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Below courtesy of Kool Aid Man

The Shell Risk designation indicates that a company displays characteristics common to Shell Companies. This designation is made at OTC Markets’ sole and absolute discretion based on an analysis of the company’s annual financial data and may differ from issuers’ self-reported shell classifications in their own public filings. Our analysis evaluates asset composition, operational expenditures, and income related metrics. No action is required by a company to perform the evaluation other than publishing current annual financial information.

In limited circumstances, OTC Markets will consider removal of a company’s shell risk designation upon written request by a company. Please be advised that such requests will only be considered when there has been a material change in financial condition since the most recent fiscal year-end that is reflected in publicly available interim financial statements. Examples include a material increase in asset composition or operating revenues with related financial disclosure as a result of an acquisition or change in control transaction.

Share Structure "verified" by Transfer Agent
Authorized Shares= 40,000,000,000 a/o 09/07/2022
(Confirmed by CEO in 2021 Annual Report and Q1 2022 disclosure)
Outstanding Shares=34,952,777,778 a/o 09/07/2022


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Total Trades:
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yeah thats what i thought, the post i mefisto0666 10/03/2022 01:51:52 PM
Former Family Dollar store manager arrested on theft charge Kool Aid Man 09/30/2022 11:44:56 PM
Yes he was the felon Eddie hired! He winningpenny 09/30/2022 07:37:29 PM
wasn't Luther the dollar store guy? mefisto0666 09/30/2022 10:54:01 AM
Eddie, Angie and Scott--NOT their companies--were found liable Kool Aid Man 09/29/2022 07:25:45 PM
Oh here's the deal. I was found incompetent B1gbtv001 09/28/2022 05:32:33 AM
Exactly..which is why I concluded with"Either HE's equally Kool Aid Man 09/26/2022 01:06:31 PM
Eddie did the same level of DD when dukeb 09/26/2022 10:07:42 AM
If you committed a murder, a DUI or Kool Aid Man 09/25/2022 11:59:14 PM
Not everyone reads or is a member of Kool Aid Man 09/25/2022 11:56:32 PM
You all can see the letter from the B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 11:47:18 PM
You are spot on. Also I don't have B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 10:25:36 PM
You can see my LinkedIn and you'll see B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 10:22:17 PM
Couple of points here: dukeb 09/25/2022 08:26:39 PM
Eddie's lawsuit lists Barry's address as being 6740 Kool Aid Man 09/25/2022 06:50:49 PM
I was on Amazon prime from 2016 to 19. B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 03:49:17 AM
Roku channel why not Netflix or Amazon I mrsdoubtfire 09/25/2022 03:28:30 AM
Yes on roku channel B1GBTV is the full B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 03:21:49 AM
#44593 So funny Did you slide your credit card right mrsdoubtfire 09/25/2022 03:15:16 AM
He fucked with the wrong jew by filing B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 03:11:57 AM
No! Its confidential I believe. B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 03:07:26 AM
She legally is required to if I'm found incapacitated B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 03:06:29 AM
You clearly aren't listening and don't know what B1gbtv001 09/25/2022 03:05:26 AM
We are always riding free shares and here winningpenny 09/25/2022 01:20:31 AM
Okay. You made your bet. See you near Hitchox 09/25/2022 01:08:32 AM
Correct Barry has no money is a mute winningpenny 09/24/2022 08:43:25 AM
You repeated yourself 3 more times after saying Hitchox 09/24/2022 02:12:26 AM
The court case was not long at all. Hitchox 09/24/2022 02:10:57 AM
Yes in court record he has no money!!! winningpenny 09/23/2022 09:10:26 PM
Vakser's shady attorney said it in court. Soapboxmom 09/23/2022 08:26:11 PM
No business operations means there will never be Soapboxmom 09/23/2022 08:24:39 PM
Lol that’s why everyone alerted the IRS for winningpenny 09/23/2022 08:06:33 PM
Lol Eddie has stated on record he has winningpenny 09/23/2022 08:05:20 PM
Barry said he had no money. Telling me Hitchox 09/23/2022 07:52:20 PM
Again please do some additional DD it’s like winningpenny 09/23/2022 07:43:56 PM
Only recall Barry saying he has no money Hitchox 09/23/2022 07:39:43 PM
I see. So Santa will inspire someone to Hitchox 09/23/2022 07:38:48 PM
A miracle. Kinda like that Christmas movie RickNagra 09/23/2022 11:24:31 AM
Do a little more DD you have a winningpenny 09/23/2022 10:38:03 AM
What would cause it to become 2 dollars? Hitchox 09/23/2022 10:34:17 AM
Hes the defendant. Hitchox 09/23/2022 10:33:41 AM
Then how did you get it? Hitchox 09/23/2022 10:33:26 AM
All or nothing at all. You cant be Hitchox 09/23/2022 10:32:10 AM
You think the judge will dismiss the case Hitchox 09/23/2022 10:31:05 AM
Can you post it? winningpenny 09/23/2022 04:38:04 AM
Judge issued a letter to plaintiff and parties. B1gbtv001 09/23/2022 04:22:25 AM
I answered this question on PRPM boards tonight. B1gbtv001 09/23/2022 04:21:12 AM
I got news for you. The courts budget B1gbtv001 09/23/2022 04:16:07 AM
So $70-80 BILLION market value??Target pr Kool Aid Man 09/22/2022 04:08:45 PM
Target price $2 RickNagra 09/22/2022 03:45:48 PM
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