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Welcome to AMBIENT

Ambient designs, develops and markets Ambient Smart Grid communications technologies and equipment. Utilizing proprietary, open standards-based technologies along with in-depth industry experience, Ambient provides utilities with solutions for creating smart grid communication platforms and technologies. Headquartered in Newton, MA, Ambient is a publicly traded company(NASDAQ: AMBT)

 A simplified network view is shown below (sans communications backhaul):

Ambient Smart Grid™

The Ambient Smart Grid™ Communications Network

The Ambient Smart Grid™ communications solution is a modular network overlaid on the medium-voltage and low-voltage segments of the power distribution system allowing real-time insight into the operations of the electrical distribution grid while supporting any IP-based application. High-speed backhaul connections (which go to the Internet or to private networks) connect the Ambient Smart Grid™ network at any point along the medium voltage circuit allowing for IP data traffic to be carried, via a choice of multiple technologies including BPL, Wi-Fi, cellular, and/or low bit rate power line carrier (PLC).

To date, no single solution or technology exists which provides the necessary flexibility in a cost-effective solution enabling a comprehensive digital communications network, incorporating standards-based technologies. Ambient's Smart Grid™ communications platform was developed specifically to fill this void and meet the utility's needs by integrating various technologies within the Ambient platform.

Making up the Ambient platform are nodes configured to act as individual data processors and collectors that receive and transmit the Ambient Smart Grid™ communications signal from other networked devices including other nodes, couplers or end-user devices. Ambient's node can directly interface with any device with a serial or Ethernet port, and can deliver high-speed communications data using existing and developing technologies including BPL, Wi-Fi, Cellular, low bit rate PLC or any combination of these communications protocols. Our node is a modular device that can be configured for different roles within the network. Nodes can repeat (regenerate) the signal, and accept backhaul connections (fiber, Ethernet, etc) or various end-user connections. Within the Ambient network, each node is individually addressed and can be remotely accessed to detect system status (such as power and low battery conditions) and perform management functions. Ambient's nodes are built for use in the exposed electrical distribution grid and meet the necessary certifications.

Couplers are another key component of Ambient's network for select applications. Couplers transfer the communications signal to and from medium voltage and low voltage power lines in a BPL or PLC network, and also serve to read, in real-time, the current of the electrical distribution grid. Since a single coupler cannot span this entire range of options, we have developed inductive couplers for medium voltage overhead and underground lines and inductive and capacitive couplers for low voltage applications.

To manage the large numbers of nodes, devices, and customers on a smart grid network, Ambient has developed a network management system, trademarked as AmbientNMS™. AmbientNMS™ has a simple to use, browser-based interface and supports auto-discovery of network resources, VLANs, provisioning, multiple networks, event logging, data collection, alerts, reporting, and multiple levels of users and security. The AmbientNMS™ will continue to be enhanced with additional features and functionality.

Concerns with data security and data integrity are considered and addressed at all levels of the system. Safety and compliance with regulatory requirements are top priorities throughout the design, development, manufacture and deployment of all of our equipment. Our nodes are tested, and certified as complying to applicable United States and Canadian safety standards for information technology equipment. Our overhead couplers are tested to ANSI Standards for electrical power insulators and are designed for safe non-contact installation with either hot sticks or rubber gloves.

 Transfer Agent:

American Stock Transfer & Trust
40 Wall Street
New York, NY 10005
Phone: 718-921-8380






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