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                      Diabetes - WEB Publication Forum   
         For Patients, Health Professionals, Interested Persons and Investors


       World Diabetes & Health Care Org.
                                 Charity Non-Profit Organization
                For The Best of Humans Worldwide

    To help Diabetes People worldwide to get the information they need by one view to
    better understand and manage it to have a happy Diabetes Life. Our aim is also to
    create The Awareness For The Ongoing World Epidemic for the political parties,
    governments and institutions to do what it need to improve the life of Diabetic People
    and to avoid abuses of such as by Health Insurances or at Jobs or Careers, Etc. or
    getting treated as 2nd Class People and instead to receive the preference status by
    humanistic civilized way to release some of the burden, problems and difficulties in
    their daily live.  Charitable we do this worldwide By Diabetes Related Keywords for
    by the Google Search to see at any FrontPages to get the maximum of Clicks and
    Interests as necessary.
    This is costly and therefore we would really appreciate any Donations to do it as

    good as necessary. 
Email Contact:
    For this Please Donate to our Bank-Account: Swissquote Bank SA, IBAN Code: CH810 8781 0000 7014 5100
    with Comment: WDHCO 

    If this is not been seen At Every FrontPages Topside as necessary by just using one
    Keyword as for example "Diabetes", it would mean only that we
regrettably did not
    receive enough Companies- or Private- Donations for doing so.
    Present WDHCO 2017 Donations-Status Results Are Not Yet Sufficiently !!
    ( WDHCO in June 2017 established at lowest costs possible as seen here. We are planning to do
    a nice WEB-Page, but the WEB-Designer would
need to be paid and to do a place-reservation for
    the Pages 1 it need to
create the necessary awareness, would need to be done by Advertisement

    at Google AdWords for the Medical Field with $ 0.79 Costs Per Click. This only for all to know ! )

    If You A Diabetic and Really Care About Improvements of the Diabetics Situations, then you should
    Take That Chance Here To Get The Words Out And Donate even any small amount You Can Afford,
    because by the experiences
The Non-Diabetics Usually Don’t Care About As Long They Not Became
    Diabetics Themselves
and just concentrate on any other interests in days life.  

   According of WHO-World Health Organization we have now about 1.5 Billion
   of Diabetes affected People and this by increasing tendency as confirmed !

   This Site Will Be Continuously Completed And Updated.

   ADA – American Diabetes Association 2017 Standards
General Topics  

   DDG – DE Diabetes Gesellschaft 2017 Standards  

   Roche Diabetes Care – CGM & Insulin Pump Systems

   Novartis - Google Diabetes Care  

   Abbott Diabetes Care - CGM System  

   Pfizer - Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders  

   Merck Diabetes Care  

   Dexcom - CGM Glucose Monitoring  

   Metronic - CGM & Insulin Pumps Systems  

   Dual Insulin & Glucagon Pump Systems – Artificial Pancreas – Near Diabetes Future

   Diabetes-Related Microvascular and Macrovascular Diseases in the Physical Therapy Setting
   Here from NIH.Gov the Worlds Medical Reference !   
   The Basic-Cause of Neuropathy, Retinopathy, Kidney-Nephropathy, Bones-Osteopathy, Etc. of about
   20 Additional 
Diseases up to Amputations.   
   The Related Venous Capillary Netting:  

   To Reduce the Diabetes Typical Blood Circulation Problems with its Inflammation Potentials
   As known Every 3 ½ Days, means at every Wednesday Morning and
Saturday Evening,
   take 1/2 of Standard Aspirin Tablet, combined with daily 600-800mg natural Vitamin-E !

   As known To Reduce the Inflammation Potentials, Every 2nd Day take 350mcg of pure
   natural Selenium-Yeast without of any Magnesium-Stearate affecting the Selenium
   properties and bio-functionality, but micro-crystalline cellulose it could contain  ! 
   As known, the Aspirin will reduce the White-Blood-Bodies to stick together and the

   Vitamin-E as known will reduce the Red-Blood-Bodies to stick together and by that
   the Blood has an increased Flow-Capacity ( As Important - 10 Days before of any
   Operations the Aspirin intake and 2 Days before the Vitamin-E intake needs to be
   stopped ! ).
   The Selenium is very well known for its huge Inflammation Reducing properties.

   More to follow when more good know-how, products or services occur.

   Here is a Link for the Conversion of A1C Old % DCCT- and New IFCC- Norms
   with the Average mg/dl or mmol/l Values from A Certified German Laboratory.

   By inserting the A1C Old % or New mmol/mol Numbers it shows 4 Results
   with the right relations to each others ! 
   By shifting here the A1C Numbers you can find out about the relations of some

   specific Average Glucose mg/dl or mmol/l Values.

    ( Sorry, anything like this could not been found in English )

   Diabetes Awareness & Precautions
   Since Sooner or Later In Life Anybody Could Get Diabetes. Therefore at every

   household, beside the Thermometer, Blood Pressure Meter there should also be
   a Calibrated Glucose Measuring Device to measure every 2-3 months.
   The Glucose Measuring Device calibrated by taking blood for in the Laboratory to

   measure the Glucose and at the same time to do 3 Glucose Measurements to write
   down the numbers and date, for by the Lab Report later to know how much it may
   shows too less or too much, because the cheap devices are usually not accurate set
   by the producers. Measure every 2-3 Months the Morning Fasting Glucose Level and
you have it within 100-125mg/dl, repeat the measure and measure it monthly and
   contact your Diabetes Doctor, because you will have Pre-Diabetes maybe also age
   related to aware and take care of by Therapy & Lifestyle as early as possible as
   better it is to avoid any permanent affections. 
   Do Glucose measurements only at good cleaned Just Water rinsed and after well dried 

   Fingers without using any Disinfectants, Soaps, Crèmes or Lotions and for that purpose
   reserve A Clean Towel to dry the Fingers, that’s very important for reliable values !!

   The Simple Therapy Rules For At Any Diabetes Types To Apply:
   1. Fasting Glucose Value before or after any Meals 70-100mg/dl !
   2. During any Meals Glucose Above 100mg/dl for Max. 2 ½ Hours !

   When You Get A New Insulin-Pen To Use !!
   You should first apply the two steps setting Procedure as following:
   1. Take the Pen without inserting any Needle and set 2U and gently press and
   by repeating set 2U to press gently until you cannot complete it to reach Zero

   because you feel a resistance. At that moment do not force to reach the Zero.
   2. Then insert the Needle and press to Zero by some Insulin drops coming out.
   If you do not apply this Setting Procedure, the internal mechanism at the
   Piston is not at Zero and resulting your first Dose will be incomplete ! ! ! 

   Calibrations at CGM-Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

   If you are a user of any such system as it preferably to be, then read
   carefully about the important daily calibration, for things not going wrong.
   You should never not doing any calibrations or not applying comparisons
   also at systems even the producers may say “no need of calibrations”.
   At any CGM-System when you change the Sensor apply at the first day
   at least 2 Calibrations, by the first one 1-2 Hours after replacing it and
   8 Hours later a second one to make sure !
   As you know the measurement is made in The Tissue and not directly in
   The Blood Flow as principally necessary for any Real Time Measuring.
   Measuring in the Tissue as known has a time delay of about 10 Minutes
   where it can go Up or Down in the blood stream and therefore to
have a good calibration, the calibration should always been made at some
   period where at the monitor is seen that the Glucose-Level is going Flat
   Horizontal for some time usually between the meals or 4 hours
   any meals or drinks, beside of water drinking only !! !!

   By this kind of calibration method you could then also see that sensors
   been used for longer, become even more precisely with less to correct.

   Very Important Information’s For Basal-Insulin Users
   There is a strategy applied by the Insulin Producers to respect its Doctors Clients
   discretion only, where even Diabetes- Associations or Forums participate with and
   therefore Important Practical Info For The Diabetes Peoples Applications, regrettably
   are not published, but here will this been compensated by all the details as following :
   1. Injection Technique

   Selecting The Right Injection Location
   With the Needle-Point first carefully Test The Skin-Locations if you could
   feel it or not, for if you feel it, just select another location where you
   feel nothing and then do there the injection to have it painless and
   also to be more save for not getting any blood vessels, because
   usually near blood vessels there are also more nerves to feel !
   The Basal-Insulin should been injected at body locations where there is not a strong
   blood circulation to provide the good 24 hours effect it really should have to be basal
   only. It therefore is good to be applied Abdominal or at Upper-Legs if there is enough
   fat underneath the skin as usually at Legs more by women’s exists.
   The Basal-Insulin should subcutaneous been injected into the low blood circulation

   Dermis of about 5mm thickness underneath the Skin of about only 2mm thickness.
   To achieve this it is proposed to use Ultra-Fine 0.25 x 8mm Needles by injecting it

   Diagonal at about 30°-45°degrees angle to get it underneath the Skin into the Dermis
   and when by the Insulin-Pen the complete Dose is injected, for counting slowly to 15
   before pulling out the Needle to ensure the complete Dose as set is really injected, to
   see by afterwards not having any Insulin-Drops coming out of the Skin or the Needle.
   Using Needles not shorter 8mm is also to ensure that after injection not any Insulin is
   coming out of the Skin in combination with counting slowly to 15 to make sure. Inject
   into the Dermis it also means usually not even feeling any pain at injections, because
   the Dermis has not much of blood vessels or nerves either.

   1.A) At Rapid-Insulin Applications
   At any Rapid-Insulin to be applied at meals or snacks or any corrections, we have the

   contrary situation of basal to use Ultra-Fine 0.25 x 8mm Needles by injecting only
   Vertically to get more deep into the more blood circulated Subcutis for a better and
   faster Insulin Reaction. At Rapid-Insulin the effect start should be within 10-20 Min.,
   but some have the effect start at up-to 1 Hour or more and they should resulting
   do Intra-Muscular Injection at Upper-Arm Muscle to get the same 10-20 Minutes !
   Here also, when by the Insulin-Pen the complete Dose is injected, for counting slowly
   to 15 before pulling out the Needle to ensure the complete Dose as set is injected.
   For Safety apply Rapid-Insulin at Eating- Start or Soon After and set the Units for that
   conditions to be safe and possibly measure the Glucose 3 Hours after Eating-Start to
   apply some corrections if the Glucose is still above 100mg/dl and this by the Units

   Calculation Base as from 80-90mg/dl always to be applied !!
   In such cases where the effect of Rapid-Insulin is drastically delayed and therefore

   IM-Intra Muscular Injections are the possible solution to get the Reaction-Time to be
   as normal by 10-20 Minutes, anybody should prior discuss this with the Doctor and
   possibly apply the First Such Injections under the Doctor's Observations and Glucose
   measuring as very important for not causing any Insulin-Shocks may resulting !! !! !!

1.B) Hypoglycemia - Hypos - Low Sugar, Can Also Occur By Rapid-Insulin
   Is defined by Blood-Sugar less 70mg/dl or practiced by less 60mg/dl since
   even healthy People by some Sports, Etc. body activities can reach 60mg/dl.
   For corrections it should been taken care for not going from one extreme to
   another and therefore is the following procedure proposed.
   Take 1 Sugar-Cube of about 5 grams or one Heaped Teaspoon Sugar which
   is also about 5 grams mixed in warm Water to drink and it will increase the
   Glucose by about 25mg/dl within 15 minutes, measure the Glucose about
   30 minutes later and if still a little too low repeat the same until you have
   stabilized the Glucose at higher 85mg/dl !
   If you apply a Sugar-Cube it’s better not to swallow and just let it remain
   in the Mouth like a Candy, because from there it goes faster and directly
   in the Blood without necessary to digest first.
   Aware of Hypos Symptoms !!
   Concentration Reduced, May Trembling Hands, Sunlight or Strong Lights Blinding,
   Dizziness In The Head, Increased Hunger Feeling, The Balance At Walking A Little
   Disturbed and Some Can See A Yellowish-Greenish Illumination At Closed Eyes or
   In The Dark At Very Low Sugar, Wakeup At Sleep and The Sleeping Disturbed.

   1.C) Hyperglycemia - Hypers  
   This is usually defined by Glucose above 100mg/dl, but mainly by the meaning
   of Glucose 150-400mg/dl as example and not so much related to the Glucose
   increase at any Meals which by the right Injection-Factor should been corrected.

   It also means when the Glucose even without eating anything goes to 200mg/dl
   or higher as it also possible by any Infections or by the Liver as uncontrolled.
   For if the Glucose surprisingly is really high, it is Good To Apply The Rule
   of Not More Than Maximum 5 Units Rapid-Insulin To Inject At The Time and
   control the
Glucose after 1 ½ Hour and if necessary apply again Max. 5 Units
to check again after 1 ½ Hour, Etc.  
   This is the System for by Steps gradually reducing the Glucose for not getting from
   One Extreme Into Another and gradually not so fast coming down is also better for
   the Body and also for not maybe too easy getting into any Hypos by surprise !
   High Hypers create also dizziness, but additionally some tiredness where at
   Hypos  The Contrary of awakens is because of the Body On Alert .   

   Applying The Rule of Max. 5 Units Rapid-Insulin For Reducing High Glucose is also
   For The Safety for when maybe Stupid or Unwanted Things happen where always
   More Than Just One Factor Comes In Play At Such Situations !!  
   Stupid Things like measuring the Glucose at not cleaned Fingers or the Towel
   where the Hands got dried after cleaning did have some Sugar Containing
   Substances or Rest of Lotions or Syrup and For This Is The Second Rule To

   Be Applied - As At Any Unexpected or Extremely High Glucose Measuring To
   Always By Again Cleaned Fingers, Repeating The Glucose Measurement !! !! !!
   For example when someone feels a little dizzy and like that is quickly doing
   some measurement ( at unaware dirty fingers ) and the reading shows high
   Glucose of for example 300mg/dl, where in reality its low Glucose by the
   dizziness and would apply the Rapid-Insulin correction by the usual Injection-
   Factor, Instead By The 5U Rule, then there is not much of a chance to survive
   when as Too Late the Rapid-Insulin-Effect kicks in and simultaneously also a
   Potassium-Hypo get created by The Too Quick Glucose Falling where finally

   the Hearth-Beat Can Stop by Lack of Potassium !!

   2. Metformin or Metformin Containing Medicaments
   This is mainly for Type 2 Diabetes and some possible support at Type 1 !
   Metformin as the best for controlling or reducing Liver-Glucose-Production
   and additionally has also some little Insulin-Sensitivity increasing effect.   
   The Metformin has a Half-Value Time of 3 Hours after its maximum in the
   Blood called Tmax. That means when swallowing it takes about 2 ½ Hours
   to reach the Tmax Plus the 3 Hours resulting to 5 ½ Hours after swallow
   and only the Half Amount or mg remaining for the resulting Half Effect.
   Under this consideration Metformin by the Daily Dose should been divided
   to take it at least by 3x Daily every 8 Hours or better by 4x Daily every
   6 Hours for the necessary 24 Hours effectiveness !!
   For convenience can the Daily Dose also been taken by Slow Release or
   Extended Release as for example the Glucophage SR or XR but here is
   to mention that the Tmax. is only 7 Hours and that means it lasts only
   for 14 Hours as the double of Tmax. and therefore should been taken
   2x Daily every 12 Hours for the necessary 24 Hours effectiveness !!
   ( Glucophage SR is only called once daily, but has no 24h Effect. )
   For Type 1 Diabetes 3x Daily 125mg ( as 1/4 of round 500mg with
   Tablets Divider ) has the advantage to control the Liver-Glucose for
   better A1C or HabA1c Values and handling the Glucose Control and
   is preferable compare the Glucophage SR 500mg for the same purpose.
   It shows also advantages by reducing the known Hearth Risks at Type 1
   as here seen in the Link : 
   Regrettably until today is No 24 Hours Release Metformin available
   and Metformin is not causing any Hypos as sometimes described !
   The Metformin Intake for at any PET-Tomography needs 2 Days before

   been stopped. By about 94% within 16 Hours by Urinating and in the
   Plasma and Tissue the 6% take one more Day to be out of the Body
   where Metformin remains stabile and does not form any Metabolites.
   Before Operations the Metformin 1 Day before need to be stopped.

   3. How to set the Basal-Insulin Dose as very important for the necessary base effect.
   For this it is necessary to take the time it needs to do this correctly and over few
   Days by a step by step procedure according the lowest Fasting Glucose Level at night
   and/or in the morning after sleeping, where ever the lowest Glucose Level will be to
   find out very carefully and then by small steps of only 1Unit adjusting it to 75-85 mg/dl only. 
   This is very important for the right preconditions for at daytime in
combinations with the
   Rapid-Insulin as usually at Type 1 Diabetes or at Type 2
Diabetes where Metformin 30 Min.
   before of any meals in combination with the Basal-
Insulin is applied.
   Only by setting the Basal-Insulin as above, the necessary good
HbA1c or A1C of only
   max. 5.3% by the former DCCT- Norm for No Neuropathies and No Retinopathies, Etc.

   Affections possible by without any Hypoglycemia’s  !!
   The A1C of max. 5.3% by the former DCCT- Norm at healthy
People, but what’s good
   for healthy People is also good for Diabetes People since they
also just People or Humans
   and we all know it’s not that easy to achieve, but by the
Basal-Insulin Therapy Base not
   set or adjusted properly, it could never been achieved !
! !
   This is related to Any Type of Diabetes where it has been decided to apply
   Insulin or
a Mix. of Medications by Insulin also in combination with other

   About this you should speak with your Doctor or for any reconfirmations contact the
Producer and they will confirm the procedure as above described, as only
correct to be handled like that.

   4. About Glucose mg/dl ! 

   The normal range at healthy People is objectively 70-95mg/dl  ( 100mg/dl by
   objectively is already too much and just a nice old number only. )  What is OK for
   healthy People is also OK for Diabetes People, since they also just People or Humans! 
   The healthy People have a HbA1c or A1C of max. 5.3% by former DCCT- Norm, but for
   convenience only the
Doctors will tell Diabetes People to have a HbA1c or A1C of 6%
   or 7% and if older
even 8-9% as to be OK  Only For Impression Purposes and when
   asking them, would
a healthy HbA1c or A1C of max. 5.3% not been better as for healthy
   People to be on
the save side for not getting any additional affections ? , then all the
   Doctors will tell
if could achieve that naturally would been superior ! ! !
   At healthy Peoples it can also happen, that temporarily the Glucose falls to about

   60mg/dl only by for example doing sport, but this is no problem still aware of
   everything’s and soon get again above 70mg/dl, but when reading some Diabetes
   Associations Info to scare Diabetes Peoples, below 70mg/dl would be Hypoglycemia as
   a Clinical Condition to desperately call 911, instead to drink just some soft drink or
   taking a sugar-cube !  At less 50mg/dl it usually gets a little dizzy just to take some
   An average Glucose of 95mg/dl represents HbA1c or A1C of 5.35% by former DCCT-
   Norm and since 2017
the Fasting Glucose of 100-125mg/dl is already Pre-Diabetes to
   apply Some Therapy.
   The International Diabetes Scientists Committee by its new 2017 Standards decided

   that the earliest possible to treat Diabetes by Therapy, the better it is to keep
   Diabetes at lower intensity level and to avoid permanent affections. 

   5. About Diabetes Therapies In General  
   If years ago it was clear that Type 1 gets Insulin and Type 2 gets Medications such as

   Metformin, Etc. as since over 50 Years, it today is differently applied. As seen, Doctors
   more and more prescribe the Individual Patients also Individual Therapies where just
   anything useful for the Glucose Management gets applied.
   This also under consideration, that much more Types of Diabetes exist and Not Only
   Two Kinds, but for example even combinations of Type 1 with also Type 2, Etc. about
   10 different Kind of Diabetes by each one with some different characteristics. As result
   we can today see some Type 2 Patients with Insulin Therapies as before only at Type 1
   has been applied and we can see for better Type 1 Management to achieve better

   HbA1c or A1C %, by for example the Prolonged Metformin as Glucophage SR or XR
   of daily only 500mg get also to Type 1 Patients prescribed by some Doctors for the
   better Liver-Glucose Control and also to reduce the Type 1 possible Heart Problems
   for like that to solve two aspects for better Patients Health. Today also more and
   more Diabetes Patients apply some Therapies Supplementations as for example
   Vitamin-D, Vitamin-B12, Etc. much more as Therapy Support. The main breakthrough in
   Diabetes Therapies will also come by the Artificial Pancreas now in developments with
   very good results as already seen and we possibly will see that this will be applied
Any Type of Diabetes !  

   The Simple Therapy Rules For At Any Diabetes Types To Apply:
   1. Fasting Glucose Value before or after any Meals 70-100mg/dl !
   2. During any Meals Glucose Above 100mg/dl for Max. 2 ½ Hours !

   Here the Scientists about Typ 1 Diabetics Heart Disease:

   6. Doctors Symptomes List - For The 3 Months Consultations
   This every Diabetes Patients should do to take with them when they meet the Doctor
   at the Standard 3 Months Consultations for A1C or HbA1c, Etc. for Doctors to know
at which Topics they may also have to concentrate on and find solutions for !!
   This since Diabetes is generally not so stabile but some very individual ongoing
   kind of condition.

   This means for the Patients to observe themselves and Write On That List any kind of
   Changes or Symptoms may occur, as also the Fasting Glucose Changed
or The Feet’s feeling
   Colder when compare the Temperatures By Hands or its
Color tend to Turn Reddish or are
   Swollen as not before or more often some Head Pain, Etc.
, just anything may changed or
   did not experience before. ( Here Also Some Blood Circulation Disorder Symptoms
. )
   This for in addition to the Daily Glucose Measuring List, for the Doctors being able Just
   In Time to possibly adjust or alter The Individual Therapies to avoid
any additional
   affections may possible
!! !!

   7. Healthy Nutrition Opportunity
   If you like to reduce weight or to achieve or preserve the ideal Bodyweight
   or just like to Eat Healthy To Look Good, without any negative Side-Effects.
   Starting by what is the Ideal-Bodyweight really and explaining this by some
   simple system. Take the inches above 40 (1m) and calculate with the remaining
   inches above by for example calculate per each additional 4inches (10cm) = 18.4lbs (8.35kg)
   this for Women and for Men to add 16% of lbs because of its wider skeleton.
   In Nutrition and especially at any Diets, it’s always important to have also
   the necessary right amount of good protein, where too much is also not
   good in general, where too much is creating increased urine in the blood
   and this increases the risks of arthritis, etc., and not enough could create
   complications as by women’s getting interruptions into monthly menstrual
   cycles by possibly instead monthly just every 2nd or 3rd month or even
   none of any, what is not good for any normal conditions in general.  
   Therefore the Right Amount and Good Quality of Protein should been
   taken by One Egg-White per 22lbs (10kg) of Ideal-Bodyweight and by
we have the Cheapest and Best Natural Protein to think of.  
   This is easy to apply once daily by taking the right amounts of Egg-Whites
   to put into the Blender add 16onzes Water and a Teaspoon Margarine
   and some Banana or Strawberry, etc. any Fruits for taste and mix it to
   get a very tasty healthy Shake Drink. This allows you the Whole Day just
   to eat any kinds of Bread, Noodles, Vegetables, Rice, Potatoes, Beans,
   Salads, Etc. all this as without any Meats, because the good amount of
   Protein you need you have already by your Egg-Whites Drink as best
   and Superior Healthy also for good Skins and against any Cellulites !
   This is also important for any such who Digest Superior, or when
   Older and therefore have problems to keep the Ideal-Bodyweight.
   About Nutrition Supplementations
   Some People or Doctors say, just a healthy nutrition is all it need, or applying
   standard Vitamins & Minerals Blood Tests and if there is a Reference Amount
   Deficiency shown of some Substances, then discuss this with your Doctor to
   possibly using some supplementations for any corrections or completions.
   That sounds perfectly, if there would not been the problem with these Blood
   Tests, that they’re made for Normal Healthy Humans, but Diabetics as known
   have not Normal Conditions By It’s Metabolic Problems and beside some of
   the Medications can also create certain deficiencies and at some Vitamins
   or Minerals Diabetics by its Metabolism- or Biological- Disorders resulting
   have higher demands which not so easy and sure could be compensated
   by any nutrition ! ! !
   Therefore as following for Diabetics to consider :

   Generally do not take Multi- Vitamins & Minerals Products containing any Iron or
   Iodine and better just take certain Vitamins & Minerals by individual products but
   in good qualities.

   As Diabetic do avoid any Supplements with Iron or Iodine Concentrates,
   because they Increase Glucose, the Diabetic Metabolism cannot handle
   this Extracts anymore, therefore if you need Iron eat Beans or Celery
   and if you need Iodine take Sea-Salt instead or use at any cooking. 
   The Multi- Vitamins & Minerals Products usually have also too many

   different Substances combined with too many chemical interactions
   resulting between them which partially are neutralizing each others.

   Preferable in the form as 1st Hydroxyl-Cobalamin or 2nd Chloride-Cobalamin.
   Never use the cheapest common Cyano-Cobalamin, because Cyano is to kill
   Rats as very toxic and is neutralizing the positive effects of Cobalamin-B12 !
   The usually recommended Dose of B12 is daily 2.5mcg, nearly useless, because
   to be effective For Diabetics but also any Normal People it needs daily 30mcg
   and there we are at beginning of recommended medical dosing it really need.
   The daily B12 30mcg also protects the lungs and also important for smokers.
   B12 in the nutrition-chain is a very seldom substance and therefore it’s nearly
   impossible by normal meals to get enough from and Vitamins should never
   been heated to higher 45°C or 113°F !!
   B12 is one of most important Vitamin related to many essential biological
   functions as can be seen at following NIH.Gov Link and B12 get reduced by
   any Metformin Medications as typically applied at Diabetic Type 2 Patients
   and B12 is also strengthening the immune system and improves healings of
   wounds, something important where Diabetics often have healing problems.
   Regrettably it’s a little difficult to get B12 by the right quality at commercial
   The best is you know a good pharmacy you also have a good relation with
   and order to do some 1dl Distilled Water Solution by 5mcg B12 per Drop,
   where you take 6 Drops for Daily 30mcg and this by using for the Solution
   liquid Injection-Ampoules of Hydroxyl-Cobalamin as the best quality or as
   second best Chloride-Cobalamin, to keep in the refrigerator above freezing
   temperatures. It will not be so expensive, but maybe because made by the
   medical quality you may need a Doctor’s prescription, that joke but . . . .  
   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about :

   In the form of Cholecalciferol.
   This is also a Vitamin not easy to get by any meals, because it’s principally
   synthesized within the body under the skin by the sunlight, but by Diabetics
   or Older People the synthesizing process is not functioning as it used to be
   where the demand is even increasing. At Diabetics generally D3 is at lowest
   of normal or below, where it needs more for immune system and hormones
   production and many more biological functions in the body as seen at Link !
   Also here the Daily Dose should be 15mcg or 600IU and this is already in
   the beginning of medical dosing. To be effective buy any Liquid Product !!
   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about :

   In the bioactive Zinc-Gluconate Form take daily 5mg and never buy
   any cheap but useless Zinc-Oxide Form.
   It’s good in general for the Metabolism and Immune System Strengthening !
   Here the Pauling Institute to know about :
   In the bioactive Manganese-Gluconate Form take daily 2.5mg and never buy
   any cheap but useless Manganese-Oxide Form.
   I’ts Metabolism Harmonizing and reducing Glucose Level Tolerances !
   Here the Pauling Institute to know about :

   In Liquid Distilled-Water Made From Boric-Acid At Concentration of 1.6w%,
   Adults to take Daily 3x 5 Drops or 2x 8 Drops resulting to about 18mg !
   This any Pharmacy cheap can produce for you, for storage at refrigerator
   Above Freezing Points temperature.
   Boron is also the general natural hormones building motivator for the
   body to produce enough from and this especially also when older to
   bring back the hormone levels to where they used to be and it means
   such as Menopause Symptoms by Women’s or Men’s can be eliminated
   and is also against Arthritis or Osteoporoses, Etc. 
   Boron has such Multiple Advantages and Metabolic Importance’s, that
   Everything to mention would been too much here and therefore you
   should to take the time to go through the NIH.Gov Link here :

   In the form of Chrome-Yeast is the best followed by Chrome-Glukonate as
   bioactive to be biologically useful to take Daily 30mcg. Chrome is also useful
   to reduce Glucose and together with Niacin-Vitamin B3 are essential to form
   the GTF- Glucose Tolerance Factor and for Metabolic Harmonization’s, Etc. 
   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about :

   Vitamin-B3-Amid in the body get reduced to the bioactive B3 Niacin-Acid Form,
   for Niacin-Amid Daily to take 100mg.
   Where the Niacin-Acid could create reddish-skin, flushes, itching and Increases
   Glucose at higher Doses, Niacin-Amid does not doing this and is safe to take.
   Together with Chromium, B3 is essential for the GTF- Glucose Tolerance Factor
   and to reduce the Blood Fatty-Lipoids Triglycerides by reducing the Bad LDL-
   Cholesterol and to increase the Good HDL-Cholesterol, many more Functions. 
   Here the NIH.Gov Links to know about :

   Vitamin-B Complex
   In addition to above Vitamin-B3-Amid to take a good Vitamin-B Complex, but
   Daily only 1/2 of any recommended Dosing, it is important for any metabolic
   Fuctions where Diabetics have problems with.
   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about : 

   The best source of Selenium is Selenium-Yeast because it mimics the natural Selenium
   Source of such as Tuna-Fish where 100g contain 100mcg of Selenium.
   The problem with Selenium is to get Pure Selenium-Yeast not mixed with any Magnesium
   Stearate as for example clumsy in the US at most products in powder form is applied
   and this where The Neutral Micro-Crystalline Cellulose could do the same
just to
   keep powders flowing at Capsules producing machines.

   Magnesium has a chemical interaction with Selenium where it get nearly neutralized
   and losing it’s bio-effectiveness, therefore never any Magnesium combined with !!
   You need to find a Pure Selenium-Yeast product with additives by Micro-Crystalline
   Cellulose and/or Shellack for Tablets hardening, to be bio-effective ! ! !
   Take Every Second Day 350mcg Selenium for the metabolism not getting a custom
   to it to remain effective and take it 2 Hours apart from any other Substances
   because Selenium as very sensitive get affected by about anything and just at any
   temporary acute inflammation conditions for not more than 8 Days you could
   take it daily at 350mcg as the well experienced max. Dose !!
Selenium as essential is definitive strengthening boosting the Immune System
   and this is very important for Diabetics which often experience Infections or
   Inflammations by the weakened Immune System.
   It together with Vitamin-E and Aspirin as later explained could play a key role
   as prevention or to fight any kind of Diabetic Neuro-, Retina-, Etc.- Phaties !
   People should also more carefully study the life of People in Okinawa Island where
   they eat Tuna at a regular daily base and at its Monthly Marathon of 10 Miles
   they have even some already 100 Years old and still regularly participating at
   or such of 110 everyday working at it’s small gardens happily.
   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about :   

   There it would be important to have the Natural Vitamin-E Complex of at
   least the 4 Tocopherols and the
   best would be with also the 4 Tocotrienols
   to have the Complete Complex As In Nature.
   It is known that principally Vitamin-E is providing its advantages only by
   the Complex, but to get the Complete Complex by the 8 Different once
   is not easy to get in the market.
   Therefore as easy to get Complex by the Natural 4 Tocopherols is mentioned
   the product as from VitaminShoppe, Item No. VS-1551 200IU Softgel-Capsules,
   or any other supplier with the same product quality.

   Take Daily 600-800IU as Prevention or Reduction of the known Blood Circulation
   Disorders Diabetics experiencing by the higher Glucose Values where the Blood
   Bodies stick together and resulting causing it combined with Inflammations or
   Swollen and/or Reddish Feet !
   Vitamin-E as known by the Red-Blood-Bodies is keeping them separated and
   like this the Blood get better higher flow characteristics or improved flowability,
   but before of any Operations the intake must 48 Hours before been stopped
   for not having increased bleedings ! ! !

   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about :

   As known by the White-Blood-Bodies is keeping them separated and like
   this the Blood get better and higher flow characteristics, but before of
   any Operations the intake must 10 Days before been stopped for
   not having increased bleedings ! ! !
   The White-Blood-Bodies when getting once in contact with the Aspirin
   Substance, losing its interconnecting ability important at any wounds
   healing to stop the bleedings and it takes 7-8 Days for all the White-
   Bodies to renew again and therefore Aspirin should never been taken
   at a regular daily base to Increase The Blood Flow Characteristics !!
   In combination with the Vitamin-E and Selene, take it therefore just every
   3 1/2 Days as for example by every Wednesday Morning and every Saturday
   Evening one Normal Standard Tablet as compromise and this without any
   Risks just by using it’s advantages only by establishing the conditions of
   at least by up-to 50% preserving the White-Blood-Bodies ability at any
   Wounds-Healing and is still providing enough Improved Blood Flowability !
   Here the NIH.Gov Link to know about :

   To Keep Well In Mind, The Additionally About 20 Disorders or Diseases
   All Diabetics Have The Risks For, Are Principally As Initiated Caused By
   Blood Circulation Disorders/ Problems Established By Increased Glucose
   Above The Levels Of Any Normal Healthy People ! ! !

   Therefore Any Therapy Can Only Be A Good Therapy If By Its Medications
   Diabetics Can Live Within The HbA1c Or A1C Of Normal Healthy People !



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