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Anybody get any of these funds confiscated by leslunier 02/08/23 9:25 AM
The latest. tdbowieknife 01/20/20 8:08 PM
Yea, but someone is paying on this "coming mylastpenny 06/05/19 11:28 AM
Yeah... The restitution thing never works out well tdbowieknife 07/17/18 6:46 PM
Guess the bitch is out of the halfway leslunier 07/17/18 11:39 AM
From AEHI Truth... tdbowieknife 02/18/17 12:43 PM
There're way to easy on these thieving scammers tdbowieknife 12/14/16 6:08 PM
Was notified the bitch is getting transfered to leslunier 12/14/16 3:56 PM
anybody heard anything about restitution ? leslunier 06/03/16 10:42 AM
JENNIFER RANSOM tdbowieknife 03/29/16 8:33 PM
Received notice that Ransom is in jail. leslunier 03/11/16 8:38 AM
Just received official notice of the sentence. leslunier 01/15/16 1:08 PM
I believe some or most of that 580K tdbowieknife 01/08/16 2:08 PM
What a fxxkin joke. So who gets leslunier 01/08/16 7:57 AM
Here it says she is to pay $116,138 tdbowieknife 01/07/16 6:00 PM
"Sentencing guidelines laid out by Judge Lodge: 57- tdbowieknife 01/07/16 3:40 PM
Thanks TD. Any mention of restitution ? leslunier 01/07/16 3:34 PM
Jennifer Ransom gets 30 months in Federal Prison. tdbowieknife 01/07/16 3:13 PM
Jennifer Ransom is currently scheduled to be sentenced tdbowieknife 01/05/16 11:38 AM
It has been postpond until Jan. 2016. leslunier 12/16/15 2:49 PM
leslunier Any news on Jennifer Ransom's sentencing it look1 12/12/15 10:09 AM
Oh I get it now Cbdpotential 11/24/15 11:31 AM
Most Wanted: Don Gillispie, Who Convinced Payette County tdbowieknife 08/20/15 10:18 PM
news to read on nuclear see below look1 08/19/15 8:15 PM
Just been notified that Jennifer Ransom's sentencing has leslunier 08/13/15 5:38 PM
AEHI revoked: Renee 08/12/15 9:33 AM
maybe they can look for gillispiel here I look1 06/06/15 5:36 PM
Ransom's sentencing delayed untill Sept.22. Arrest warrant leslunier 06/05/15 3:33 PM
Doesn't matter... Within about 40 days AEHI's stock tdbowieknife 05/27/15 2:35 PM
Thanks SwankB for the info it is look1 05/27/15 2:20 PM
Just to clarify,Don isn’t the current CEO of SwankB 05/27/15 12:00 PM
From the news look1 05/26/15 2:42 PM
Really. Do you think for one minute that his leslunier 05/26/15 2:28 PM
I wrote it is an SEC law that look1 05/26/15 2:15 PM
would you please explain WTF you just said? leslunier 05/26/15 1:42 PM
Think of it this way if Gillespie wins look1 05/26/15 1:35 PM
Hope they track him down and drag his damit 05/26/15 11:21 AM
He's probably out of the country by now. leslunier 05/26/15 11:14 AM
Wow, this is getting interesting. What does he damit 05/26/15 11:01 AM
Does any one here have an PACER account look1 05/26/15 10:20 AM
2 no shows... Warrant for arrest issued. tdbowieknife 05/25/15 4:31 PM
Thanks for letting me know about this latest damit 05/22/15 9:34 AM
Gillespie jumped bail, now on the run... tdbowieknife 05/21/15 10:10 PM
some one has hit the green button today sage davisky 05/18/15 11:01 AM
WOW,that's a big loss and they both do damit 04/25/15 9:41 AM
Wish I were in your shoes. I leslunier 04/25/15 9:13 AM
Thanks for your reply.What a sad ending to damit 04/24/15 3:45 PM
Probably not has she pled guilty... There is tdbowieknife 04/23/15 4:07 PM
Is it not Ironic? this week Japan finally sage davisky 04/23/15 4:04 PM
and will there be any compensation to the sage davisky 04/23/15 3:56 PM
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Alternate Energy Holdings (fka AEHI)

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Alternate Energy Holdings, AEHI as a nuclear operating company, rather than a large utility, Alternate Energy Holdings provides potential shareholders with a unique opportunity to invest directly in the nuclear industry, as well as in the innovative green energy products the company is bringing to market.

Alternate Energy Holdings actively develops and markets innovative clean energy sources to reduce dependence on foreign energy sources. Current projects include nuclear construction, an economical and environmentally- friendly fuel additive that will reduce the cost of natural gas energy production by 25% to 40%, marketable lightning harvesting technology for electricity production, coal to diesel fuel conversion, carbon dioxide removal from gas turbine exhaust, and urban mini-reactors for safe, compact power generation.
We believe the company and stock price will benefit significantly from several developments that have or are about to occur, such as:

• AEHI recently announced its active intentions to purchase an operating nuclear plant, located within the United States, for optimization and additional nuclear construction. The company is contacting nuclear plant owners directly at this time to initiate negotiations and is willing to pay upwards of one billion dollars for a deregulated site. After assuming ownership, AEHI intends to optimize the plant`s performance to generate immediate profit and, under the provisions of the 2005 Energy Bill, begin construction of an additional nuclear unit on the site within two years.

• Strong demand for clean energy to reduce CO2 will enable the company to expand operations and accelerate sales growth.
AEHI will be the first nuclear generating company in the U.S. and will easily outperform large nuclear and fossil type utilities with their inherent bureaucracy. Immediate cash-flow will be realized upon plant purchase due to an established consumer base through a power purchase agreement.
A key objective for AEHI is decreasing US dependence on foreign sources of power, which are progressively proving less reliable and more political in their influence. AEHI`s primary initiative is the purchase and optimization of a currently struggling nuclear power plant in the nation`s Sunbelt region. After implementing the necessary improvements to maximize the purchased plant`s profit margins, AEHI plans to construct an additional nuclear power generating unit on the site of the original plant.

 The Payette Site

This project involves building a nuclear power plant on a 5,300 acre parcel near Big Willow Road and Stone Quarry Road in Payette County, Idaho. The nearest town is New Plymouth, Idaho.
      The county's comprehensive plan for rezoning the property from agricultural to industrial is now complete. The Final phase will be the actual execution of the formal rezoning of the property, which will permit construction to commence. We have also proposed equipping this plant so it can create medical isotopes, if current shortages still exist. We have signed an agreement with Source Capital Group to raise money for the project.

On September 2, 2010 The Payette Chamber of Commerce announced its official endorsement of Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. and the company's plan to build a nuclear power plant in Payette County, Idaho. Over the past year the Chamber and its members have become keenly aware of AEHI and of how the company's endeavors will enhance and improve business and job opportunities in Payette County.

"Nuclear power has proven itself as one of the safest, cleanest and most reliable sources of energy in the world. It is also a tremendous source for jobs, something we desperately need in Payette County. Our unemployment rate currently surpasses the state average and AEHI's proposal would bring thousands of new jobs into our community -- high paying positions that will increase employment opportunities even outside the power plant," said Shelley Creson, Executive Director of the Payette Chamber of Commerce.

"A business like AEHI is exactly what we need in Payette and by extension Payette County. It is the same reason I put my support behind this company. In my opinion, AEHI's leadership is steeped in nuclear power, with people who spent their entire careers in the nuclear industry. They have built and maintained power plants around the nation and I look forward to them bringing that same success to our community. As they succeed, so will our county and the people who live in it," said Jeff Williams, Chamber member and Mayor of Payette.

The Chamber and its members are confident in AEHI's success and look forward to the local approval process, which the Chamber believes will result in a positive result for the company, its shareholders and the people who live in Payette County. AEHI joined the Payette Chamber of Commerce in early 2010 and has remained an active member since that time.

The project Video can be seen here.



Donald Gillispie:

A past nuclear utility senior executive,  he has served as President of AEHI since inception. He has over 45 years experience in construction, operations and maintenance of nuclear power plants.  He received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at Clemson University, where he graduated cum laude. He later completed the senior executive program at the MIT Sloan School of Business.
Gillispie received his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering at Clemson University, where he graduated cum laude. He later completed the senior executive program at the MIT Sloan School of business. Key.

Mr. Gillispie additionally is owner of Grace Glens Consulting, a technical management consulting company, which advises senior utility executives on managing commercial nuclear power companies, and other non-nuclear organizations. Mr. Gillispie helped start up a technical management consulting business, INPO, in Atlanta, GA and a nuclear operating company, NMC, in Hudson, WI which operates six nuclear power plants with 5,000 employees. NMC was awarded best in class for innovation by Forbes Magazine in 2001.

As part of a three-man team, Gillispie assisted in overseeing the 2007 reopening of Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant unit three in Alabama before moving to Idaho to be near AEHI's first nuclear project. Its opening was attended by President George W. Bush.

John Franz:

John Franz, a past Vice President of a nuclear utility, has served on the Board of AEHI since February 2007. He is currently employed by 14 nuclear power plant clients for consultant services, including practice INPO Accreditation Boards and membership on Nuclear Safety Review Boards. Mr. Franz has 36 years of diverse experience in the licensing, start-up, operation, and management of nuclear power plants. Most notably, he led a struggling plant to top NRC and INPO ratings, as well as directed a plant restart effort following a mandated NRC shutdown.

Greg Kane:

A past nuclear plant manager, has served as Vice President and Board member of AEHI since inception. Mr. Kane currently is President of Eagle “I” Nuclear Assistance, a consulting firm that provides, or has provided, management consulting to over twenty-five (25) nuclear programs. Mr. Kane previously held the position of General Manager at Virginia Power’s twin unit PWR North Anna Nuclear Plant, where he was responsible for safe operation and budgeting of the station in all aspects of activities. Under Mr. Kane’s leadership, the plant achieved top industry evaluation scores and one of the lowest power production costs in the United States.

Leon Eliason:

A past President of two nuclear utility business units, has served as AEHI’s Chairman of the Board since inception. Mr. Eliason is a professional in the utilities field, with thirty-three (33) years of experience in operations, maintenance, engineering, and management of Nuclear, Fossil, Solar, and Hydro Power Plants. Most notable, he served as President of the Nuclear Business Unit and Chief Nuclear Officer for Public Service Electric and Gas, Newark New Jersey – where he was responsible for all operational and support activities including fuel, technical support, business planning, and financial support for two generating stations.

James Taylor:

Former Chief Operating Officer of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), has served on the Board of AEHI since inception. During his career, he was recognized by both Presidents Bush and Clinton with Presidential Distinguished Executive Rank Awards in 1989 and 1994. Mr. Taylor additionally held the position of Chief Financial Officer during his years of NRC employment and has served on Nuclear Safety Oversight Committees at nine (9) utilities operating nuclear power plants.

Ken Strahm, Sr:

A past President of the nuclear industry watchdog organization INPO, has served on the Board of AEHI since inception. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Strahm was employed by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) in Atlanta, Georgia, where he served as the Director of the National Academy for Nuclear Training and later as President of the Institute.

Ralph Beedle:

A past Senior Vice President of the Nuclear Energy Institute, has served on the Board of AEHI since inception. Mr. Beedle retired after serving as Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer of the Nuclear Energy Institute – where, in addition to his operational management duties, he interacted regularly with the U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and other federal agencies, as well as members of Congress.

Members of the AEHI Executive Committee are as follows: Don Gillispie (Co-Chairman), Leon Eliason (Co-Chairman), Ken Strahm, and Ralph Beedle.


 Idaho Energy Complex - AEHI will be at the forefront of this opportunity as the first publicly traded independent nuclear generating company in the U.S. and will easily outperform large nuclear and fossil type utilities with their inherent bureaucracy.


Green World Water, working in partnership with China National Nuclear Corp, (CNNC) in Beijing, China, is producing the world's first commercially available nuclear seawater desalination system. It creates large amounts of clean water and power at the same time. CCNE employes about 200,000 people in China.

The Green World Water™ Solution
The only company with the nuclear know-how, offering commercially-viable nuclear desalination at an affordable price

•  Only system to produce water & power together

•  Electricity production will pay for water production

•  GWW™ can produce up to 400,000m3 every day

•  Enough clean water for 1,000,000 people/day

•  Can fill a 1km wide reservoir every month

•  Power creation can pump water long distances

"Nuclear energy might be a more efficient method of removing contamination and saltwater because it can do so efficiently and on a large-scale basis without adding to concerns over global warming." Ken Silverstein, EnergyBiz Insider

"Nuclear energy seawater desalination has a tremendous potential for the production of freshwater." Meenakshi Jain, CDM &; Environmental Services and Positive Climate Care, India.

"The development of advanced reactors providing heat for hydrogen production and large amount of waste heat will catalyze the large-scale seawater desalination for economic production of fresh water."
- Dr. B.M. Misra, Co-editor of International Journal of Nuclear Desalination, former head of BARC

Our Nigerian office - Green World Water Africa, recently began production. (  


Green World Water™ is in a class by itself in every category 
You will not find a desalination unit that produces water cheaper than Green World Water ™


Energy Neutral focuses on renewable power - using wind and solar power to build homes and commercial buildings that produce more power than they consume. (

Hyperion Power New Energy - the partnership involves a joint venture with Hyperion Power Generation in China to produce and market a mini nuclear reactor about the size of a refrigerator capable of producing 25 megawatts of power. Save and stackable, it can be used practically anywhere including ocean liners, military bases, small towns and even desalination systems.

Website :

Stock Transfer Company: Interwest Transfer Company, Inc. Transfer Company, Inc

Please call 540-586-9143 or 208-939-9311

or e-mail for additional information.

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