time of such investment. The Company filed its BDC election with the SEC (Form N-54A) on January 13, 2004. CALI Holdings, Inc. provides equity and long-term debt financing to small and medium-sized private companies in a variety of industries throughout the United States. The Company’s investment object is to achieve long-term capital appreciation in the value of its investments and to provide current income primarily from interest, dividends and fees paid by its portfolio companies. Address: 7658 Municipal Drive, Orlando, FL 32819 USA Website: Phone: 407 649-8325 NOTE B — INVESTMENTS Valuation of Investments The most significant estimate inherent in the preparation of the Company’s financial statements is the valuation of its investment and the related unrealized appreciation or depreciation. Upon conversion to a BDC, the Company engaged independent business valuation experts to value selected portfolio companies, which had significant activity in the Company’s first year as a BDC. The Board of Directors states all other portfolio companies and investments at fair market value as determined under a good faith standard. The Company has investments in 8 controlled (portfolio) corporations as of March 31, 2005. Cummings Financial Services, Inc. Cummings Financial Services, Inc. is a mortgage broker licensed in the State of Florida and located in Brandon, Florida. Glenn Cummings has been in the mortgage brokerage business since 1993 as a mortgage loan originator with Household Finance Corporation. In 1996 Mr. Cummings became licensed as an independent mortgage broker. In 1999 Mr. Cummings signed a net branch agreement with Stockton, Turner, LLC. Under the branch agreement, Mr. Cummings operated as Stockton, Turner, Cummings, Inc. In 2001 Glenn & Alicia Cummings formed Cummings Financial Services, Inc. and became a correspondent lender. In May 2004, the Company acquired a 51% interest in Cummings Financial Services, Inc. The Company receives an ongoing monthly management fee in the amount of $5,000 from Cummings Financial Services, Inc. Home Savings Plan, Inc. Home Savings Plan, Inc. is a company which sells to Cummings Financial Services, Inc mortgage customers a bi-weekly payment plan for mortgage payments. The company was incorporated in 2001. Home Savings Plan, Inc. is located in Brandon, Florida. Home Mortgage Savings, Plan is owned 51% by the Company. Buehler Earth & Waterworks, LLC. Buehler Earth & Waterworks LLC. specializes in site development and infrastructure construction including, but not limited to, clearing, earthwork, utility construction, storm drainage, curbs, sidewalks, roadwork including sub-base, base and asphalt placement. Buehler Earth & Waterworks LLC. mission is to provide a full line of site construction and related services to the land/site development industry (public/private) utilizing a team approach to deliver the highest in quality work seeking expeditious performance without compromising either cost efficiency or good safety practices. Buehler Earth & Waterworks, LLC. has a 100% interest in BEW Landscape & Irrigation, LLC. BEW Landscape & Irrigation, LLC. provides plants and irrigation to wholesale and retail distribution outlets. On March 21, 2005 Buehler Earth & Waterworks, LLC sold its 75% interest in Advance Pool Technologies, Inc. to the other 25% investor for $155,880. Buehler Earth & Waterworks, LLC is a Florida Limited Partnership which the Company has a 51% interest. In addition, the Company receives an ongoing monthly management fee in the amount of $5,000. Sports Nation, Inc. Sports Nation, Inc. is involved in all aspects of the sports memorabilia merchandising industry. Sports Nation’s management has over 50 years of combined experience in product development, licensing, mass merchandise, retail, and direct marketing & sales. Through years of specializing in sourcing and selling the finest caliber sports memorabilia and collectible products, Sports Nation has forged numerous strategic relationships with companies and individuals in sports marketing, including agents and athletes, manufacturers, authenticators, and retailers. Sports Nation Inc is a Nevada Corporation, which is owned 100% by the Company. TSB Financial Services, Inc. TSB Financial Services, Inc. also obtains financing for various commercial real estate transactions through strategic relationships with outside funding sources. TSB Financial Services, Inc. serves customers nationally from its headquarters in Orlando, Florida. TSB Financial Services, Inc. is a Florida Corporation, which is owned 100% by the Company. TS&B Gaming & Entertainment Corporation TS&B Gaming & Entertainment Corporation was formed on March 18, 2004 to invest in gaming, hotels and other ventures. TS&B Gaming & Entertainment Corporation has had minimal business activity through March 31, 2005. TS&B Gaming & Entertainment Corporation is a Florida corporation that is 100% owned by the Company. TS & B Ventures, Inc. TS & B Ventures, Inc. was formed in April, 2004 to raise money from the private equity market. TS & B Ventures, Inc. has had minimal business activity through March 31, 2005. TS & B Ventures, Inc. is a Florida corporation that is 100% owned by the Company. Wellstone Acquisition Corporation Wellstone Acquisition Corporation is a non-reporting Securities and Exchange Commission registrant. Wellstone Acquisition had no business activity for the nine month period ending March 31, 2005. Wellstone Acquisition Corporation is a Delaware corporation that is owned 66 2/3% by the Company. State of Incorporation: UT Officers: James J. Jenkins, CEO; James V. Sadrianna, CFO; Charles Giannetto, Sec't. Outstanding Shares: Not Available Estimated Market Cap: Not Available Current Capital Change: shs decreased by 1 for 100 split Ex-Date: Record Date: Pay Date: 2005-04-08 Dividends: Company Notes: Formerly=Key Waste Management, Inc. until 7-94 Formerly=Ammonia Hold, Inc. until 10-01 Formerly=TS&B Holdings, Inc. until 4-05 Transfer Agent: Transfer Online, Portland, OR 97204 I'M PLACING THIS TRADE FOR US 8/1/2005 Time & Sales , Price Size Time , 0.0044 2,370,150 15:36:43
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