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Discuss the stocks of your choice.

First bash will get you banned.

First spam post will get you banned.

The only drawback to this is that IHub won't let you post here unless you pay IHub for a membership. But on Friday afternoons (Happy Hour), EVERYBODY can post....so save up your thoughts and post them then.

Here, you'll never see the likes of certain 'people' trashing USSE/SSTP........z

=============== Current Board Stocks ====================
BHUB** This could be the mother of all short squeezes: 3-28-2007

EESO (by request:Tony Jeletonev)

TRTN (JBI, Incorporated... strongly recommend going to iHub board and reading iBox for TRTN)

LNGT... soon to have a "safe" laser defense weapon for law enforcement, military, etc. "Dazer Laser" PLUS the JV project with ITT for the military is about to go into production for field deployment! The Joint Contaminated Surfaces Detector... works at $%MPH on mobile platform!

If you want your stock added to this list, just ask us. However, ANY stock can be discussed here even if it's not on that list above.

If you need a safe haven where you can discuss your stock without having to look at nasty basher posts, this is the place.

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#802  Sticky Note JBII: Pictures/Videos. Processor, Free Plastic, Fuel Output, Documents: Zardiw 08/02/11 10:37:29 PM
#810   $DLOC WAKING UP OFF BOTTOM AFTER 4,000% RUN!!! DPS1212 07/23/20 02:48:03 PM
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#803   http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=5YGc4zOqozo The power of the Internet... grantg2 03/17/12 05:27:14 PM
#802   JBII: Pictures/Videos. Processor, Free Plastic, Fuel Output, Documents: Zardiw 08/02/11 10:37:29 PM
#801   JBII: Latest News: Chrysler Supplies Plastic!! Summary DD. Zardiw 08/02/11 10:36:12 PM
#800   JBII gonna run. RSI in the toilet. Accum Zardiw 08/02/11 10:33:59 PM
#799   Not you....lmao.....Banned for life.........et z Zardiw 01/13/11 09:20:40 AM
#798   Hi guys. New to the Board. what is up? the big guy 11/25/10 09:07:32 PM
#797   oh ok very cool ATSS_Chris 11/02/10 10:06:00 AM
#796   I take no credit for the writing... grantg2 11/01/10 05:29:30 PM
#795   Well written and very much agreed with shipmate ATSS_Chris 11/01/10 03:28:42 PM
#794   Meanwhile... something is brewing here... grantg2 08/05/10 06:01:24 PM
#790   JBII News after hours... grantg2 12/22/09 04:56:09 PM
#789   VINDICATION... er, VALIDATION. grantg2 12/18/09 03:37:43 AM
#788   Dear President Obama, grantg2 11/29/09 04:49:42 PM
#787   THREE GREAT STOCKS... grantg2 11/06/09 02:20:24 PM
#786   New TRTN acquisition Pak-It goes international... grantg2 10/14/09 01:21:37 PM
#785   TRTN/JBI Photos/Videos grantg2 10/14/09 01:19:58 PM
#784   Check on the DD available here: grantg2 10/07/09 05:19:21 PM
#783   Beginning DD on the ITT/LNGT joint venture for grantg2 10/07/09 05:16:24 PM
#782   Meanwhile... there is a HOT stock that is grantg2 10/07/09 05:01:30 PM
#781   Scary when Pravda has to tell us about grantg2 06/01/09 06:51:47 PM
#780   SEC Sues Eight in Three States in Penny grantg2 05/21/09 10:31:06 PM
#779   Hi, please add EESO to the list of Tony Jeletonev 03/29/09 05:40:22 PM
#778   Sent you a PM.....jr is TOXIC.......et z Zardiw 11/11/08 09:00:58 PM
#777   Yeah... many of us have noticed... grantg2 11/11/08 07:51:23 PM
#776   I've done a 180 people. I have filed Zardiw 10/30/08 08:23:26 PM
#775   Yeah...for a few hours only.....remains to be seen Zardiw 08/06/08 04:19:16 PM
#774   HOLY COW! Just took a peek at the zsvq1p 08/06/08 01:18:15 PM
#773   I fall in that "complainers are impatient." category.. LOL zsvq1p 08/06/08 01:12:00 PM
#772   This witchhunt was instigated by some disgruntled people, Zardiw 08/06/08 12:34:39 PM
#771   At this point, I don't know. It looks grantg2 08/06/08 12:30:32 PM
#770   You think John Rivera can win that USSE Zardiw 08/06/08 12:42:22 AM
#769   What if JR wins that SEC suit against Zardiw 08/06/08 12:40:36 AM
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